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The overall s were a medium weight - the same sort of quality regular tiny boys clothes are.
The straps did have a tendancy to slide off after adjusting them so we safety pinned them in the end to save him losing his pants. This Toddler Train Engineer Costume is perfect for little boys who love Thomas the Tank Engine.

He looked adorable in it and got tonnes of complements, we just added some black eyeshadow for coal dust on his nose and a long sleeve blue button down for beneth .
There are two clans that are exponentially rising; each with their undeniable strengths and weaknesses.
I shortened them, but the In general s just did not fit quite right to the point where they hung off his shoulders, keeping the straps on there.

It would have been a bit easier if I'd had safety pins to fix it, rather than darting in to pull up his shoulder straps every two minutes.

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