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If you have a child of potty training age, here are six books that he or she is sure to love. I never imagined that I would have a child who would be so resistant to "going on the potty", but that's my girl. But in the meantime, I realized when I borrowed some "potty books" from the library, that she would become enthralled by them. You can also get the dolls with their own potties, which Hazel received for Christmas last year. Another book that Hazel received for Christmas last year was Going to the Potty by Fred Rogers. One day while grocery shopping, I stumbled upon a potty training book that I knew Hazel would enjoy.
And finally, the one that has been sitting on our own little potty for the past several months and is currently getting the most action while someone "attempts" to go is Potty Time! I wasn’t sure how to proceed on Monday.  It seemed like she was getting the idea and starting to understand her body, but was she ready?  I decided to hand the reins over to my independent daughter. After studying psychology and learning a bit about child development, I know that doesn't work.

The main character, Joshua, learns how to use the potty (which actually looks like a chamber pot in the book) at his own pace.
I remembered my younger siblings reading this one when they were potty training, and Hazel has actually seen Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, so she knows all about him (thank you PBS for this beloved show!). Potty Time from Sesame Beginnings shares the different stages each of the Sesame Street characters (as toddlers) is at. We say the characters are Hazel and Owen since they look so much like my kids as cartoon characters (at least we like to think so). Young children learn how to use the potty and why ita€™s time to do so, while gaining the courage and confidence to face this important milestone in their lives. With enthusiasm I took Louisa shopping for “big girl panties” and even thought about buying pull ups, as the book recommended. Or if you remember some from when your kid's were there, we are always adding to our "potty training" library. When little ones learn to a€?do what the big kids doa€? (go, wipe, flush, wash their hands), they wona€™t need a diaper anymorea€”theya€™ll have underwear under there! The night before the big day I skimmed the book frantically making sure I had everything prepared.

When I purchased the girl version, I found that Hazel still prefers the "Joshua Potty Book" so we traded it back in for that one. Like you, we let him go at his own pace and a few months after he turned 3, everything just kind of clicked for him and that was that.
The downside to these kind are that some kids (ahem, like my youngest, Owen) might take a liking to ripping the flaps out. He never really got into potty books, but we did use a fun Pull-Ups app on my iPhone and we used sticker charts where he could pick small toys or special treats when he filled it up. Some parents may be afraid to start, which is why kids are more like 4 or 5 and being trained, and others push to hard for quick success.

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