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It was also the first time I used my FAVORITE Martha Stewart Lace Scallop Heart Large Double Craft Punch. And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
All Freebies are for personal purpose only -Not for resale (Unless otherwise stated) A link to Free Pretty Things For You is very much appreciated when including my images on your website or blog. Love is not mean for only girlfriend or boyfriend, but this day 14 February is dedicated to all relations that are near to a person, it may be parents love or children affection or any other relationship.
It’s a part of some states tradition, which kids have to bring a gift for the other child of their class. In market, there are all variety of cute and beautiful stuff accessible for all ages of people. I grabbed these heart shaped cookie cutters on clearance last year after Valentine’s Day just for this purpose! George and I have been having so much fun painting for Valentine’s Day, just wait until you see all that we’ve done! I definitely like abstract pieces of art, Henry had made a heart painting too by stamping with a toilet paper tube. I squirted some in a shallow pan and spread it around quick so that the cookie cutter would get completely covered with paint when George dipped it.

George probably enjoyed dipping the cutters in the paint more than he did stamping it on the paper. Check out all our other Valentine’s Day Activities, we’ll be adding to them all week long! We had so much fun doing this project with hearts last year with my toddler and it does make adorable wrapping paper. 36 Spring Crafts for Kids That Are SimpleHundreds of Indoor Activities for Kids Under 5What Toddler Crafts & Art Projects Can We Do?
Mommy helped of course… She just pasted all the hearts and bows :) This was her first Real craft, so you know I am going to cherish them forever! All these items and gifts are very economical and some people put discounts on the stuff so that the people can buy them for their loved ones. This cookie cutter painting is another version of that, just using, of course, cookie cutters!
I think all the Valentine’s Day art and craft projects have started to have an affect on him!
Just spread the love out that you have in your heart for you belonging person by presenting them gifts or some handmade crafts. In UK 14 February is taken seriously and announced a holiday so that the people and kids can celebrate it thoroughly.

Beaded ornaments, cute butterfly magnet clip, painted cups or coffee mugs, candy bags, decorations of heart made things, heart shapes designed on the kids pillow and bed covers, heart shaped photo frame, hearts designed by hand, some heart shaped flowers, jewelry etc are all examples of beautiful Valentine’s day crafts that you can take from market and you can also made them at home.
There you can select 3D paper crafts from the market or you can also craft it at home by simply using some little bit of techniques, an awesome shapes can be figured out like the heart shape craft could be the best of all for this event. You can make some prop dresses for your kids that they can wear on the day with a crown and some heart shaped jewelry for girl kids.
You can also buy some garlands for your toddlers so that they can hang them around their rooms or study areas.
It could very sweet feeling for you and for your kid when you make something by your hands. So rush towards the market to make arrangements of designing crafty stuff for your little one. Tic-Tac-Toe is a game that is popular in toddlers; you can design a tic-tac-toe heart shaped game with dark and light red colors for your toddlers and they are very easy to craft.

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