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However, the treatment of vomiting in toddlers is much different from that in older children or adults. Toddler Vomiting SymptomsSince your child is so young, seeing them vomit may get you very concerned about them. If you are planning to give your child any over the counter drugs for vomiting and nausea, discuss it with the doctor first. However, it is important for you as a parent to be extremely cautious and careful when reacting to your toddler’s vomit. You may think that toddler vomit is not a big thing but it could be an indication of worms or other parasites in your child’s system.

Their dosages are different than adults and a lot of time, the medicines prescribed to them are much milder than an adult’s medicines.
Avoid feeding your child till you have visited the doctor and the doctor has said its ok to feed the child.
Toddler Vomiting FrequentlyIf your toddler has been vomiting rather frequently, it is important to keep the child hydrated. This is because if your child has a stomach upset, feeding will only make the child’s condition worse. To maintain the hydration and electrolyte balance of the body, it is vital that the toddler keeps drinking fluids.

The child will enjoy the popsicle as it will soothe the upset stomach and divert his attention till you reach the doctor.

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