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Toddler fever can cause frenzy among parents but it is important to understand that a fever is a body’s normal response to bacterial or viral invasions. Therefore, temperature alone may not cause any problem but associated symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting can cause a lot of discomfort to the child. As similar symptoms are exhibited by bacterial and viral infections it is important to diagnose the same to decide the course of treatment.Toddler Teething FeverToddler fever and teething are also commonly associated with each other. Sizing measurements provided are a range for the person who will be wearing the costume, NOT measurements of the costume itself. If you are tall or full-figured, or if you are in doubt between two sizes, it's usually best to order the larger size for a more comfortable fit.
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An elevated body temperature helps a toddler’s immune system fight such bacterial or viral infections.
While moderate fever can be treated at home, high fever requires immediate medical attention.Reasons for Toddler FeverToddler fever is a common problem given that toddler immunity is low against viral infections and bacterial infections. Doctors insist that teething does not cause fever but bacterial infections due to broken gums may be a possible cause for toddler fever.
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Both, toddler viral infection and toddler bacterial infection enter the body through mucous membranes such as nasal passages, mouth, rectum, genital area or skin. This also exposes the tender gums to bacterial and viral infections leading to fever.Prevent Bacterial and Viral Infection in ToddlersPreventing bacterial and viral infections may not be always possible but observing some simple hygiene and lifestyle traits can help avoid causes that lead to toddler fever.

Some common symptoms apart from fever due to such infections are: rash, runny nose, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, decreased appetite, and diarrhea. There are two clans that are exponentially rising; each with their undeniable strengths and weaknesses. It is important to note that treatments meted out to bacterial and viral infections are different in nature.

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