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BabyShrink readers Angie, Sharon and Stacy have emailed me over the past few weeks with the same horrified question: Why is my toddler suddenly smearing poop everywhere, and HOW CAN I GET THAT DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR TO STOP?!
First, know that, for an otherwise typically developing toddler, this should be a time-limited, passing phase.
Never had this one (thank heavens), but both of mine went through a phase when they were first wiping alone in the bathroom of using the shower curtain, the outside of the bowl, or the nearest wall if they happened to get poo on their fingers.
El Diablo, who is now 6, went through a hysterical phase last year whenever the poop was too mushy and was difficult to wipe. The escapade only lasted a little over week and after a few serious discussions about how gross it was .
OMG My son did this today(not the first time) it happens about once a week for the last month.
My 2 yrs daughter is in the stage where she wipes poo everywhere, any ideas how to stop her! Corinne ~ Try some of the tips mentioned in this post, and then email me if you still need help.
If you were a Parent Coaching client, I would have you record and send me the times of day that he does this, where he usually is, and what he’s usually doing.
Anyways, I am at the end of my rope since I have a 4 week old to tend to constantly through out the day as well. I’m guessing that he is having MORE poops because when he DOES poop, he is withholding some, knowing it will cause a conflict. When he matures a bit more, you can follow his interest in potty training — it WILL kick in again, and if not, ask his doctor. My daughter is 2 years old now and has been a poop-smearer since she was in the crib (around 18 mos.). Also, you can try to analyze when she does it — and what was going on BEFORE the messing.
Make sure you read the several posts on poop-smearing here, as well as the other comments — you’re not alone! I forgot to mention it always happens in conjunction with waking up, either in the morning or after a nap, and he usually doesn’t cry first to let us know that he is awake, he is just suspiciously quiet. My 24 month old had his first poop smearing episode tonight and my husband and I are at a loss for words on his new activity. It sounds like much more than poop smearing is going on here — you need to consult with an early childhood therapist who can meet with you all in person.
Thank goodness…I actually dreaded googling this, because I was so afraid it was an indication of some sort of serious issue. Monica Beyer is a mom of four and has been writing professionally since 2000, when her first book, Baby Talk, was published.
Your toddler may be using the potty on a regular basis, but you haven’t quite dared to put him in underwear.
Sure, your toddler goes to the potty at your request now and then, but you’ll want to wait until she shows signs of wanting to pee or poop on her own. Children still have to learn the process of finding the appropriate location, pulling their clothing off, climbing on the seat or chair, relaxing, releasing, etc. Here are a few steps you can take to increase your chance of converting your resistant "little poop" into an independent poop making machine! Practice breathing exercises with them, sing a song, or just have a chat with them while they are on the potty. The tragedy of babies and hot carsAs temperatures heat up across the nation, the risk of Forgotten Baby Syndrome goes up.
Besides constipation, stool withholding may be caused by anxiety or resistance to toilet training. Medications, dietary changes and environmental modifications may be recommended by your pediatrician to break the withholding-pain constipation cycle.
Basically, your child feels the need to defecate, but resists (or withholds) passing stool.
The longer this cycle continues, the larger the stool will become within the child’s rectum. Large stools can stretch the walls of the colon and rectum so much that the sphincter muscles controlling the bowels become ineffective and floppy. While constipation is usually the main player in stool withholding, true anxiety related to the act of using a toilet can also exist. If the problem is purely secondary to constipation (and not another medical condition), starting a medication can often relieve the symptoms.
Many of my friends had issues with their children not wanting to poop while potty training.
Several months ago my four year old was constipated and it was so sad for me to watch as she sat on the toilet in pain. Use it as an opportunity to review the proper use of the potty, and validate their interest in poop. We only had one poop-smearing episode, thank goodness, but my daughter did go through a long phase of getting undressed everytime she went to bed, then we’d find a bed full of pee in the morning.
I tried the back to front PJ’s which worked a treat and we now have a handle on the situation. I had zip up pjs on him too, but he obviously learned how to unzip today and it was everywhere!!!!

My daughter is 27 months old, and after the intoduction to playdough- the poop smearing returned again after I thought it was gone for good!
Our son, who turns 2 tomorrow has been doing this same poop nastyness for about a month now. We tried taping his diaper on but he can stretch it out enough that he can wriggle it off his body. He is the youngest boy of our three boys and is currently the only child living with us full time. I work and my husband twice had to deal with poo smearing yesterday which has started out of nowhere.
She has always been able to figure things out quciker than her brother, laid back, she is able to read people very well..and down righ hilarious!
Making that leap from Pull-ups or training pants to virtually no protection at all in the case of an accident can seem daunting, and understandably so. Toddlers can hold their urine to a pretty impressive level and when it releases it can create a small flood. Reminders and regular visits to the restroom should cut down on the chances, but don’t lose your cool if she creates a puddle. So as parents we get to figure out just what little tricks we need to use to prompt our little guy or gal to poop in the potty. Ask a Bundoo doctor!Ask Bundoo allows you to ask private questions to our doctors and healthcare experts. Your child may cross his or her legs, sit on the back of their heels, fidget, or lay in seemingly uncomfortable positions to help reduce the urge to defecate. The normal signals sent to the brain whenever the rectum is full (also called the gastrocolic reflex) are not correctly sent because of the stretch, so children may not even feel the urge to defecate. This may be related to flushing the toilet, sitting on a toilet seat, or being alone in the bathroom.
The only thing I had in the house was some apple juice so I had her drink a lot of it and I think that helped.
A 2-year-old is struggling with attempting to master his own body, to control it’s functions, and is quite curious about his productions.
If Junior knows that Mom will FREAK every time this happens, he’s got a potent weapon to use, when necessary!
Some creative parents have even put one-piece PJs on backwards to further limit access to the diaper area.
It’s how we eventually learn to keep things clean and organized, and how to handle all the messes in life. Heather, the author of BabyShrink, is a licensed psychologist specializing in child development.
We came close to a recurrence last week, but I told him he had to keep wiping (and flushing after every couple of wipes) until he was clean and that we could wash hands if they got messy. He is 23 months and in a big boy bed so i have an entire bathroom and tub full of toys i have to clean. We have tried putting on onesies backwards (too smart for that, he still manages to shimmy out of them), duct taping his diaper on..
If you try everything in my posts and still need help, I would be happy to talk with you personally to develop a plan. The backwards one piece PJs worked like a charm but now it is too warm for that so I have had to stop it. I would suggest telling him that you are listening to him, and he does NOT have to use the potty. Onesies worked for a while, but then he discovered he can go in by the leg openings, so I bought 1 piece footie jammies, and he undresses himself to get to the contents pf his diaper. Our daughter is just over two and not quite ready for toilet training, and my husband thought at first that there was something wrong with her, she keeps putting her hand into her nappy and is very curious about it all, so toilet training may be on the way, but this poo smearing has come out of nowhere and she doesn’t seem concerned in the least.
Im going to try the PJ thing for sure… He is getting potty trained and does really well except he wont go poop in the toilet, instead he wipes it all over and even smashes it all over his toys. She is a little slower with her speach than her brother, but she understands us very, very well.
Your little one can wind up withholding bowel movements until the problem becomes one of constipation or even encopresis. Your child may even reflexively clench his or her buttocks to stop the stool from coming out. I had one family successfully get passed the holding by allowing the child to go on newspaper over their tile floor. Then all of a sudden, you discover your little darling has smeared poop all over the place.
She's also the mother of four young children, which gives her the unique ability to respond to parents' inquiries about the social, emotional and behavioral development of your children from both clinical and practical points of view. But if your kids arent poop smearing yet but take off their diaper to pee, go get painters tape ( the blue tape from lowes) It works wonders if you use it (unlike me today) its easy for you to get off but they have no clue how to.
We’ve tried giving him a cold shower instead of a warm bath (as suggested by some other websites) but after about 5 cold showers of torture (for both of us) he is still doing it. He can poop whenever he wants in his diaper — and you will NOT be mad (and you must not be). Hang around his doorway, whatever you have to do to make sure you catch him before he poops.

However this post has eased my mind and given us some good tips to try and avoid any more incidents.
When do you know it’s time to ditch the diapers and go forth with your child clad in undies?
The underwear or pants may have smears of stool because the child can only resist the urge for so long. If there is concern for a hard stool within the rectum, a suppository or enema may need to be administered. I just started giving both of my girls a daily probiotic supplement and I have noticed that their poops have been softer so hopefully this will continue to help. For whatever reason, the child had severe bathroom anxiety and this eliminated that part of the problem until he matured a bit.
They can alternate between being quite the obsessive neat-freak, OR the poop-smearing opposite — as they struggle to master this stage. Offer messy finger painting, kitchen mixing and squashing, and outdoor mud play, liberally. Once the babysitter left (I wonder why she stopped coming!?) and was replaced by a much-loved new sitter, the poop-smearing stopped. Then, try to anticipate when he will poop, because it sounds like he does have a pattern, and simply clean him up as quickly as possible so he doesn’t have a chance to make a mess.
I’m thankful for the experience though because it’s been helpful to reassure other parents as a pediatrician that, yes, my kids did this too! We just don’t know what to do with him or how to positively and productively react and deal with his array of bad behaviors.
Our main problem is that my husband is partially disabled and not physically up to tidying up such a mess, so I have to come home from work!
HINT:If you are training a boy, it's easier if you introduce them to potty training sitting down.
Bowel and bladder control are one of the final battles toddlers will have to win over their parents’ attention.
Children should also be encouraged to drink more water and consume high fiber foods (such as fruits, vegetables, cereal, and whole grain breads and pastas). We have been steam cleaning and bleaching his room at least twice a week for the past month.
He may not like the cleanup process, but give him the opportunity to play with something he usually doesn’t get to hold, and talk to him about how it is HIS choice about the potty.
However I will be looking out our sons old onesies, and maybe put them on backwards as our daughter is much more inquisitive and will probably work out how to get into them if she desires!
All over herself, her mattress and OMG, we have a mesh crib tent and yes ALL OVER THAT, TOO!!!! She apparently had a poopy diaper, took it off, and proceeded to smear the walls, her crib and everything in the vicinity with poop. He is practically potty trained during the days and on top of the pooping insists on being naked all the time. The annoying part is that he will go poo on the potty in the morning and then still poo at nap time (sometimes twice at nap time!
Really try to collect info from everyone who takes care of her, keep a journal, with days, times of day, everything you can — to try to find the pattern.
He wakes up in the middle of the night or early morning and destroys things or makes massive messes. It is also recommended to take advantage of the gastrocolic reflex by sitting on the toilet for several minutes after meals. Many times I have to leave them screaming for me, and shut all the kids in separate rooms so I can sanitize the messy room while they’re safe. And let her know you understand that she feels upset that he’s now in the family, if she ever seems to express that feeling. He waites for me to leave him unattended for as little as a few minutes (restroom break, dish washing, shower etc) and then colors on walls, brakes things, spills things in large amounts of destruction. It can take me over an hour to clean it all, when I have to sniff around the room because it still smells. He’s thrown glass vases at my walls, speared red lip stick on my carpets, smeared poop on his bedroom wall, colored all my kitchen cabinets and living room walls with black permanent marker then fed the marker to the dog. It seems like he just doesn’t want to sit in poo but surprisingly when he has a diaper on and poos, he does not want us to change him. He’s covered our living room furniture in baby powder in the middle of the night and these are just a small percentage of the things he does on a daily basis.
We try to tell him that he won’t need to have a diaper changed if he would use the potty all the time but whenever we ask him if he would like to use the potty or wear a diaper he ALWAYS chooses wearing a diaper.
I get it that he is extremely high energy and doesn’t want to stop whatever he is doing to use the potty so that is why he chooses the diaper.

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