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We started off the ride in bustling Fira and I was fine, despite the multitude of automobiles jerking their way around pedestrians – and us – through the town. Only then did I remember how much I disliked riding on the back of 4-wheelers while my cousins drove when I was younger. Eventually, I figured out that if I had one hand on the back bar and one arm looped around Tom’s waist, I could stop panicking about falling off the bike. I’d driven around Santorini once before on a previous trip, but that had been inside a rental car which had its own driving dilemmas (finicky clutch, smell of burning rubber, that sort of thing).
Since I love him though and he was as excited to be driving this 4-wheeler as a 15-year-old getting his driver’s permit, I let him do most of the driving. Hi Vanessa, I have yet to actually drive a scooter, but my husband says they are very easy to get the hang of.
It's hard to say who won the race, but both toddlers had a lot of fun showing off for Poppy and demonstrating  their skills in riding their 4-Wheelers! I anticipate that 4-Wheeler racing will one day become an Olympic event, so you've got to start training them from a very young age!
Now that they've mastered riding their battery-powered 4-Wheelers, they're looking for a vehicle with more horsepower. And the vehicle that seems to be the focus of most of their attention is my new zero-turn radius riding lawn mower. But since they don't get to ride it, it seems to be the vehicle they long to ride the most!

For now, they will just have to be satisfied with having 4-Wheeler Rallies on their battery-powered 4-Wheelers. After many requests from our readers (well, maybe two or three), the first year of PNA has come to the printed page with all the full color photos from the blog. Comedienne Gilda Radner was one of the original cast members of the late night NBC comedy television show, Saturday Night Live. The problem with publishing your life on a blog is there becomes a thin line between reality and virtual reality. Since between school (which is too far to ride the scooter to), work (which is too far to ride the scooter to), and wedding planning (yes, I require his help) he obviously has time to ride it. I’m not a fan of two-wheel motorized vehicles so my theory is that he bought it before we start sharing everything. Now, a 4-wheeler I’ve ridden before – albeit on wide farmland gravel roads where maybe my cousins and I would pass another car, but a cow was much more likely. While he was concentrating on the road – at least I hoped he was – I was able to look around the gorgeous island we were driving through. Tom was proving to be an adept driver so I began relaxing about him driving off a cliff and even convinced him to let me drive, during which I think he began to have fears of us driving off a cliff, despite me reminding him that I had driven one of these things before and was probably better at it than him.
I bet it’s easy to find a parking place too haha since you can create one of your own. The toddlers raced each other around the driveway of our house on their battery-powered 4-Wheelers.

I must have momentarily forgotten about my fear of falling off a cliff to my death (I was allowed to watch Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone when I was way too young). I was driving through Santorini with the salty breeze darting off my face, the smell of the ocean alongside the long ago lava-infused soil and rocks filling my noise.
As I was driving slower than he did, which he apparently considered to be a terrible crime, he didn’t take my word for that.
You'll also get to choose one of my One Day in a City Guidebooks for FREE when you subscribe. Just remember to give yourself some buffer time to return the scooter and get back down the caldera to your cruise. While chatting with another woman onboard after leaving Mykonos, Greece, I mentioned I’d spent the day at Paradise Beach. He also may have still been holding a grudge because I ixnayed us renting a scooter in Santorini – that thing looked like it would tip over the edge of the caldera at any second. This blog is about taking control of your travels to make YOUR best travel experience with however much time you have.

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