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The famous peppermint Paisley returns to the pageant circuit with new costume choices and a talent agent. TLC is bringing back four brand-new episodes of TODDLERS & TIARAS, starting this Wednesday, August 24th at 10pm.
A new batch of episodes are still slated to return in December, but due to popular demand TLC is bringing viewers all-new episodes over the next four weeks. Vegas goes full glitz, and the pageant moms are betting on their own baby beauties to take the top title! Toddlers dress up as their favorite celebrities for a high glitz pageant in Statesboro, Georgia! The rivalry is ON at IFF Missouri as pageant pros Sydney, 10, and Maddison, 11 go head to head for the Ultimate Grand Supreme! They spend thousands of dollars on their daughters dresses and makeup, but when it comes to their own fashion style, they barely brush their hair. It began its run in 2009 and was instantly controversial for its content of toddlers dressing up for pageants. Episode 11 - If I Were a Rich Girl Pageant3 years agoProfiling the little ladies at an If I Were a Rich Girl pageant in Natural Bridge, Va.

Las Vegas native showgirl in training Desiree, 9, is serious about claiming her hometown title, and wavers between a future as a beauty queen or a showgirl. Four-year-old Maddy follows in her mom's glitz pageant footsteps, and even competes in her mom's padded Dolly Parton outfit! Both girls are so practiced, polished, and perfect in every routine that a win could be the difference in one tiny detail! Episode 10 - Puttin' on the Glitz Pageant3 years agoProfiling the little ladies at a Roaring '20s pageant in White Plains, N.Y. Still learning the details is Paige, 6 who's newly put together routines will surely not put her in the running for a supreme title, unless of course she can charm them with her sweet personality and quirky smile. One pageant mom on TLC, spent $300 on a teeny weeny bathing suit for her five year old daughter. Her kids are forever safe, she tells Anderson Cooper, from Go Juice, spray-tanning and dressing like a hoochie at Age 7. Michael Lavigne, as they navigate the balancing act of running their newly-opened animal hospital while managing the everyday stress of raising their families alongside their wives.
Nonetheless, the show is very popular and there are certainly episodes where the children seem thrilled to be doing what they are doing.

Each episode of Toddlers and Tiaras typically covers a single beauty pageant and some of the contestants competing against each other, either in the same or different age groups, in that pageant. They will often include scenes of the children practicing with their parents at home, the parents struggling to find the right attire and even the children attending coaching sessions. There are also many scenes where children are getting tans, having their nails done, having their hair done or having their teeth fitted for "flippers." Once the kids and their parents get to the pageants, most of the drama then ensues. There are wardrobe malfunctions, controversies between parents, meltdowns among the children and timing mistakes. Most of this segment of the show just shows the chaos backstage and sometimes in the audience and onstage.
Each episode ends as the pageants finish up and all of the families head home to get ready for the next show.

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