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Despite anti-pageant protests and petitions, Kirstin Kyle is preparing her daughters (from left) Bri-Anna, 9, Jada, 11 (who will wear a $1200 custom-made ball gown), and Kendra, 3, to compete in July. Americaa€™s reigning child beauty pageant queen, six-year-old Eden Wood, with whom Australian pageant aspirants will have a chance to pose for a photo.
Anti-pageant groups claim pageants sexualise children, damage their self-esteem and can lead to mental illness. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you.
Whatever the reason, this time of year always makes me miss my Toddlers & Tiaras and all the Life Lessons learned over those six too-short seasons. Unfortunately, no matter how much effort you put into a relationship, sometimes it just ain’t gonna happen. So maybe I gave a prison dissertation on fault based divorce retention and how it creates an acrimonious process…for a carton of cigarettes. A gigantic, shiny f*** you up set of brass knuckles soldered to an iPhone that you wouldn’t be able to take on a plane.
Mob Wives was back this week to celebrate a couple of birthdays, break up a whacky old geezer bar fight and prep their Hurricane Sandy emergency kits.
As a matter of fact, there was so much going on that there wasn’t any room for much actual Mob stuff, which was a little odd for a show about Mob stuff.
We started right out with Ramona and all ten knuckles squeezed into some crazily patterned (…jeans? To cut down on trips to iParty, Ramona had decided to combine her two daughters’ birthdays into one big totally OMG LOL themed extravaganza and needed a new top for the occasion, so it was a good time to hang with the girls and catch up on some gossip. As you’ll recall, the last time they got together in a social setting, one of them got a fat lip and one almost went over the balcony as Renee ran in circles screaming No No No No. Needless to say, the possibility of having to relive that moment had Ramona slightly on edge. To try and get that visual out of our heads, we then headed down to Miami to check in on Renee at the rehab clinic. Sitting in Anger Management 101, Renee was surrounded by an assortment of characters, some of whom I swear I recognized from the old Bob Newhart Show.
Blonde Woman was not a big fan of anyone with a petty, gossipy 16 year old mentality and Renee did not appreciate the subtlety of that jab. Ten minutes into this week’s episode and we’d already had two rather orally fixated references? During a meeting with a financial planner a few weeks ago, Karen had been given the suggestion to diversify her investments and start shopping at Marshall’s if she ever wanted to save any money. And then Karen put her baseball cap on sideways, made a Bboy sign with her fingers and left with two phone numbers. Down the street, Ramona, her knuckles and Drita all met up to clear the air in a fairly non-eventful event. But most importantly, they agreed to never come back to that restaurant ever again, because NOBODY looks good in that kind of harsh, straight above your head Target store lighting. Right about here was when someone must have realized that they forgotten to put Carla in the show again this week, because she suddenly popped up out of nowhere. Then Carla was back home finding out that her soon-to-be ex Joe had met with his attorney at IHOP the other day, and she didn’t take it very well. I wasn’t really sure if she completely grasped the concept of divorce and all the legal mumbo jumbo that comes along with the paperwork, because she got a little cranky. Big Ang had forced herself out of bed before 2pm so she could check up on the bar’s day staff. I’ll need to look into this a little more before I alert TMZ, but whoever it was with the substantial breasts behind the bar this week, they were not having any of this drama going down in their establishment. It was was a little hard to figure out who was who since one of them was wearing a Drunken Monkey tee shirt, because they sell them there, so I don’t know if he was a drunk employee or just representing the brand.
It was like the McDonald’s guys were on one end, and the Kiwanis Bowling League guys were on the other end, and it was about to go down extra early, so they could get all home before it got dark. Even Love Majewski showed up on the red bathmat carpet, because no little girl’s birthday party would be complete without a woman who shot at the ex-lover who froze his baby batter and then divvied it up between two other mystery women, right?

And then as if that wasn’t enough, Ramona paid a visit to her lawyer to find out what the dealio was with her jewelry and that whole boyfriend getting arrested thing. Lady Crazy Hat says you need to practice your routine or you both go back in the glass display case. Toddlers & Tiaras did a sparkly belly flop face down into the ocean as the California Tropic Pageants took us way over the top and then back down Under The Sea. It was Disney meets Liberace in an aquatically  themed Glitz pageant, and wide eyed Director Carol Fleming couldn’t have been happier as she explained how it was all going to go down this week.
If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Carol, feel free to just scoot on over to your local mall and select any certified bra-fitting expert at Lady Grace.
The Under The Sea part was pretty self explanatory, so the big takeaway from her presentation was that every little girl should look like a little doll. Tomboy Jordan and her Mom Crystal gave us a quick show & tell of all the swag collected from the 150 pageants that they had competed in over the years. Crystal explained that pageants are like drugs or something, and that you end up spending your budgeted household bill money on sparkly stuff just so you can have friends. The first clue being Mom’s constant reminders that Jordan had yet to bring home the ultimate prize, despite over 150 chances to get it right.
The second clue being Jordan flat out stating that she’d rather be home eating worms all day than doing these pageants. I was a little concerned that a 9 year old girl even knew how to tell if a worm had to go to the bathroom, while Mom was a little concerned that Jordan was never going to hook a man if she kept eating all the bait. Our second princess was trying to get a jump start on her scores, and had already arrived in Reno ahead of schedule. Mama Miss Thang Ty and 9 year old Cariah were already at the hotel marking their turf, accompanied by a second little wannabe sister.
Now you know how much I love me some randomly placed, unexplained children roaming through every T&T scene. Spoiler Alert:  Sister was the best part of the actual pageant when the sugar finally kicked in and she went full-on fierce sassy pants in the audience.
Mama started to explain how her daughters were beautiful from the day they were born, but she lost me when she started talking about stuff coming out her Exit Womb and I had to go get a cold compress for my forehead. Alyssa was seriously cute in that sweetie pie Telemundo music video kind of way, and had no problems following GlamMa’s instructions to smile until her face hurt. When the whole gang was together in the living room for pretty feet practice, accompanied by two more random boys chilling on the couch, the whole thing looked exactly the way you would imagine a recording studio would look if En Vogue was laying down fresh new tracks for a reunion album. While they all tweaked their new Top 40 hit, Jordan was back home rehearsing and getting creeped out my Mom’s porcelain doll collection. Throughout the episode, Crystal had made numerous references to their financial situation and how tight the budget was for everything that is required to stay in the pageant game. Maybe if she ran far enough she could even meet up with Cariah & Company for a pedicure.
Back at En Vogue’s crib, Alyssa tried on her new Under The Sea outfit, which brought the tally for this pageant up around the $3000 mark.
Alyssa looked like a mini JLo as she worked the carpet in her latest bathing suit-ish ensemble. GlamMa compared pageant prep to a football pre-game ritual, and now all I can imagine is that at least one male judge a week must be wearing a cup under the table.
But he works that MacBook Pro set list like a Boss and isn’t going to let go of the microphone even if the building catches on fire.
Carol felt that Cariah had the element of surprise in her favor, but our little princess was too busy sucking down a gigantic frozen Starbucks up in her hotel room to hear the compliment. Ty had hired a new makeup girl for this show, and flabbergasted Shanna tried her best to keep Mama happy, which was an exercise in futility. Shanna looked exactly like one of those preppy, nerdy, quiet types who suddenly take off their glasses, undo their ponytail and just get freaky on yo’ a** at the clubs. Jordan and Alyssa had a tougher, overly bleached out, tattooed lady for their hair and makeup and this one had no problem keeping up with the drama. Jordan was a little speedy on her stage walk, but she looked nice with only real hair attached to her skull.

It’s also not saying much for whichever factory makes those defective hotel swipe cards with the magnetic strips. Jordan and Cariah didn’t win what Mom and Mama had wanted them to win, so there were plenty of issues with those announcements. At the end, all three Moms had to sit together in that little confessional moment that I love so much. Dance Moms: The Real Housewives Of Pittsburgh Are All Back For One Last Chance To Say Hello And Goodbye. If you caught the premiere of the second season of “Toddlers and Tiaras” last Wednesday, then you remember Jamie Sterling. An SFGate blog post about the show, which follows moms and their young children participating in beauty pageants, rattled many readers. In a “Toddlers and Tiaras” forum posted on the TLC Web site, angry viewers ruthlessly attacked Jamie Sterling for being a bad mother, and someone listed a phone number for social services, encouraging readers to call in and report Sterling. The pro-pageant camp claims protesters are wrong and basing their perceptions on US reality series Toddlers & Tiaras, which airs locally on pay TV and captures all the cliches of pushy parents, creepy judges and young girls made up like drag queens. First off, a shout-out to the TLC promo department for choosing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" as the theme music in the ads for tonight's show.
Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Last Wednesday, the TLC reality show unfolded like a Cinderella story when Sterling openly calls BreAnne the prettiest and tells AshLyn that her sister gets a new dress while she has to wear a ripped one. But the forum didn’t last long, and an SFGate reader contacted me to let me know TLC removed the forum.
A TLC spokesperson told me they took it down because a reader dug up Sterling’s home address and posted it.
Because what li'l darling is born with a spray-tan hue, flippered teeth and shellacked curls, right?
But the SFGate ire doesn’t even compare to what went down at TLC on Thursday, July 23, the day after the show aired. How loco of snip of the cooking mama games to play that cooking asparagus spears were to stripe! Go glitz or go home, indeed.Eden Hits Hollywood (Boulevard): Did you know Eden Wood is a superstar? After one pageant she turned in her makeup card and left a patch of rubber in front of the hotel, never to be seen again.
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Those cooking fava beans centennials of scholarships are self-aggrandizement for the lipmann! Was anybody else squicked out by the sight of our favorite little demon diva with Chiclet chompers? Frankenstein?And the Winner Is… While neither of the featured girls took home the Ultimate Grand Supreme title and that swanky canopy bed (Oh the tears!), Makenzie is still top toddler in our eyes. Even when she's having a meltdown, she sparkles better than any plastic crown.In 50 Years: Wouldn't you love to see a production of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? She has heard all the criticism before and believes the protesters are the ones with the problem. It's a particular idea of what beauty is, which is based on a highly sexualised understanding of female beauty. It's a girl-child beauty pageant.''Melinda Tankard Reist, of lobby group Collective Shout, which is organising the petition to ban child beauty pageants, said presenting children in such a way was tantamount to child abuse.

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