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February 4, 2012 by Nicole These kindergartener-made polar bears are adorable.  But applying paint with marshmallow “stamps?”  Not quite the hit I expected it to be! The original lesson comes from Kids Artists (tagged for slightly older children) and I adapted it to suit our 30-minute time frame.
With no time for the white paint to dry, I thought they’d be disappointed in how a big, black painted nose would turn out.  So they stuck on pre-cut noses made from sparkly adhesive-backed foam (love that stuff!). A few children were interested in making grey, which I showed them individually so they could add depth to the insides of the ears and under the bear’s chin.  But most were desperate to wash their hands!
The biggest hit of this project?  Eating marshmallows once everyone’s hands were clean and reading aloud The Marshmallow Incident. I also found out when I made the painting myself first that washable tempura worked well for the blues and oranges,  but it wasn’t as dark as I would’ve liked for the white tummy and black wings.  So I gave the kids regular Black and White tempura for those parts and crossed my fingers that nothing would get stained!
Finally, I didn’t think the children would be happy if they couldn’t see their penguins’ eyes, so I brought along my favorite self-adhesive jewels from Oriental Trading.  The kids had fun picking out their penguins’ eye color and figuring out whether they should get one or two eyes based on where they’d placed the beak. Today’s post is a part of the various fun and easy art projects for preschoolers we have been sharing so far.
I made liquid watercolors using the old “marker soaked in water” trick to make them and I must tell you that it worked pretty good.

The colors travel through the fibers in the cotton rounds so beautifully that it is a treat to watch them soak up the cotton round.
This activity is a fantastic, open ended art activity even for toddlers because let’s just face it- toddlers just love to splash colors all over.
We noted the difference between painted cotton rounds and ones where we used a medicine dropper. By engaging in these kind of art projects for preschoolers, I can personally see the way the older one is learning  any new concepts – planning, observing, predicting, recognizing patterns and differences etc. These did not have enough “color” in them to travel through the fibers and just plain soaked the cotton rounds.
It started off as a simple squirt water colors on cotton rounds but it transformed into much more. Do you have toddlers or babies in your life and feel coming up with baby activities are so challenging? The activities for babies and toddlers are explained very thoroughly with bright pictures and clear step-by-step instructions. You will get exposed to 25 new blogs where the women behind the blogs share so many ideas for baby play, toddler play, preschooler play and up.

There is a wide range of activities with classic baby play, sensory play, homemade toys and many learning activities.
Giving the child freedom to engage in open ended art activity turns a  simple color squirting exercise into a fun and learning activity. We, in collaboration with other bloggers have put together a book with GREAT activities for babies and toddlers.
This time we share an all-season one – we used cotton rounds to experiment with color and make art with it.
Here she has created a face and also experimented with the other side of the cotton rounds to see the difference. The patterns the colors make on this round is very different from the ones made on a regular cotton round. After seeing the kids enjoy the our “just add water bleeding art” activity, we decided to do a combine both activities.

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