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Primary Colours Squishy Bag Experiment is a wonderful sensory experience for children to see how colours mix and form other colours.
T is for Tiger Tea Party is a story retell activity that involves bringing the story alive through sensory play. The idea of the of the Digging for Dinosaur Fossils Sensory Bin is to search through the sand to find and sort the dinosaur figurines, dinosaur fossils with lowercase letter d and uppercase letter D into the matching baskets. Alphabet Ice and Shaving Cream is a fun-filled, messy sensory play activity that children can explore their senses and learn about alphabet letters in an open-ended, unstructured way. Homemade Edible Finger Paint is perfect for babies aged 6-18 months , toddlers and children who are more likely to place paint covered fingers into their mouths.
Melting Insects in Ice is fun activity to introduce children and pre-schoolers to the letter I. Having some sensory fun and learning the colour yellow in the bath with yellow water balloons, yellow bottle tops and yellow bath water.
Making Fluffy Snow using soap flakes is a fun and messy sensory play activity.  It is a great way to incorporate a bit of a Christmas theme, well sort of, here in Australia Christmas is celebrated in summer, far from any snow.
A fun sensory play experience for kids in the bath tub by adding balloons filled with water.

Since our first play experience with jelly, my kids have been asking if we could do it again.  This time I hid some items in the jelly for them to squeeze and squish through to find. Water and ice are great for sensory play with kids as it engages children into a world of exploration and wonder. Kids love to run their hands through buttons, sort through them and explore the differences. Christmas is an exciting time; it is also a time when we pull out all our Christmas decorations. You can read more about our copyright and website terms and conditions by clicking on the link in the tab. You will find lots of FUN and SIMPLE IDEAS to do with your kids that promote CREATIVE PLAY and LEARNING!
We created a sensory tub using various items that represented the characters and objects in the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. It is a great opportunity to expose children to the letter D, and talk about words that begin with this letter sound. It provides an opportunity for children to explore creatively and imaginatively using the simple props in an open-ended and unstructured way.

Then using the mini tongs, searching through the mixture to find and catch each of the farm animals. To make our water and ice sensory play experience a little more fun we turned the ice blocks into boats with a few simple materials.
It is an interesting science experiment to try with the kids with some very surprising result. Play helps children to develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination and concentration. Also how to work cooperatively and collaboratively, use all their senses to discover and explore their environment, and develop their imagination, creative thinking and ability to problem solve and experiment with solutions. It is so much fun to play with, you can pull the goop apart and roll it back together to form a smooth ball.

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