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Our Music classes provide an active and playful approach that will have you dancing, singing and playing instruments together. The heart of our programs have always been about you and your little one, and supporting how you play and learn together.
My son (22 months old) and I have so much fun rockin' to the oldies in our Music classes at Gymboree Play & Music! I am always impressed by everything from the teachers to the cleanliness at Gymboree Play & Music. Last week was African music week at Gymboree Play & Music and we did a song about a mosquito. For the young child, music is most often experienced as part of playtime and daily rituals carried out by parents and other family members. Is it possible to dance without moving?  We might actually take a philosophical stance and acknowledge the “inner dancer”. You want to gain a deeper understanding of the important role you play in your children’s music and movement activities. To start, you need to undertake a careful consideration of your own attitudes, dispositions, self-concepts, about these very personal things – how you move and how you dance.  Hopefully you are willing to tell yourself how good you are at these skills and discard attitudes that stand in the way of you being an inspired and brilliant educator! Music, movement and dance are interleaved, each impinging on the other.  What we are talking about here are most of the performing arts.
At your next opportunity,  watch some children moving freely.  Then plan to do as many drama, movement and dance activities as you can fit into your working day, just to remind yourself of how much fun it is to let your children and your own inner child act, move and dance. The sounds, sights, tactile and kinetic sensations associated with making music cause neurons to fire. I have been surprised and delighted by the growing number of educators in Namibia and South Africa who have discovered and embraced the Musical Child curriculum in recent months. It is incredibly humbling to have our resources  valued in the cradle of human culture where music is in the very blood.
I hope that this trend continues and that those of you who belong to professional associations are able to share your experiences and make sure that all of the naturally musical children in your care are nourished artistically throughout their early childhood. Several years ago when we were selling our large printed kits, we sent some to a kindergarten teacher in Pretoria. We’re so pleased to be able to announce that our full year-long music curriculum is now available online for the 1-3 year-olds. A whole lesson plan will save you valuable preparation time, and having all 20 on hand would set you up for years!
With that in mind we become freer to explore our artform, to take chances with our voices, to sing, play and move as though we are in a festival theatre, not a humble classroom or corner of a gym. It goes without saying that we all put the semicircle of bells onto our shoes and even onto ankles if they fit! While the children play along with the music track they are exploring the musical elements of timbre and rhythm.

As the children handle the musical instruments they are increasing their manipulative skills.  The fine muscles in the hand and wrist are being strengthened. As the children tune in to the starting and stopping of the music they are practising auditory discrimination. Providing you with the most memorable learning experiences at Gymboree Play & Music is what means the most to us. Robert's Music classes in St James, NY, my son (Jonathan) pushed himself up to stand by leaning on the drum.
Ashley, Maddie and Brian are very enthusiastic teachers holding the attention of all of the kids, who follow their directions for pretend play due to their contagious energy and joy. Gymboree  has become a part of our culture and has been a natural part of Pranav's musical education. These early musical contexts convey a strong connection to the people and emotions associated with them. How can you apply the very best educational practices so that the young children in your care may learn how to effectively and expressively move and dance to music? Is there a place then for teaching drama, movement and dance since children are already so expressive? So we need the right kind of activity and the right kind of stimulation, and we need to model what we want them to feel and do, but mostly what we want them to feel, because if they feel good they’ll want to do it.
Over at Musical Child Early Learning through Music we have many drama, dance music and movement activities already prepared that come with their own music tracks and lyric charts.
Here are three singing games and tickles to change grumpy toddlers’ moods and keep your own spirits high.
Please feel free to use the comment box below to let everyone know how you run your music sessions.
We want to thank you for being your child’s best teacher, and for being a part of our global play community.
My kids were born 6 weeks premature, and the doctors warned me that they might be developmentally behind. Not only do I think it cuts down on germs, but it shows you understand that some days it's just difficult to make it out the door. Miss Kim is always energetic, happy, on-time, and has control of the class in a respectful, non-authoritarian manner. Gymboree music classes is where he first learned the melody in a musical note, where he was exposed to an array of musical instruments, where he learned to rock to African beats and waltz to Mozart. Music and activity for Down at the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea is available from the Musical Child store.
Now we are able to sell directly off the website  and provide a much more timely delivery without all the postage expenses and waiting time. I believe that the Gymboree Play and Music classes they've been attending since they were 7 months old has aided in their development, especially in their fine motor and social skill development.

As a parent, I absolutely love the novel musical plans and music lessons that the teachers devise week after week. Mayley loves her toddler music class and we love the music activities for toddlers which you provide in all Gymboree music classes. To the pre-verbal child, music provides a form of communication that transcends spoken language. Putting your hands on them to play games really is therapeutic because touch is their most important neural pathway.
Their Music class is taught by Helene, who has a beautiful voice that encourages the babies to sing along and bounce to the rhythm of the music. She makes music and movement fun, and encourages the children to follow directions and fosters their creativity and individualism. The Gymboree toddler music activities and classes are designed so that each child has a dedicated teacher teaching him through each level. I love how she gets to interact with the other kids her age and is learning about lots of musical concepts in such a fun way.
We also attend Play & Learn level 3 class with Diane which has given them more confidence in their movement. Gymboree Play & Music, music families, the children, and parents are so fortunate to have Miss Kim. And of course I cannot ignore the early learning community and the fun elements of Gymboree. With an array of styles, our music lessons for children help explore the power of rhythm, tonality and beat while nurturing key physical, social and intellectual skills. Thank you for providing wonderful music lessons for toddlers and ideas for kids music activities. In our Music classes for babies, your little one will discovery melody, pitch and rhythm while building a repetoire for joyful songs.
Gabriella even made a train out of the air log for the kids, that sure satisfied Pranav's train fixation! Our Music classes for toddlers will engage them to dance and sign to new musical styles each month including Latin, Rock 'n' Rock, Classical and more.
And our Music preschool activities for children 3-5 will help them express their singing voice and emerging musical knowledge through rhythm, pitch, tempo and musical forms.

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