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Babies' emerging mobility is given an excellent workout with ramps, slides and dances that start on the ground and soar to the sky in this peek-a-boo university. The heart of our programs have always been about you and your little one, and supporting how you play and learn together.
I have been taking my daughter, Kayleigh to the East Northport Gymboree since she was three months old.
Our Music classes provide an active and playful approach that will have you dancing, singing and playing instruments together. Gymboree Play & Music has helped my son to develop in many ways, but walking was our biggest concern. Thank you to the amazing program of Gymboree Play & Music and its teachers, our son Annan has completely matured and grown into an active, confident, outgoing and social toddler. Is it possible to dance without moving?  We might actually take a philosophical stance and acknowledge the “inner dancer”. You want to gain a deeper understanding of the important role you play in your children’s music and movement activities. To start, you need to undertake a careful consideration of your own attitudes, dispositions, self-concepts, about these very personal things – how you move and how you dance.  Hopefully you are willing to tell yourself how good you are at these skills and discard attitudes that stand in the way of you being an inspired and brilliant educator!
Music, movement and dance are interleaved, each impinging on the other.  What we are talking about here are most of the performing arts. At your next opportunity,  watch some children moving freely.  Then plan to do as many drama, movement and dance activities as you can fit into your working day, just to remind yourself of how much fun it is to let your children and your own inner child act, move and dance.
The sounds, sights, tactile and kinetic sensations associated with making music cause neurons to fire. I have been surprised and delighted by the growing number of educators in Namibia and South Africa who have discovered and embraced the Musical Child curriculum in recent months. It is incredibly humbling to have our resources  valued in the cradle of human culture where music is in the very blood.
I hope that this trend continues and that those of you who belong to professional associations are able to share your experiences and make sure that all of the naturally musical children in your care are nourished artistically throughout their early childhood. Several years ago when we were selling our large printed kits, we sent some to a kindergarten teacher in Pretoria. We’re so pleased to be able to announce that our full year-long music curriculum is now available online for the 1-3 year-olds. A whole lesson plan will save you valuable preparation time, and having all 20 on hand would set you up for years!
With that in mind we become freer to explore our artform, to take chances with our voices, to sing, play and move as though we are in a festival theatre, not a humble classroom or corner of a gym. It goes without saying that we all put the semicircle of bells onto our shoes and even onto ankles if they fit! While the children play along with the music track they are exploring the musical elements of timbre and rhythm. As the children handle the musical instruments they are increasing their manipulative skills.  The fine muscles in the hand and wrist are being strengthened. As the children tune in to the starting and stopping of the music they are practising auditory discrimination. My son (22 months old) and I have so much fun rockin' to the oldies in our Music classes at Gymboree Play & Music! I am always impressed by everything from the teachers to the cleanliness at Gymboree Play & Music.
Last week was African music week at Gymboree Play & Music and we did a song about a mosquito. For the young child, music is most often experienced as part of playtime and daily rituals carried out by parents and other family members.
The perfect bridge to emerging independence, this class invites group and independent activities designed to help your child with listening skills and interactive play. I can no longer remember a time when Gymboree songs have not flowed through my head and been sung in our home. Gymboree Art classes inspire your little one's imagination and self expression with a world of hands-on art activities.
My daughter has been going to Gymboreeplay classes for almost two years, and yesterday we had her 3rd birthday party in the St.
Gymboree Play & Music will create a private, personalized party experience filled with kid friendly activities guaranteed to be 100% fun with zero clean up! I walked into the brightly-colored gym full of mats, obstacles, slides, tubes, logs, balls and ladders and saw smiling faces from one end to the other. I have been taking my son to Gymboree play classes since he was approximately 3 or 4 months. From those first kicks in baby soccer to the balance required in tummy surfing, it's hard to imagine there's time left for a parent discussion, but there is! Providing you with the most memorable learning experiences at Gymboree Play & Music is what means the most to us. Shaila started Gymboree Play & Learn classes as an infant and now as a toddler she enjoys it even more.
Robert's Music classes in St James, NY, my son (Jonathan) pushed himself up to stand by leaning on the drum. We like the different types of classes offered, the flexible class schedule and the ability to do make-up classes. She kicks her legs in excitement over all of the songs we sing and props we use during each class. Gymboree Play & Music's creative classes are perfect for every stage of your young child's life, with activities expertly designed to boost every facet of development. Before attending classes, Annan was very shy, often timid when brought before a group of kids or adults. He's been walking around the house getting into everything, paying close attention to the TV when children songs come on, and always want to be active around the house. How can you apply the very best educational practices so that the young children in your care may learn how to effectively and expressively move and dance to music?
Is there a place then for teaching drama, movement and dance since children are already so expressive? So we need the right kind of activity and the right kind of stimulation, and we need to model what we want them to feel and do, but mostly what we want them to feel, because if they feel good they’ll want to do it. Over at Musical Child Early Learning through Music we have many drama, dance music and movement activities already prepared that come with their own music tracks and lyric charts. Here are three singing games and tickles to change grumpy toddlers’ moods and keep your own spirits high. Please feel free to use the comment box below to let everyone know how you run your music sessions. Ashley, Maddie and Brian are very enthusiastic teachers holding the attention of all of the kids, who follow their directions for pretend play due to their contagious energy and joy. Gymboree  has become a part of our culture and has been a natural part of Pranav's musical education. These early musical contexts convey a strong connection to the people and emotions associated with them.
Story time and concept items spark imagination and cooperative play, while more complex dances, games and play scenarios exercise the body and your child's ability to link ideas with greater confidence and independence. My son, now 7, daughter, now 5, and last daughter, now 2, all know Gymboree as if going were a given. Through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, dramatic play and more, this class will encourage confidence and support artistic potential.
We started at Gymboree in Melbourne, FL when my first son was 16 months old and I was 4 months pregnant with my second son. I definitely contribute all of my son’s personality, ability to communicate, socialize and play with friends, and his growth and milestones to Gymboree. My three year old just loves going to your play time, she keep asking about it all the time. The Gymbo clown greeted us on the equipment, at the store and toy area, and even popping out of a storage area for the class props. We want to thank you for being your child’s best teacher, and for being a part of our global play community. It’s the perfect example of how Music Classes for Preschoolers supports school readiness. Since she's my first child, I was learning myself a lot too from teachers of Gymboree Play & Music and from other mommies.
Kerry makes every class exciting and it means so much to see my daughters eyes light up while doing toddler activities and playing with the other children. At home, he was very outgoing and cheerful yet when we take him out, the same problem occurred.
Music and activity for Down at the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea is available from the Musical Child store.

Now we are able to sell directly off the website  and provide a much more timely delivery without all the postage expenses and waiting time. My kids were born 6 weeks premature, and the doctors warned me that they might be developmentally behind. Not only do I think it cuts down on germs, but it shows you understand that some days it's just difficult to make it out the door. Miss Kim is always energetic, happy, on-time, and has control of the class in a respectful, non-authoritarian manner. Gymboree music classes is where he first learned the melody in a musical note, where he was exposed to an array of musical instruments, where he learned to rock to African beats and waltz to Mozart. As any big change, this was not so easy on my two children Davi and Gabriella Bodoh 4 and 2 years old respectively. We danced together, did the bubble song together and of course did all the movement activities together! Gymboree was the perfect activity for my energetic little toddler and for a pregnant Mama that needed AC! You have so many interesting & creative activities that engage the kids with music, bubbles, story, and play time. The gym owner eagerly gave us a tour and showed us the myriad of classes and open gym times on a huge schedule sheet. Recently he celebrated his first birthday & what better way to celebrate than by having a Gymboree birthday party!
Kerry always encourages the children to explore and I know that means so much to their mental, physical, and emotional health. My 2 girls are 5 and 3 years old and I am a stay at home mom who believes strongly in pre-school homeschooling.
Each week, he sees familiar faces and has started to respond enthusiastically to other parents and kids in his group. All of the kids responded to her well, and she ran the party with a great pace - mixing directed baby activities with periods of free play in between. My wife and I often worried about his behaviors and questioned about our ways of raising him.
What a joy it was to  hear so many young children using their singing voices for the first time! Putting your hands on them to play games really is therapeutic because touch is their most important neural pathway.
I believe that the Gymboree Play and Music classes they've been attending since they were 7 months old has aided in their development, especially in their fine motor and social skill development. As a parent, I absolutely love the novel musical plans and music lessons that the teachers devise week after week. Mayley loves her toddler music class and we love the music activities for toddlers which you provide in all Gymboree music classes. To the pre-verbal child, music provides a form of communication that transcends spoken language.
However, I have to thank the teachers Miss Annie, Miss Carol at Gymboree who through their love and care for my children made this transition easier and helped them (and me!) feel loved in a new place where we knew NOBODY (but Gymbo!). My now 4 year old son still talks about Gymboree and the memories that he has of it are invaluable!
I had only planned to continue through the summer months when it is so hot, but we enjoyed it so much that we have never looked back and been faithful members since 2008. Gymboree has been a great experience for us and has been wonderful developmentally for my son.
I was like a kid in a candy store, eager to begin this new adventure in play and recreation with my young son.
I want to keep them with me as long as I can and allow them to learn and grow in a safe, loving environment. He is getting stronger, and the rest of his day is happier after we leave Gymboree play classes.
There was an excellent variety of equipment and activities to suit the wide age range of party guests. My wife suggested we take him to Gymboree and it has been one of the best investment we made in our son's future. With fun classes devotes to supporting multi-aged learning, children 0-5 years are encouraged to socially interact and learn from each other.
Their Music class is taught by Helene, who has a beautiful voice that encourages the babies to sing along and bounce to the rhythm of the music.
She makes music and movement fun, and encourages the children to follow directions and fosters their creativity and individualism. The Gymboree toddler music activities and classes are designed so that each child has a dedicated teacher teaching him through each level. I love how she gets to interact with the other kids her age and is learning about lots of musical concepts in such a fun way. Bringing them to the classes has helped them to have a great start at school, since they got used to the routine and to be around different children. We would work on many of the skills at home and have many of the Gymboree toys and instruments.
People are often impressed with my son, as I often show off all his talents, and I always encourage people to bring their child to Gymboree. I started taking him when he was about 4 months old, and he has achieved a couple of milestones at Gymboree including rolling over and crawling for the first time. My son, Noah (my first born and only child) was clinging to me like a koala bear and was anxious about new settings and any environment that was vaguely unfamiliar. Shaila loves Gymboree so much that she acts out the class activities with her blanket and dolls when she is not in class.
My daughter loves her School Skills classes and we also on occasion do Family Art and Music as make up classes. Whether your child is learning to crawl, walk or run we have skilled teachers who are training in early childhood development and early infant develoment.
Miss Michelle even showed me toddler activities to work on with my daughter to challenge her. With this strong belief, I knew that Gymboree School Skills would be the best choice for my girls.
The toddlers in the group were free to run about and join in the group activities as they pleased, which was a relief to us as Kiley was excited and eager to touch and try everything in the center.
In the classes, it teaches him how to interactive, think, play, share, sing, dance, jump, and all the wonderful things that toddlers are supposed to do. We have heard good things about Gymboree but we were still skeptical about signing up for the class, because what could they possibly do for babies at such a young age? The other rewarding part of teaching today's lesson was having parents tell me how much fun they had! We also attend Play & Learn level 3 class with Diane which has given them more confidence in their movement. Gymboree Play & Music, music families, the children, and parents are so fortunate to have Miss Kim. Yesterday we celebrated Gabriella's birthday at Gymboree Pinecrest and the children had a blast! Sammy had the most wonderful time and it wasn't long before we followed Jeena over to another location just so we could see her more than once a week. Now at three, our older daughter is in School Skills and has moved through all the levels of classes as well as art, music and sports. Now, three kiddos later (5, 3, and 16 months) we love family class and of course Open Playtime.
One of my friends is expecting a baby soon and she admits she looks forward to joining Gymboree. I can't help but think it was the activities and exercises done at Gymboree that helped him reach those milestones. I had made the mistake of leaving him in a few church nurseries and those memories were seared in his 16 month old brain.
Besides meeting new friends and letting your kid to learn and develop, you'll also receive some promotional coupons from Gymboree clothing stores.
I only wish I knew about Gymboree's play classes earlier when my daughter was younger (we heard about it from a friend when my daughter turned 3 years old); she would have started going there when she was a few months old. School Skills allows my girls to be active and crazy, as kids should be in the first 15 minutes of class. The parachute play was fun for the kids and adults, the amazingly long lasting bubbles were a huge hit, and the cake & ice cream supplied by Gymboree were delicious!
We are so happy, Annan is interacting with such joy and enthusiasm compared to his first few classes. They seemed to love going back to the 80's and reliving music that was popular when they were kids.

And of course I cannot ignore the early learning community and the fun elements of Gymboree.
Miss Annie and Miss Anna were very professional but still loving and fun with the children. I recognize that Gymboree can be expensive to some, but I take advantage of the specials and my son will participate in unlimited classes until he is 5 years old.
Not only has Gymboree been great for my son, but it has also allowed me to meet and become friends with other Moms who are going through the same experiences. But as soon as the rainbow rope gets put away, they know it is time to exercise self control and sit with the other class members to welcome everyone. He now participate in all activities and oftentimes he is the first one to befriend other kids. With an array of styles, our music lessons for children help explore the power of rhythm, tonality and beat while nurturing key physical, social and intellectual skills. Thank you for providing wonderful music lessons for toddlers and ideas for kids music activities.
They do know how to leader a large group (20 very active children!) and engage them to want to do the plays! Parents were raving throughout the party, and the children were laughing and smiling the entire hour and a half. I am so grateful for the energy, dedication and LOVE that everyone there shares with the children.
I have visited other Gymboree locations (FL, TX, NC, and VA), because I often travel for my job, and none of the locations I visited even compare to the location in Columbia, SC, the enthusiasm of the teachers, friendly parents, and structure of the programs. I knew he needed socialization because he was an only child and had already moved and been uprooted in his young life, so it was important for me to get him into environments with other kids pronto. We had a great experience at Gymboree Play & Music and we're sad to leave that place just because my kids have overgrown it and they want to try something new, but it is a great place for infants-toddlers!!! We couldn't be more happy with the progress of our child's development and recommend the program to many of our friends.
Sammy went on to through Play & Learn 6 and was devastated when he started school and had to leave all his friends that he had made. Recently we have made a cross country move and the first program we signed up for was Gymboree.
I have made some special friends at Gymboree and we even have playdates, attend birthday parties, or just communicate about other child related activities in the area. He had never been in daycare or a regular institutional setting with other kids and only on the most rare occasions even with a sitter.
The teachers are so loving and nurturing and give my children the attention they deserve as well as gentle guidance away from negative behavior.
She also loves the Gymbo song recently we bought her a Gymbo and she wants to take him everywhere. In our Music classes for babies, your little one will discovery melody, pitch and rhythm while building a repetoire for joyful songs.
Gabriella even made a train out of the air log for the kids, that sure satisfied Pranav's train fixation!
To this day we still are in contact with quite a few of those babies we met from the very beginning.
I would say that both my child and I enjoy all activities at Gymboree and even the teachers often comment on his growth and development. Science time is my 5 year olds favorite and they really take the time with her to encourage her curiosity through the preschool age activities, rather then rush the lesson and move on. Our Music classes for toddlers will engage them to dance and sign to new musical styles each month including Latin, Rock 'n' Rock, Classical and more. I wish I could upload a video because I am sure you will get many submissions, but my child’s progression due to Gymboree is really noteworthy to be recognized by the company. Birthday parties are available to members and non-members and can be planned for any day throughout the week. I love picking them up from class and hearing my daughter describe in detail the science projects. I'm not sure if it was the colorful room, or the colorful gym and play mats that was going to be all for him to play on. And our Music preschool activities for children 3-5 will help them express their singing voice and emerging musical knowledge through rhythm, pitch, tempo and musical forms. We hit the mats with our socks right away and tried open gym, music class, and a play and learn session before we settled into a comfortable routine of two open gym sessions a week for about an hour a pop and a play and learn class at the end of the week in Level 4 with kids my son's age up to 2 years old. Robert, for a day that my family will always remember with happiness great fondness for you!
This meant that Noah was one of the youngest in his class and probably not as steady on his feet or vocal with his words, colors, shapes, and the like, but I knew he would be a quick study.
Gymboree play classes has given me many memories that I will cherish forever and has given Shaila a wonderful playing and learning experience that will benefit her for a life time. You will love watching your child progress from level to level and watch their development sky rocket. She really gets creative and does her own interpretation of the projects, and I appreciate the teachers allowing her to create as she sees fit and not discouraging her creativity.
Our instructor, Katy, was so playful, kind, and absolutely knows how to get the toddlers' attention.
Our music class success was limited because he clung to the instruments and had no intention of changing them with the various activities. The lessons the kids were learning were so useful at home it really was making things easier to clean up and for Sammmy to learn to share. What's also great about Gymboree Play & Music, was the toddlers that were there with Jack and the activities they do together. They are all around the same age group, they pretty much do the same thing - wobbling around - and I think they understand one another.
Over the years we have had some really excellent teachers that the kids have grown quite attached to, and my children have made life long friends. He hugs Gymbo during the class, he interacts with the girls and boys and their siblings, he speaks to the teacher and other parents at the gym, he hugs classmates, he participates in the classes and rarely wanders off or disengages, and he smiles and laughs nearly the entire visit. Granted, he may be asleep on the way to the gym and on the trip home, but even if the open gym times are during nap time or dinner and bath time and might not be the perfect windows of time for our daily routines, Noah has adapted and excelled in the environment with others and in the setting of Gymboree.
Jack is so cheesy every time he sees Gymbo and the kids at the beginning of the class when they do warm-ups with Gymbo.
He attentively, expectantly, and anxiously sits on my lap and responds to the sounds or songs that beckon him to the class and each new activity during his play and learn class.Our milestones are many. She is now in Play & Learn 5 and I am going to keep her in Gymboree till she is ready for college.
Just about every 5 minutes or so, they would have different activities like: climbing onto the bridge to get to the slide, sliding down the slides, bouncing on air tubes, going through tunnels, and so much more. After the kids get their warm-ups and have good bonding time with kids while conquering their obstacles, they would join Gymbo and play and sing together.
I can't describe the bubbles but they are different than the bubbles you get at the stores.
Now, I have a social butterfly eager to see his familiar friends and to make new acquaintances at open gym or in his weekly classes. The bubbles seems to be more solidified, which would give Jack a chance to actually pop them.
How many times I have danced and froze, or all the other countless games and activities I have played with the kids. Another thing I liked about the class is: not only the children get to have a great time, but the parents' also. You accomplish all of the healthy development goals with your child while still having fun and getting valuable exercise and bonding time accomplished all the while. The bonding times I have shared with all the three of them at Gymboree Play & Music is priceless.
I would venture to say that I enjoy the time we devote to the gym each week as much as my son, if not more so! Overall, we rate Gymboree with 2 thumbs up!Now that we had signed up, we don't see ourselves quitting the enrollment EVER (unlike our gym membership). Sammy was only 3 weeks old when one of the teachers gave him that doll because he was the only little guy that showed up for class. To me that Gymbo represents a huge part of my children's early childhood and the fun we had together.

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