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Indoor playgrounds, also known as indoor play centers, are playgrounds located in interior environment. Since its origination in 1990′s from the US, indoor playground has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world.
Traditional indoor play structure, often referred as soft play area or indoor climbing frame, is indispensable to any indoor playground. Interactive soft play:As opposed to the static traditional soft play, interactive soft play equipment are installed with electronic components such as motor, LED lights, speakers and sensors, thus offer greater interactivity and a more engaging play experience, it is also called electric soft play. Gaming area:Large indoor playground and family entertainment centers usually have an area outside of the main play area dedicated to kids-friendly arcade games, which may include kiddie rides, voucher games, and other arcade games that are suitable for children below 12.
Party room or area:Birthday party, holiday party, and party for special events are a great source of revenue, and a great way to promote your indoor playground business, if there is enough space in your play center, a beautifully decorated party room will attract a lot of customers to host their parties.

Vending area:Indoor playground and family entertainment center are the best place to sell gift and toys, inexpensive items such as key chains and plush toys under 20 or 10 dollars sell very well in playground of all sizes.
Cafe area:When children are burning out their excessive energy or focusing on their craft work, the parents can rest and have a coffee or snack at the cafe area.
For the visitors who are not familiar with the concept of indoor playground, please check out the interactive demo and video below to witness indoor playgrounds featuring Funlandia play equipment in action! Today, it has evolved from simple indoor climbing frame, to complex children play center that includes multiple play areas serving different age groups. They can be as simple as a small soft play structure with basic play events like a slide and a ball pool, or a complicated multi-level play system that includes hundreds of play events and features custom-built theme elements.
Indoor playground with a ball blaster area commands a higher attendance, and receives more repeat visits.

For indoor playgrounds, the art and craft area can contribute to an amazingly large part of the revenue and profit. The soft-contained structure and play equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce around.
The art and craft area is usually located outside the playground to keep quiet and accessible. As such, an indoor playground is usually a safer play area compared to an outdoor playground.

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