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The day I had my first baby, I’m pretty sure I became the most annoying woman on the planet.
Unborn children, born children, basically a page for ANYONE not old enough to have a Facebook page of their own seems odd to me. I was OBSESSED with developmental milestones with my first, and so was everyone else in her playgroup.
Most parents these days do not know how to keep their child occupied at a formal dinner or wedding reception. And always make sure that when the exchange of vows are taking place, to ignore them when they start crying. Okay, so the rest of the blog, as always, made me giggle and then smile into my gigantic coffee cup for several minutes afterward. Be sure to rent a limo, buy the most expensive clothes possible, and schedule a complete salon makeover for the all-important 7th grade winter dance. Be sure to ask any parent of a child between the ages one week to ten years of age if and when they will be having more children. Tell your preschool teacher that they should have computers in the classroom because they are learning more from the computers than the teachers anyway. I am also a pre-school teacher in Istanbul, and sometimes I give extra private lessons after school-hours. Making sure your child’s birthday party is superior to all others in the neighborhood. I confess to using #25 the first month of my daughter’s life, but then I got a grip and started allowing the extra time. Make sure you interrupt when you see your friend, who you haven’t seen in about a year, and her husband, in deep romantic conversation when you and your obnoxious kid arrive at the same restaurant known as a hot spot for romantic dates. Make sure you correct parents in stores when you believe they discipline their child incorrectly (or do nothing as their child runs rampant) or at least try to send lighting bolts through your eyes with your harsh and lingering glare.
When your teen’s friends call, grab the phone and start chatting with them for a couple of minutes and then give the phone back to your horrified child. Always tell a mother of five how to do her job when you yourself just had your first child. Only post the best of the best of the best on social media to give the perspective your life and children and husband are perfect and do nothing wrong ever.
Also, when only one of your children is invited to a birthday party (and only has their name on the invitation) that includes dinner, bringing that child, all the child’s siblings, and yourself and your spouse to the party and helping your family load up on food that only the other CHILDREN are eating. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. When my boys were newborns, they would squirt me in the face when I opened their diapers to change them!
Our son absolutely loves to play with his shoes while you change his diaper, so you have to play games with him to get him to put his feet down long enough to snap the diaper back on. I’ve been wanting to try these – starting to potty train our 2 yr old right now! My funniest moments were always when my kids would roll and then run away in the middle of having a diaper change.
Changing diaper, get phone call from boss, forget no diaper on baby , someone at door, oh great MIL and some of her friends.
I remember the first few nights after bringing our first brand new son home changing his diaper in the wee hours of the morning……everytime cool air hit his you-know-what a stream of pee would fly into the air all over his pajamas and even his face on more than one occasion!! I took my granddaughters diaper off to change her and the next thing I know she slipped out by her little pool and pooped right on the deck.

Bought the wrong size diapers as a first time mom, way too large and use duct tape to help. Right after we brought our first baby boy home, my husband took him to the changing table for the inevitable. I can’t think of any funny diaper changing moments, stinky, gross, nasty, yes, but not funny. My first child was a girl and 6 years later we had a baby boy and I wasn’t sure how to clean a baby boys parts.
I can’t really think of a funny moment, except my mother-in-law had never used disposable diapers and was shocked by how dry to the touch the diaper was tho it was filled. My daughter’s newborn bf poop shooting across the room on my walls and furniture was probably the grossest poopy moment. You can catch a new webisode of Zuleyka and her son, Sebastian, each month!  They are always uploaded on the Huggies Latino Facebook page.
Of course I have to grab him and take him to be changed, and he’s crying all the way.  Who knew getting clean would be so traumatic?!?! Fellow mom, and former Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera, shares the same sentiment – that her son Sebastian doesn’t like his play time to be interrupted for a diaper change.  She talks about it in her new webisode for Huggies. I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as a Huggies Latina Brand Ambassador!  Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my Huggies experience with you and I’m so excited to get started! And aside from the toddler love Huggies receives in my household, using Huggies has been a huge sanity-saver for my family.  I hear so many comments from parents about how their kids’ diapers leak and have awful overnight coverage.  That hasn’t been an issue for us when we use Huggies diapers! It’s really exciting to hear that former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera (2006) has teamed up with Huggies to try out their new and improved diapers and wipes. Write only Facebook posts that either praise your adorable, smart, well-mannered children or criticize the parenting styles of other people you know. Seated in the middle of the audience at your daughter’s recital, hold your iPad high over your head and record her entire performance. If it was a wedding for one of my friends vs one of my family members, and does the couple have kids. Not only is this generation not schooled on their children’s manners they have none of their own.
Bring a huge stroller so you can put packages on top of your baby and keep the aisle to yourself.
Of course every other parent and non-parent you know is dying to know how you are doing it since you do no wrong. I remember playing hide and seek with my brother once- I hid inside a clothing rack and accidentally knocked the whole thing over.
I was the only playgroup member who didn’t buy anything, and the woman never really spoke to me again. I know it annoys the shit out of people…and honestly, they should punch me so I stop. I can really relate to 26- Since I work from home, some have assumed that I sit around doing nothing all day, and thus have PLENTY of time to chair events, lead kids’ groups, cut out hundreds of laminated doo-dads, etc.
Anyway this potential client was talking to me and she said, “Well, why don’t you first come over to see if my daughter likes you? I mean, what is a birthday party without a huge bouncy house, games, a pinata and even individualized goody bags for each child?? And make sure that you bring out your camera to snap a picture for when a hot bowl of soup is about to fall on them. They were great then and they have really improved,I’m going to recommend them to the same child I used them on for his little guy.
My sister lives across the country, so I haven’t had to help much with my niece…just the fun stuff!

Even though I ended up laughing, I never figured out why he was so fasinated with his feet while getting diapered. She’ll be offering real-life parenting tips via a monthly webisode series that will include personal moments with her son Sebastian.
Oh, parenting is still fun and rewarding- but I no longer live under the impression that my family and I are at the center of the Universe.
Just throw it in the guest bathroom trashcan- or better yet, stash it in the kitchen trashcan instead.
Be just cryptic enough in your descriptions that each of your friends will suspect you’re talking about her.
Everyone will feel obligated to buy something and you’ll come out of it with LOTS of free stuff! I worked at a school for a year and that experience is what made me seriously consider homeschooling. I hope you inform all of your friends and family that their day is now, apparently, all about you so that they WILL know not to invite you. Weddings are whatever kind of event the couples want them to be, not whatever kind of event YOU want them to be. What I don’t like is when someone who knows I have kids invites me to a party at 8 or 9 at night the day before or the same day giving me no time to pre arrange a sitter.
Use a jogging stroller so your baby gets all that healthy carbon monoxide down at car exhaust level while you keep fit.
Not to mention, your female friends who can’t have children want every detail of your baby experience because it makes them so happy. You can’t just move the Elf around each night- Now, they have to make mischief so that mom can Instagram the mess and show off her hard work to her friends! Never fails, no matter how long we have her sit on the potty, she will immediately hop off and pee all over the floor right in front of the toilet. I did however, kindly provide a herd of teenaged babysitters (paid for by me in my budget at the advice of a relative)- including one specifically for my own child who was 6 months – and paid for pizza, dessert and all that so that the various people attending would be able to enjoy themselves and have a break from being parents for a few hours. If weddings were generally cheap affairs, then it wouldn’t matter, but someone is paying for each guest there.
But the way people allow their children to act today I have been to several occasions where they caused upset and hurt feelings because they didn’t know how to act. And you want to call bullsh!t so bad, because you know the kids couldn’t possibly ALWAYS be responsible for their chronic lateness.
Keep your baby in a plastic container- preferably on the floor so you can avoid eye contact- just like hanging the kid off the front of you while its feet turn blue. Sneaking alcohol out running arond when everyone is suppose tonbe sitting down, crawling under tables and just being annoying. One night I was changing him and we always put a diaper wipe over his private area so if he peed it wouldn’t go everywhere. That and then i wouldnt be paying per plate for kids who might not even touch what is on the menu.
Sit your diapered baby on your friend’s kitchen counters- everyone loves a little ecoli with dinner. When I changed him in the morning I realized I had never thrown out the diaper wipe from the last early morning diaper change! You can let yourself get irritated by our baby talk, our humble brags, and our unwillingness to get our damn double strollers out of your way… or you can add to the list I’ve created to help new parents figure out how to do ANNOYING right!

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