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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A teen actor who played a gun-toting killer in a controversial independent movie about violence in Harlem is facing a real-life murder charge for shooting an expectant father on W. Jeremy Sanchez, 16, who played the teen gangster a€?Ja€? in a€?Toddlers,a€? a movie that anti-violence advocates claimed glorified gang life, is also accused of being a stickup man in a Washington Heights armed robbery attempt. Sanchez was arraigned last week on murder and weapons charges, having written a€?OYa€? a€” his ganga€™s name a€” on his prison jumpsuit. Sancheza€™s murder confession came after his arrest for an armed push-in burglary near the George Washington Bridge. In a€?Toddlers,a€? Sancheza€™s character a€?Ja€? isna€™t afraid to pull the trigger of his Glock.
In another scene, J pulls a gun and makes one of his friends eat feces for having a foul mouth. Brown, argued the film was merely a grim reflection of reality, which is why he chose not to use real actors.
The movie, which was released on DVD in January, shows Sanchez's character 'J' brandishing a gun as he runs through the streets before shooting two people dead in their home, the News reported.In the one-minute trailer posted to YouTube, other children as young as 11 wave firearms around, while a girl is kidnapped by thugs and a man is shot in the head. The victim's mother said she was sickened to see Sanchez toting a gun in the trailer.'He thinks hea€™s living out a movie,' she told the Daily News. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

He is charged with the murder of Kenneth Archbold, 19, who was fatally shot on July 15, 2012 on Lenox Ave.
In one scene, J and some friends armed with guns run into an apartment and shoot two people dead before torching the place.
Director Termaine (M5) Brown didna€™t cast actors, but a€?hardcorea€? kids from the neighborhood, he said. Kids are going to love the variety of designs available to chose from too.The Cars 2 Costume line is adorable and I know these are going to be a HUGE hit with the boys, especially after they see the movie. Using drug money to buy guns, he and his friends blaze a path of destruction across New York. You cannot help but fall in love with these Car Characters and in the new movie there is a whole lot more of them to love.There are two different Cars 2 Costume designs that are new. I can see little boys racing around the house in these Cars Costumes and having a lot of fun – so why just get a costume to be worn for one night. These Cars Costumes are also great if you are having a Cars 2 Birthday Party – let your child dress up as their favorite character for the party and surprise the guests.
Your toddler is at that age where their personality (and perhaps a bit of attitude) is shining through.
We have so many costumes that if you asked your tiny tot which one they would like to wear, they would probably choose over half of them. Things have changed a bit since that generation has grown up, but those traditional favorites are still a go-to Halloween costume after all these years.

For the parents who were Disney fans as kids, the older films have also been watched time and time again. Your child’s imagination has the ability to transform them into any superhero they want to be, all they are missing is the costume! Exciting days like Force Friday make the wait a little easier, but the eagerness for the film will also reflect on Halloween.
On Halloween they can pretend for a little while and once all the fun of trick-or-treating is over, your little one will have a fun costume to play pretend all the other days of the year.
The game parents know all too well, but kids love as they start learning about the world around them. If you are planning to dress up as Cobra Kai or a T-Bird, your mini-me might want to join in on the fun.
It only makes sense that a young boy or girl might want to dress as a dinosaur or dragon for Halloween. As long as they don’t mind wearing a hat or headpiece, you can have the cutest dino on the block this year! Does your toddler already have their mind made up or do you have some influence yet? She realizes this will involve sacrificing a few dolls, but is willing to do whatever it takes to win costume contests.

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