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Regardless of how accurate the reporting in Japan has been, a thread popped up on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board, in which folks designed desktops which used human waste to power the computers, under the premise they would lead to the ruin of humanity. Someone pointed out it wasn't possible to *coughs* pleasure oneself, so a fleshlight like device was added. Finally, someone asked if there was a way to grow food, using electric power and excess heat from the computer. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. For months now, Japanese manga artist Tadatoshi Fujimaki has been dealing with repeated threats. As previously detailed, the threats are apparently from one angry individual who seems intent on stopping Fujimaki from promoting his manga Kuroko's Basketball. Here is the entire article, because honestly, it must be read to be believed—or disbelieved. North Korean propaganda can get interesting (if you haven't seen it, the Vice documentary is definitely worth watching). It's like the North Korean government is getting revenge against The Onion for naming Kim Jong-un the sexiest man alive. On the game's official Twitter, someone from the Square Enix publicity department said "it took an exceedingly amount of time to arrive at the design". After saying that the symbol does appear in the game's story, the PR person asked people on Twitter what their thoughts about the logo were.
While some did say they liked the logo, others said that Square Enix needed to develop and release games faster.
I've always thought the Lightning Returns logo was somewhat reminiscent of Skyrim's logo—not necessarily a bad thing!
After revealing that Square Enix spent a year on the Agni's Philosophy demo, now is probably not the best time to say it also spent loads of time on a logo. The conventional wisdom has always been Japan loves role-playing games and dislikes first-person shooters. In its debut week, Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the PS3 is the second best selling game in Japan, moving 197,350 units. However, the term yougee, as Square Enix president Yoichi Wada once pointed out, has had a "discriminatory meaning" in Japan and was clearly used to separate any other games developed outside Japan. While Western gamers might debate whether or not Call of Duty is in decline, there are Japanese gamers who seem to really enjoy the series and haven't tired of it—yet.
Western games, too, are getting bigger and bigger, and because of that, more and more Japanese players are attracted to the impressive graphics and production values—the whole spectacle of multi-million dollar projects like Call of Duty. Culture Smash is a regular dose of things topical, interesting and sometimes even awesome—game related and beyond. Instead of just asking, or sulking, or whatever else kids do to try and get their way, Josh sat down and wrote a letter.
Guillermo Del Toro had been helping out on a video game with THQ before, well, THQ basically ran out of money. UPDATE—Ah, seems they're referencing this IGN interview, where Del Toro says "We were going to go to a lot of developers after THQ, but it seems like we're going to be developing it after the first meeting we had. Long Ouyang is a concept artist who works at WETA, they of The Hobbit, District 9 and Lord of the Rings fame.
To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they're big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab". Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.

While a single anecdote, it sums up my biggest concern for Nintendo's new console, at least in its early months: its message. By calling it the Wii U, and not the Wii 2 (or an entirely different thing), and by using old Wii Remotes in much of its advertising, Nintendo has failed to differentiate the product from its predecessor. Which is leading, as we've found, to a lot of people having no idea what the hell a Wii U is. We had a bit of a chuckle about that yesterday, but even the most casual search on Twitter shows she's far from alone. No matter how many of my Mentalist powers I use, I still can't figure out what a Wii U is supposed to be. I thought Wii U was just an extra thing for the Wii, but no, it's a completely different console. A Nintendo ad popped on an displayed, "What is Wii U?" Then 3 actors waggled Wii remotes and 1 had the controller.
It's easy to laugh, as readers of a video game news website, but put yourself in their shoes. Now in its eighth year, Designs of the Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the spirit of the year.
Human Organs-on-Chips, designed by Donald Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, has won the Design Museum Design of the Year Award for 2015.
Inside the Designs offers the visitor the opportunity to use the brand new Microsoft Lumia device and the specially designed app to access more information on each of the category winners, through photography, quotes and interviews with the jury as well the option to offer their own opinion on what makes a Design of the Year.
This category represents the fullest range of the build environment from small scale domestic to public parks. A wide ranging category that includes projects that may touch on other categories but are included here because it is their digital dimension that makes them interesting. Everything from student graduation shows to established fashion houses, this category includes the most important collections, accessories, fashion shows, exhibitions, films, costumes and individual pieces. 2D work where graphic design is the key to the project’s success – this could be beautifully executed packaging, books, magazines, identities, digital, films, animation, street art, exhibition design, posters or typefaces.
This category looks at more than planes, trains and automobiles (though, these are important too). However, it's now also being used to describe those who are addicted to online gaming, "netoge haijin" (?????).
It was decided that bean sprouts were best, so that's why there are bean sprouts below the computer. There is a vendetta against him, which has produced numerous threatening letters containing suspicious chemicals.
Creating it was a long process of trial and error and took "a long time"; this symbol was inspired by the motifs of metal and lightning. This is something Square Enix has worked to change, and the company is publishing Western titles like Call of Duty. First-person shooters like Halo have developed an increasingly hardcore fanbase in Japan, which is limited somewhat by it being on the Xbox 360 and most Japanese gamers not owning one. During our talk, he said he was concerned that the same thing that happened to Japanese movies would happen to Japanese video games: for movies, the budgets got bigger and bigger, and today, most of the feature films shown in theaters aren't Japanese.
So awesome that you should check out more of it on his blog and CGHub page (thanks Concept Art World!). If you're in the business and have some concept, environment or character art you'd like to share, drop us a line!
My wife looked at it, then at me, then back at it, then at our Wii, before finally asking "wait, don't we have a Wii?

While the word "Wii" is almost universally recognised after a six-year run as one of the hottest consoles of all time, with near-unprecedented mainstream appeal, "Wii U" seems to have some folks awfully confused.
You're up to your neck in news and information about video games, of course you know what a Wii U is. In 12-24 months, after enough market penetration and advertising, I'm sure most people will have an idea what the new console is all about.
Unique and mass produced items including toys, packaging, lighting, technology, homewares and healthcare. No cruces la puerta para pelear contra el, solo entra y vuelve a salir de donde grabas, los monstruos soltaran 3 cristales y tambien encuentras el miracleeggs- Siempre espera a tener un huevo de monstruo lo suficientemente fuerte, de 30 para arriba, para llevarlo a la primera parte y asi evolucionarlo mas. The term first appeared in 2009, when the Japanese media started reporting about those who played lots of online games. Under the computer, it says "electric power utilization" (?? or "denryoku"; ?? or "shiyou").
It's normal for me to sleep from 2am to 5am." This is something the 37 year-old manga artist talked about earlier this year. It's not uncommon for Western things to be labelled, such as "youfuku" (??), which means "Western style clothing", or "youshoku" (??), which means "Western food". I expect the sales numbers to be significantly lower next week, but I also expect Western games to do better and better in Japan. Anyway, today is a good day to show off his stuff, because chances are you saw some of it earlier this week.
Ouyang's piece showing a starfighter pilot was one of the images the makers of that third-party document thought was so perfect they used it to sell Destiny's universe, and it's easy to see why. A console's capabilities and even its software are irrelevant if it's not sold properly, and where the Wii was clearly sold as a new, revolutionary device, Nintendo's messaging for the Wii U has been a bit of a mess, one that starts from the very top. Now, my wife, she was quickly informed that, no, this is a new console, like how the PS3 followed the PS2. But if you're just some regular user, a casual player, and you own a Wii then see a commercial where people are still using Wii Remotes but on a different box that's got kinda the same name, what are you going to think?
But boy, I bet that right now, someone at Nintendo is wishing they'd gone with a different name. Some of the TV news pieces were questionable, like this 2010 report, which featured one gamer with a bottle to urinate in.
But in North Korea, which sometimes seems like it's stuck in the 1600s, the government's central news agency is running a story about a unicorn lair.
I'm posting the article as it appears on the country's official mouthpiece's site, if anything, for proof that it actually did. Both are extremely common in Japan, and nobody really makes a conscious distinction and no longer really sees these as "foreign" or the "other". But not everyone is going to have someone "in the know" sitting next to them to explain the difference when they first come across the system.
These are things, such as blue jeans, that came from the West, but are now produced within the country.

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