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One means by which healthcare providers and other members of the team learn information about the health status of clients is by collecting samples of body fluids for laboratory study. Nursing Alert Always wear clean gloves when collecting specimens of urine, stool, sputum, wound drainage, or blood. As the body’s liquid waste product, urine has typical physical and microscopic characteristics that are excellent indicators of a person’s state of health.Collecting and examining urine can provide significant information. The amount of fluids a client consumes and eliminates during a given period is an indicator of his or her nutritional and fluid balance.
Key Concept Some normal situations can cause fluid intake and output to be quite different. Remember that fluid intake includes items such as gelatin, ice, popsicles, sherbet, thin cereal, broth, tube feedings, and IV fluids. Fluid intake includes all fluids consumed through the gastrointestinal (GI) system (by mouth or tube feeding) and fluids taken as part of intravenous (IV) therapy or total parenteral nutrition (TPN).
If the client drinks from an unusual container, determine the volume by filling the same container with water. Be sure to find out your facility’s policy concerning the recording of water intake from the bedside water pitcher. If the fluid content of solid foods is also being calculated, this will be done by the dietary department.
Enlist the aid of the client or family when possible, to assist with tracking intake and output and reporting when the water pitcher is empty or when the client has voided (urinated). FIGURE 52-2 · Specimen hat (half-pan) is used to obtain an approximate measure of urine volume. The urine specific gravity is an indicator of the concentration of urine as compared with pure water. Urine specific gravity is measured with a specialized instrument called a urinometer or hydrometer.
Extremely concentrated urine (high urine specific gravity, approximately 1.025) may indicate dehydration or fluid retention in the tissues (edema). When pouring a specimen from a bedpan or specimen hat into the specimen container, hold the specimen cup over the toilet.
All specimens are considered to be biohazardous materials and are placed in a specially marked biohazard bag for transport to the laboratory.
We provides service to patients with kidney disease and a variety of other other medical conditions. Instructions on how to collect 24-hour urine tests in the outpatient settings (outside the hospitals). If there is stool in the collection hat as well, you can still collect that urine but try not to mix the stool with urine and do not drop the stool in the jar. During this 24-hour keep the jar either in refrigerator or in a cool box in contact with ice.
You should wake the next day (lets call it Day Two) the same time as you did on Day First (in this example at 6 am).

This technique will not be useful if you have no control over your urination (urinary incontinence) and you use diaper.
In patients who have gone through surgery on their bladder and have urostomy bag, 24 hour urine can be collected as above.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSDoes your practice accept health insurance?Yes, we accept most major health insurance programs and medicare.
Do I need to have an appointment?We will do our best to accommodate patients who are not scheduled; however, in order to best serve all of our patients, we recommend contacting our office to schedule an appointment as early as possible. What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?Please make sure to bring proper identification, insurance cards and medications you are currently taking.What types of services do you offer?Our facility can server patients with variety of conditions.
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Below each review, youa€™ll find a question that asks, "Was this review helpful to you?" If you answer "no," you can let us know why the review is inappropriate. Do not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. Thorough and consistent handwashing before and after any contact with clients and their specimens limits spread of microorganisms that cause disease. For example, during very hot weather, fluid is lost through perspiration, but it cannot be measured.
Output includes vomitus, bleeding, chest tube and other drainage, thoracentesis, paracentesis, and nasogastric suction, as well as urine. In some agencies, it is recorded when the pitcher is filled and in others, when it is empty.
Output includes wound drainage, emesis (vomiting), bleeding, watery diarrhea, and nasogastric (NG) suction tube returns. This device can be placed under the toilet seat to collect either urine or stool without mixing them.
The computerized version is similar, except that the computer calculates the totals and transfers them to the appropriate flowsheet. This record notes specific types of IV fluids, additives, amount of IV fluids absorbed, and amount remaining per shift. In nearly all cases, laboratory personnel measure the specific gravity of urine during routine urinalysis. Measure the reading in decimal increments above 1.000, which is the reading for pure water. Low specific gravity (below 1.010) may indicate a disorder, such as diabetes insipidus, or excessive use of diuretic medications.
Urinalysis, in which the components of urine are identified, is usually done on all clients at the beginning of treatment and as needed during an illness. The provider may ask for specimens at different times of the day The urine specimen collected for part of a day is called the single fractional specimen.
If this is not the case, dry the outside of the bottle completely and apply a duplicate label. Rationale: If all specimens are collected at the same time, the laboratory can establish a baseline.
Rationale: Placing the toilet hat in this manner allows the client to have a bowel movement while collecting only urine. Rationale: This prevents the sample from becoming contaminated and protects you and other healthcare workers. Keep the outside of these containers clean and dry Place them into plastic biohazard bags for transport to the laboratory Label containers before use; if the container is wet, it will be difficult to label. We suggest you choose a day that you are not very busy and it can be convenient for you to collect every drop of urine during that 24 hour.
Female patients need to void in a urine specimen toilet collection hat and them empty it in the jar. At the start time, dump the urine in the bad and collect any urine after that for 24 hours as instructed. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
The front of the Urine Collector is built with a pouring spout for clean, convenient specimen disposal.

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The nurse may measure or observe such specimens for characteristics or send them to the laboratory for examination. It also helps to protect the specimen from inadvertent contamination by the nurse’s hands.
Fluid I&O that is significantly out of balance because of illness may lead to a life-threatening condition.
Items such as ice, gelatin, ice cream, ice pops, and thin cereal are all considered liquid intake, as are fluids.
For a urine specimen, the hat is placed with the closed area (receptacle) toward the front of the toilet. However, a nurse may be required to perform this procedure if it is needed frequently or when working in home care or a healthcare clinic. In addition, urine is commonly collected to determine the presence of legal or illegal drugs, to determine pregnancy, and to assess for the presence of infection.
Rationale: Doing so reduces handling after the bottle is contaminated and helps the label to adhere to the container better.
Also, this voided specimen usually represents urine that was collecting in the bladder all night—usually the longest period the client goes without voiding. If a woman is menstruating at the time a urine specimen is taken, a false-positive reading for blood in the urine will be obtained. Rationale: It is important that the specimen be from the bladder and not be contaminated from external sources. In addition, the client may be confused or a child and not able to understand the instructions. Rationale: Maintaining the sterility of the container helps to ensure accurate results and prevents cross-contamination. Start time can be any time but it will be more convenient for you to start from the time you wake up that day (lets call it Day First). The Toilet Top Specimen Measure is equipped with easy to read numbers for accurate measuring in 4 oz or 100 cc increments.
Each healthcare agency has a list describing the quantity of liquid found in various containers. Wound drainage on dressings is measured by weighing the dressing after it is removed and comparing it with the dry weight of an identical dressing. Many other tests can be performed with urine samples, and some urine tests are significant in the diagnosis of physical disorders. Be sure to include the appropriate laboratory request form or make sure the information is correctly programmed into the computer, so the laboratory staff knows which tests to complete. Observing these protocols provides quality control and keeps specimens free from contamination, which is essential in ensuring accuracy and consistency in test results. Records of the client’s I&O help guide the provider’s decision-making about increasing or restricting fluids or foods. Figure 52-1 shows a sample paper I&O record of the type that would be kept at the bedside. Weights are done in milligrams and compared with a standardized chart to convert to milliliters.
In Practice: Nursing Care Guidelines 52-2 highlights important components of collecting urine specimens. Keeping the outside of the container and your gloves dry preserves the label and reduces contamination. In Practice: Nursing Care Guidelines 52-1 highlights key information when collecting any specimen. These records can also be used to assess the effectiveness of certain medications, as well as to establish the client’s elimination patterns. In Practice: Nursing Procedure 52-2 outlines the steps of measuring the specific gravity of urine.
I&O records may be kept for every shift and then totaled for a 24-hour period at midnight.
On the electronic record, fluid totals are usually recorded at the end of each shift and totaled automatically by the computer.

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