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Proctor has worked with Disney princesses and the princess of grump on other DeviantART projects, but Grumpy would probably pick this one as her personal favorite.
After all, both she and Elsa spend so much of their time with people trying to love them while they'd rather just be left alone. Hanako-san -- a spooky young girl that haunts school restrooms across Japan -- has in recent decades become one of the nation's most famous ghosts.
It is not uncommon for schools to have a toilet permanently occupied by the mysterious girl, who is known in Japanese as Toire no Hanako-san (lit.
Hanako-san's behavior also varies according to location, but in most cases, she remains holed up in the bathroom until an adventurous student dares to provoke her. For the most part, Hanako-san is harmless and can be avoided simply by staying away from her designated hiding spot.
At one of the junior highs in Utsunomiya, a girl actually committed suicide in the school toilet.
There were three urinals in the bathroom at my school and they were named either "King, Queen, fart machine" or "Army, Navy, Naked Lady".
Ghost sightings are all very similar and can all be explained without anything supernatural.
Considering the creator of the LOZ series is himself Japanese, and ghost stories like these are integral to their culture (the goose bumps you get are considered a valid way to cool down during the summer)?
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Artist Eric Proctor replaced Disney's snow queen with the world's fuzziest frowner for the perfect recast.
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Hanako-san can be conjured up by knocking on the door to her stall (usually three times), calling her name, and asking a particular question.

Although she became a national phenomenon in the 1980s, there is speculation that she has existed since the 1950s.
Another legend from Yamagata prefecture claims that Hanako-san is actually a 3-meter-long, 3-headed lizard that uses a little girl's voice to attract prey.
But if you ever need to get rid of her, try showing her a graded exam with a perfect score. A half boy, half girl creature would attack you and eat you in a cubicle if you were wearing pink underwear.
One day there will be reformation work done on the toilet, school and the toilet will change into a locker room or class room.
Yesterday she went into the bathroom with her friend, went to the third stll, knocked three times and called Hanako-sans name. I love how some Japanese urban legends are completely freaky but have hilarious ways of getting rid of the ghost. When she asks you if see is beautiful after she takes off her mask you say average.She gets confused and the run as fast as you can.
I'd be more inclined to be doubtful of anyone who says that Miyamoto hadn't heard the legends, especially with Hanako-san being one of the more common ones.
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The most common question is simply "Are you there, Hanako-san?" If Hanako-san is indeed present, she says in a faint voice, "Yes, I'm here." Some stories claim that anyone courageous enough to open the door at this point is greeted by a little girl in a red skirt and then pulled into the toilet. Some stories claim she is the ghost of a WWII-era girl who died in a bombing raid on the school while she was playing hide-and-seek. And then there's this other story about schools which used to be a mass grave or something like that, then this story about a ghost of a person who died flattened by an elevator and his ghost is still inside the elevator. It seems like just a myth or legend but the pictures and facts made me believe she was real.

Someone knocked back (yes they had made sure that the bathroom was empty) scared the shit outa her needless to say they got out of that bathhroom preety quick.
The human brain can be influenced with electromagnetic waves (many so called "haunted" places have a different electromagnetic field).
Details about her physical appearance also vary, but she is usually described as having bobbed hair and wearing a red skirt.
Other stories claim she is the restless spirit of a young girl who met her end at the hands of an abusive or deranged parent (or a perverted stranger, according to some stories) who found her hiding in the bathroom. In most stories of Hanako-san I've read she isn't reallly dangerous unless she gives you a heart attack sacring the living dailights outa you. All I can say is "Hanako-san, you are a WWII-era girl who died at a bomb raid while playing hide and seek. Ideal For high image kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, resorts, clubs, private or public areas.
In some cases, she is the ghost of a former student who died in an unfortunate accident at the school (one story from Fukushima prefecture, for example, claims she is the ghost of a girl who fell out of the library window). I wouldn't have told my sister if I didn't think it was safe, but I'm rambling now hope I answered your question. But people know about your beautiful but scary appearance, despite having a bobbed hair with a red skirt." Are you gonna stay out with this or just stand there kill her?
You either gave her the paper and let her haunt a mean boy that you don't like, or ignore here entirely and she leaves the bathroom.
A sudden flutter somewhere, a shadow, anything, could mean danger for the early homo sapiens sapiens. Now add all those ghost stories and of course anything in the dark can be interpreted as ghost.

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