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The easiest way to baby proof the toilet is to keep the door shut and secured at all times. This method is only reliable if you remember to lock the door each and every time you are finished using the toilet. As it only takes one person to forget to put your baby at risk, I would still follow this method up with the rest of the tips mentioned in the guide below.
The Amaerican Academy of Pediatrics warns that the toilet is an overlooked drowning hazard to children in the home. A baby proof toilet latch is the next best way to keep your child safe around the toilet.There are many different toilet locks available to prevent your baby from opening up the toilet seat.
I found that manufactures do not provide accurate information as to what toilets the products fit, if any at all. The solution I used to keep little ones from opening the toilet lid is multi purpose latches.
If you see one or more metal bolts it means that your toilet is missing it’s toilet caps. Another problem with old bolts is that due to the damp environment, exposed bolts can rust. Apparently it is very interesting for your infant to pull the toilet paper down and watch in joy as it unspools. You can always try placing the the toilet paper out of reach but for many parents this will be impractical for when they need to use the toilet. A toilet paper guard may be just what you are looking for to prevent your little one from making a mess. Be quick to reprimand any behavior like this, especially if your child is old enough to know better. Your child will be unable to lift the toilet lid to view the water swirling due to the lock holding it firmly in position.
If you keep your spare toilet paper on a stand next to the toilet, you are going to have a bad time once your child is old enough to explore. Your best bet is to store spare toilet paper high up on a window ledge or nearby in a linen closet.

Would you like to prevent your toddler or pets from unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper, and stuffing it into the toilet, or trailing it through the house? TIP: you can use the leftover bottom to make fancy flower shaped ice cubes for punch - and the leftover top for a funnel for sand play! If you wish, cover all raw edges with plastic tape to match your decor - I only had black on hand, but you can use any colour. Remove your toilet roll and spindle from the wall mount, slide both inside your new toilet roll protector, and reattach the roll to the wall mount. About Catherine: I have been writing my Frugal Baby Tips since 1982, when I was a young divorced mom of two - for my baby product company, Born to Love.
Catherine encourages positive comments and suggestions that are helpful to other blog readers. My baby is just starting to learn how to walk, and it is cold in the evenings (the reason for not being barefoot) . Frugal-Freebies - Keep up with the latest free stuff, deals, coupons, and other ways to save money!
Stories of Pregnancy and Birth over 44 - sharing news stories I find online, for inspiration! A simple way to achieve this is by installing a hook-and-eye lock high up on the door out of your child’s reach.
This can prove difficult if you have a larger family as each one of you will have to be diligent in keeping the door locked. You may be in the habit of locking the toilet door from the outside but they certainly won’t. There are so many different toilets, there is no guarantee that a specific product will fit yours.
These are the same latches I recommend to baby proof your cabinets or prevent little hands from opening your fridge.
In my years as a parent and a nanny, I have yet to meet a young child that can overcome these straps, assuming they are properly installed.
Similar to sharp coffee table corners (which you can read about in our living room baby proofing guide here) protruding pointy objects like toiled bolts are a serious safety concern when babies are present.

Following a trail of toilet paper from the front door, through the kitchen and finally to the base of an empty toilet paper holder.
A toilet paper guard, also known as a toilet paper saver, sits over your existing toilet paper dispenser and prevents your child from accessing the paper sheets. I would love to be creative but every time I try to make something the end result always looks like a science experiment gone wrong. The easiest way to obstruct your child’s view is with a toilet seat lock that I mentioned earlier in this article.
Hopefully I have encouraged you to examine your toilet and see what, if anything, needs to be done to make it safer for your child.
If you are using double roll toilet paper, simply cut across completely - from one side to the other. We are strong advocates of the personal, social and environmental benefits of natural parenting. I am now mom to three grown up sons, and a grandma - and happily married to a wonderful man. Money-saving tips on diapering, diaper washing, safety, sling and baby carriers, toys, clothing, nursing, menstrual needs, traveling with kids, and more!
Instead of buying throw-away baby wipes, I cut up reusable Handi Wipes into fours, and dampen them. Curved tanks and flat tanks will require different locks and even the thickness of your toilet seat and lid can cause problems.
Cover it in a plastic bag to prevent the possibility of the toilet brush from dripping when you move it.

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