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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Washroom UK Home of wash room equipment, hand dryers, toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers and much more! Made with smooth, injection moulded plastic, this self locking jumbo toilet paper dispenser gives you enough toilet paper for the busiest of environments. This fantastic Toilet paper dispenser stores 3 standard rolls of toilet paper ready to be used when the bottom roll is finished, just pull out the core and the next toilet roll falls into place, unlike some other types of toilet roll dispenser the 2 rolls are "out of the way" and allow the bottom roll to freely rotate!
Another high quality synergise toilet tissue dispensing system manufactured in the UK from a UK company this really is a very nice toilet paper dispenser! It is manufactured in high quality stainless steel 304L grade and looks fantastic when its on the wall and filled with the paper but goes extremely well with the rest of the synergise range of products we have available. This unit is perfectly adept at handling a busy washroom environment, it holds 2-3 packs of your toilet tissue (high volumes) and comes in a highly desirable sleek design and fits quickly and easily onto the wall surface.
Many of the jumbo dispensers are round to match the paper roll inside it but some of you don't want a big round circle stuck to the wall you want a nice square dispenser to match the rest of the products in your wash room so here we are this is the square mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser you have been searching for!
The unit really has to be seen to be appreciated as images can only do so much so if you are in the market for a good looking toilet paper dispenser then this really ought to be the unit you choose.

Stunning Polished stainless steel midi jumbo toilet paper dispenser for those wash rooms with restocking problems! This robust polished stainless steel metal toilet paper dispenser is designed especially for those wash room environments where restocking is an issue, this paper dispenser takes midi jumbo rolls which should save your staff time restocking.It also comes with a visual aid to let you know when its running low.
A mother's time is precious, which is perhaps one of the reasons why this parenting hack video has gone viral.Joy Ratima, from Melbourne, has managed to DIY her own baby wipes in less than five minutes, in a video originally posted on Facebook, and subsequently posted on YouTube,A that has gone viral around the world.And the best bit? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. These inter fold towels are for use in slim fold dispenser by KC (Kimberley Clark) these towels are designed to be smaller than a regular interfold towel so it takes less room and allows a dispenser to be placed where you wouldn't normally be able to fit one. Other than that they work the same as regular towels, these are measured at 29.5 x 19cm and come in a pack of 1760 sheets which should last a good few months dependant on how much traffic the toilet receives. Having a toilet brush available for your staff or customers is the icing on the cake when it comes to toilet hygiene and it also helps make your cleaning staffs job much easier because the users tend to use toilet brushes once they are finished in the WV area.
Our company has been created to maximise over 40-years of washroom knowledge and expertise. The self locking mechanism can be accessed with the universal key (which is supplied) and is suitable for almost any application you can think of.

Designed for end user in mind, it also allows the staff member to "top up" by simply lifting the lid and dropping the next roll in place.
This jumbo dispenser can take rolls of paper with varying core sizes ranging from 48mm to 76mm, and can take roll sizes up to 280mm diameter and 100mm width, its also extremely easy to restock and maintain. Washroom accessories are a critical element of any hygienic workplace or home environment and we have a commitment to work with you to ensure your washrooms are both aesthetically pleasing, but also function in-line with the user’s needs.
It is compatible with the perforated or un-perforated paper and has a reversible spigot to take a large variety of core diameters (48mm - 76mm cores - 250mm Max Diameter). With its tear drop window you can see just how much toilet paper is left inside the toilet paper dispenser and when it needs to be restocked.

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