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This is an external hand held bidet spray which you can attach to the already existing plumbing.
This entry was posted in My India, Only in Denmark and tagged Ass shower, Firangs dont wash their ass, Hand held Bidets, Indian toilet etiquette. I once met a Chinese girl in the DTU toilet (my university) who always brought a bottle of water whenever she went to the toilet to damp the paper. What can I say I aim to please My charitable contribution to this world will be to make the worlds anuses cleaner. LOL, have funny image in my head of you coming through airport here trailing plumbers piping behind you. Babs, those teapots and water bottles by the side of the toilet in DK are for taking *showers*! Do you wiggle it around to let it air-dry or do you just pull up those panties and hope that the heat will dry them and your bum little by little? This is funny about washing your bum with a mug — but you’ve gotta give a bit more info about the method to enable it to be executed effectively! LOL, I have never sat on such a fancy toilets I so wanna sit on one and play with all buttons. For my bridal shower, I wanted to play up the beautiful color combination of coral, peach, and gold.
For the table centerpieces, we laid peach crepe paper across the middle of each table like a table runner (each roll was less than $2. I wanted something completely different for my Bridal Shower guestbook, so I got creative and came out with a brand new idea!
When guests first arrived, they were given a tag on their back that had a word of something the bride liked on the back. Today I will answer the question you have always wanted to ask Indians, but were too shy to.
As a more articulate friend once put it – If you had shit on your face, would you simply wipe it with toilet paper? Clearly you want to axe your social life in Denmark before you get there!!!!:-) I can see your future hosts guarding their towels with barely contained horror at the thought of June infesting them with her bum-bugs! Quite nice that they thought of the international students when they were designing the place.

Do you just toss it up there and hope it washes off the worst and doesnt drip to much on your clothes? Take it from me as a foreigner who has successfully (and somewhat enthusiastically) adopted this method.
I guess there was just that much cultural conversation we could bear after 3 years of socio. The Japanese have the right idea, its comfortable and cleaner than toilet paper or and more sanitary than rubbing your crack with your hand.
I had a wonderful time at my shower and all the little details made it even that more special. From Santa Barbara Zoo, to the 1920’s, to Ryan Gosling, guests had to guess what the word on their back was.
The maid-of-honor interviewed the groom beforehand and asked him questions like what is the worst meal she ever cooked for you? You’ve probably heard of this game, but we added a slight twist – peach crepe paper! Each guest was given a piece of paper and had to guess all 10 spices – only by smelling the spice. We packaged them with gold gift wrapping shred (I made my own with my shredder) on the bottom and then placed the votive with candle inside Paper Mart’s light salmon flower-top favor boxes. If you like what you see on this blog, please share this post with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.! With so much time at hand, mine was spent shopping, dinnering, hairwashblowdrypedicure saloning and drinking masala chai at home with two of my favorite girls.
A lot of female friends who’d been visiting me in the past also expressed those problems. Well, I have not been to Greenland yet and Helsinki sells me reindeer meat and tries to sell me tickets to Lapland. Most (old) houses I have been to in CPH have such tiny bathrooms- sink, commode and shower all cramped into 2×2 sq feet area. If there is just a bucket of water and a mug, you scoop some water in the mug, splash it around your bum and give it a good washing with your left hand. When I first started going about it, I tried to do it on my own without receiving any instructions.

Though I can’t help find it suspicious that more hospitals have not invested in them. I will be travelling to Copenhagen for 6 months in a few days and this is something I am really worried about. This combination worked wonderfully and many of the guests applauded the modern and unique color combination. To make your very own, just cut pieces of 10″ tulle, wrap around the wreath and tie a knot.
It was a great beginning game because it helped the guests mingle, since they had to ask others yes and no questions to guess. I guess it’s difficult to take the habit just like that *snaps fingers* after all those years. After a while, I gave up and asked my Indian husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) how to do it properly.
Now imagine having to drag your partner to the toilet and point in to the commode to create that moment.
I am such a failure in life, I took a degree in sociology with honours only to write about ass showers. We decorated various clear vases (whatever we could find) with different ribbon like gold rhinestone ribbon, raffia ribbon, organza ribbon, and more. I used a 2″ diecut punch to cut out gold pieces from my gold gift wrap, then I used a hot glue gun to glue two of the circles together in between the fishing line.
If you have any questions about how I made any of these crafts, leave a comment and I’ll help you.
Each team was given three rolls of toilet paper, one roll of crepe paper, and 10 minutes to construct a wedding dress from their supplies.

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