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Standing in a bathroom explaining to your preschooler that the toilet is only going to flush when she stands up is like convincing her to bungee jump off a bridge. This post originally appeared on Aiming Low but it has since been put to bed so it now lives here! Here on JaMonkey I share crafts, recipes and more from our lives and the fun we have together.
Emily Titterington, 16, died after going eight weeks without a bowel movement which left her with a compressed her chest cavity and displaced organs. An inquest in Turo, Cornwall, heard that Emily’s life could have been saved with appropriate medical treatment, but she had refused medical examinations. Emily, who also had mild autism, had suffered with bowel problems for most of her life but doctors had been unable to determine the cause. Her GP Dr Alistair James said that Emily’s mother, Geraldine, 59, had battled with her daughter to be medically examined in the period leading up to her death, but her protests were in vain. Petrified Ney Decino crosses everything when she needs to spend a penny – including her fingers. The mum of one has an irrational fear of toilets and runs away when she flushes…terrified she will be swallowed up. Now she is trying to face her demons by setting up a Facebook group to link up with other sufferers.

In a scene about potty training, the family movie features an imaginary big-eyed, sharp-toothed character called the The Toilet Man, who screams he wants the child’s pee. Her phobia means she will not use a public toilet or a WC with an old-fashioned pull chain. Ney is also fearful of water in general – avoiding swimming pools, lakes and trips to the seaside. She admits that giving birth to Kaydee, now nine months, heightened her phobia because she had to make more visits to the loo. That is despite a study by specialists Microban showing public loos are generally more hygienic than those in the home.
Ney’s Facebook group, called Scared of the Toilet Flush, already has over 120 members. This site contains materials from other clearly stated media sources for the purpose of discussion stimulation and content enrichment among our members only. Frank Harrison, 46, sports a nasty bump on in his mug shot after his intended victim pummels him, police say. Twenty-year-old Ney Decino of Wales has a severe phobia of toilets, specifically the way they flush. After that, she refused to use the bathroom at school, and once wet herself trying to hold it.

It only happened once ( it flushing, not eating her) to create a massive meltdown and no matter what I say I’m a liar. Up to four million suffer from a similar anxiety – mainly linked to the fear of germs.
She’s afraid of other things too, like all kinds of water and she crosses herself whenever she spends a penny, but the toilet thing is her most debilitating fear.
That just got weird, so now I’m stuck waving my hand in front of the sensor so that it “sees” her.
She yells out that she’s scared and all I can think about are the women in the other stalls wondering what is hiding in our potty.
At that point I’m ready to start crying myself because I’m spending the entire dinner hovering over a stupid toilet, just so that it doesn’t flush while she’s sitting on it. Then I have to convince her to get on, which consists of me try to move her closer and screaming like I’m murdering her.
To help deal with her phobia, Ney started a support group on Facebook, Scared Of The Toilet Flush!!.

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