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So, just before I left for the store, I went downstairs to confirm the count of how many more ceiling tiles needed replacing when I noticed that one of new ceiling tiles I had just replaced was exhibiting water stains. So I cancelled my trip to the store, left a message for Bennett and fumed until the Notre Dame football game came on TV much later in the day. On Monday Bennett came over (which was really nice of him to come over so quickly) and as I was about to point out to him this stained ceiling tile, my eye caught another ceiling tile over against the exterior back wall which was showing a much larger stain than it had on Saturday.

The 1st Edition was recognized by The Toronto Star on April 09, 2009 in their Personal Bailout Survival Tips series.
The 2nd Edition was part of a CBC News' The National news segment on March 2, 2010 in which Dan was interviewed. To continue to the next article in this short series, simply select on this link to Part 2.

I had thought that the water stain on this tile was caused by the shower leak, that somehow the leaking water from the shower had made it’s way over the the far wall.

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