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My never ending dilemma: to throw or not to throw finished toilet paper rolls has a chance to come to an end finally.
Since this great Kifli es levendula blog is in Hungarian we will add some instructions to the photo guide posted there. Draw circles on the cardboard – that would be the cars’ wheels, so you need 4 times number of toys you want to make. Having all toilet tubes painted and dried you can go on with cutting openings with a craft knife, than fold it over – that would be the front seatback back.
Anastassia Elias, a designer from Paris built these unique paper crafts using toilet rolls.

By the way, don’t ever miss Doctor Who series, Gundam series, and more wonderful paper crafts. Every time I gather few of them and am just about to put it into a recycling bin, thought of reusing them stop me. The best moment would be decorating cars with some stickers, paper for decorations, and even brocade to have your own dreamed race car.
I think that you would agree that the Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars bring as much fun in making as in playing.
As we can see, each roll shows us a common scene in our daily life such as dancing, fishing, teaching, and more.

I have just reused plastic bottles to make Rocket Power Jet Pack so why not starting the next toy project. From now on tons of toilet paper tubes littering our apartment literally would let our girls play in their favourite game “who is the winner” with their favourite Playmobile figures.

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