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To be informed of all of our offers, information and promotions simply enter your email address above and press go. Toilet paper holders are used for a lot of different things and sometimes you may need them for pencils and pens. He makes a great gift for any gnome lover and comes with hanger screws and a mounting template.
Bronze toilet roll holder made from our existing solid brass light hardware is robust made to match the high quality and design of our brass light fittings. Made of solid brass and hand assembled with fine 26 tpi threaded sections these toilet paper roll holders can be made in a variety of finishes. This style would suit a gentleman’s club type atmosphere or add a steampunk Victorian style to your bathroom.

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An essential accessory for any bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom suite, this easy to install toilet roll holder features clean lines and a durable chrome finish that blends seamlessly in with any decor.
And whether you’re looking for an awesome bracelet or wondering how to do a chocolate fruit dessert, FabDiy is the perfect place to find the answers! You can take about 10 minutes or so to make something nice and then use it for your school supplies. With Miller Fixing Adhesive you don't need to drill when you put up your Miller Richmond Bathroom Accessories. All materials unless otherwise noticed were taken from internet and are assumed to be in public domain.

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This Garden Gnome Toilet Paper Roll Holder is perfect for Gnome fans who don’t mind a little Gnome watching them in the restroom.

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