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For those who live the military life know how special and how meaningful the little moments are. Just this past weekend some girls and I (all military spouses) got together to give a special friend a baby shower.
Leilani, meaning Heavenly Flower, is the name of the baby girl on her way so we wanted this Pink Baby Shower to be a floral and girly event! My best friend is in the military, and I have observed how the friendships work for military spouses and the enlisted.
Sign-up to receive weekly inspiration for realizing your purpose and FREE Worksheets to plan your vision for 2016! Tissue Paper Pom Poms Fluffed Baby Pink Weddingbaby Shower PicturePin Tissue Paper Pom Poms Fluffed Baby Pink Weddingbaby Shower cake picture for pinterest and other social networks. You get excited to have your husband come home each night, and not worry if he is okay in a foreign war zone.

Every place she is posted, and even every place she is deployed, she gains a new family of sorts. This is such a heartwarming post about military life and the support and friendship between families.
When holidays roll around and familiar faces are 2 thousand miles away, you still get to spend it with best friends who are not blood related. One of my good friends where we are currently stationed allowed me and two other ladies to throw her a baby shower. Even women who had nothing to do with the planning started pitching in to help the Pink Baby Shower run smoothly. You are very lucky to find some wonderful friends that took such great care of you while your hubby was deployed. It’s weird how it works almost because we only get to spend a small portion of our lives with the people we meet and form bonds with.

We wanted her to feel the love and no matter where life and the military would bring us in the next couple months. But the group of people that I began spending my days with, became my surrogate brothers and sisters, moms and dads, and friends and threw a baby shower for me. But it does have its moments where it brings smiles, new best friends, and Pink Baby Showers!

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