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They don’t work for every child and finding the perfect one will take some time, but when you do find that one thing that motivates them, watch out! You will spend countless hours sitting on the floor of the bathroom, willing and begging your child to tinkle. University of Rochester researching are working on a sensor system to toilet train autistic children.
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Even when the timing is right for both the child and the parents, potty training can still be stressful.  Parents want potty training to be a positive journey for their children, but leaks, accidents and switching from training pants to diapers overnight can feel like setbacks.
Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can try to make the transition easier on both yourself and your little one. Make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running!  A small, child-sized potty or a seat for your toilet to make it easier to accommodate your child’s smaller size, wipes, plenty of Pampers Easy Ups, and any other supplies you might need as you and your child embark on this new journey. Training pants such as Pampers Easy Ups can help the diaper-to-underwear transition by allowing potty training children to set aside their diapers and wear something with more of an underwear-like design that still helps keep accidental messes off clothing, bedding and other surfaces no matter whether they happen at home, on-the-go or overnight. Remember, no two children are exactly alike and your child will potty train when they are ready.  Trying to force it will only lead to frustration on both of your parts.
When we started our potty training journey, one of the things we noticed right away was that we needed to explain the process many, many times before our oldest picked it up.  Children with Autism tend to do very well with a structured routine, make sure that you have one when learning to use the bathroom.
Now rewards, like many things, are not going to work for every single child, but finding something that your child loves can really make a huge difference.  Whether it be a few more minutes of TV time, a fun new book, a treat, whatever, finding the perfect one for your child can really help.

Grab your entries for a chance to win a Pampers potty training prize pack of your own!  One US winner will receive a pack of Pampers Easy Ups, a Little Looster Step Stool, a Potty Ring, a It’s You and Me Against the Pee…and Poop too! My potty training tip is that every child will get potty trained in their own time and not all will do it at the same time as other children.
My best potty training tip is to have a good reward system set in place to help keep your child motivated. When I was potty training my 2-year-old daughter, I started with a mini-Elmo potty seat, which we kept in the living room, since she spent the most time there. Either they are girl products (we have three boys) or they are too young or too old for our kids, you just can’t accept everything that comes your way.
He is still a long way from being fully potty trained, but he is a bit more independent in the bathroom.
Her youngest is autistic so she is passionate about advocating for children and families on the spectrum.
We thought the same she would go in pull ups but after 2 years of trying one day it clicked and she went on her own. An interactive family program that will leave you curious for more…and more is what you will get! We will be making Felt Chewbacca Bookmarks and the event will be led by crafting goddess Jessica Simpson.
This free event features five stages of live music along Denver’s 16th Street Mall on Memorial Day weekend.

Following those directions will make potty training a great experience for both child and parent.
We gradually moved it closer and closer to the bathroom, and eventually worked our way up to a Dora seat that went right on top of the toilet. With the built in step and handles, he feels secure and steady while navigating his way to the seat.
If they don’t go, count to 20 out loud while telling them when you reach 20 they can get off the pot.
She attends more concerts than is humanly possible and takes some pretty amazingly blurry photos of said shows to prove she was there. Jana will be sharing her tips to help simplify and improve the potty training experience for little ones and their parents.  RSVP here!
I have felt fear of kids ridiculing her for going to school with pull ups this upcoming school year. I have also wondered if they even allow kids who are not potty trained to go to regular classes?
The device, created at the University of Rochester, involves a moisture pager that can connect to a smartphone app and alert caregivers to accidents.

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