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A couple of days ago, Fred Seibert and the talented Natasha Allegri took time out of their busy schedule to host a Reddit AMA, these are the short bits! Fred Seibert is a man I admire greatly, always one with an eye for groundbreaking animation he has been instrumental in the recent shift toward bold new animation styles and the use of the web as an outlet for quality animated series. I have noticed this myself and it’s one of the things I love about the company, you can have traditional 2D animators sharing an office with experimental CG animators, as seen on shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum, there obviously is a great deal of creative freedom within the company. On this, Nat said that as far as Bee and Puppycat went ” working with frederator, they let me have a lot more freedom than I was ready for i think. An interesting question for anyone wanting to understand behind the scenes of professional cartoon making, was: “In the cost breakdown you guys mention most of the animation is done in Korea? Adventure Time could potentially run for as long as Fairly Odd Parents has, here’s hoping!
Some fascinating stuff there from Fred Seibert and, of course, Natasha Allegri was as funny and charming as usual.

As expected there was a huge outpouring of love for Fred Seibert, the man responsible for bringing so many wonderful cartoons to our screens and Natasha, the creator of the genderbent Finn and Jake (Fionna & Cake) and Bee and Puppycat.
Somewhere he went from the guy who bought us the awesome Fairly Odd Parents to the guy who bought us Adventure Time and everything Cartoon Hangover.
First thing to catch my eye was that Natasha Allegri is a big fan of King of The Hill and has it all on DVD, she obviously has good taste and draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Puppycat also smells like a dog… but maybe he uses the bathroom like a cat… like a toilet trained cat! The only thing that makes me sad, and I am hoping that will change soon, is that the laws don’t allow us to make everyone investors, yet. You can read the whole session over at Reddit and check out how the Kickstarter is doing at the Bee and Puppycat project page. The AMA was hosted ostensibly to raise awareness for the Bee and Puppycat Kickstarter but there was a lot of other chit chat too.

Later on in the session, when asked about her influences she revealed 90’s anime had also been a big factor in her love affair with animation, specifically Sailor Moon but she also mentioned many other series and says she still does watch anime when she has the time, even hinting that her love of the darker type of anime may come to influence her work in the future. Fred Seibert can be found over on tumblr as can Natasha Allegri, who I definitely recommend checking out for her hilarious and often stunning art. Be sure to check out Cartoon Hangover on tumblr too for news of new series and loads of awesome art and animation! This is a man with his finger firmly on the pulse of animation’s heartbeat, he knows whats going on! Surprisingly most people who back Kickstarters prefer DVDs, though the Blu-Ray is popular with a select, vocal few.

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