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Elena Noble, MPT is a physical therapist who works in private practice and as a product design consultant for Rifton. Sign up to receive regular updates from our blog to help you provide better care and improve outcomes for the people with disabilities you work with. The last several weeks have been such a rollercoaster with successes and failures, that it’s all just blurred together. We have been experiencing the occasional accident, with no apparent reason, for the past several weeks.
While I was applying my makeup, all three Littles were running around playing in my bedroom. At first she had a little trouble with her aim but, after helping her out a time or two, she had it down like a champ! Since we continued on accident free for another full week, I decided to go ahead and change out that bowl for the last bowl in their training before we advance to just the sitz bath with no litter.
When I caught them, their mock toilet had poo in it and, being the finicky feline that Jasmine is, I just don’t believe she could hold it and pottied on the floor.
The first couple months were a breeze, but the last several weeks have more than made up for it!
We tried a similar system called Litter Kwitter, but didn’t have great results with it. If they were pooping, I’d try to dump the poo, rinse and add fresh water between them, if they would allow. Good luck and if you have any more questions feel free to comment here or send me an email.
Parents will welcome Brazelton's uniquely empathetic, wise, and helpful approach to this inevitable and often trying issue.
The first, and obvious, thing to do is to revisit toilet-training and work for a better result than any previous attempts.
When we’re faced with other issues for our kids, we try lots of different options until we find something that works.
She has an online program with strategies to help parents with potty training their kids and, over and above that, she has a live course online that includes classes and workbooks and a Q&A session for anything that might still be in doubt. The course includes strategies for generalizing from your bathroom at home to other bathrooms such as public restrooms and strange bathrooms that you may encounter while traveling. Quite apart from the issue of toilet training, Connie is an expert in the field and can coach parents on a whole range of other parenting issues. Fortunately, there is a great possibility here.  The SOSecureTM  Swim Containment Brief is designed to work when accidents happen in the pool. Again to stray from the subject, you might want to check out Discovery Trekking’s ultra-fast drying towels. No barrier should get in the way of your wonderful child having a great vacation and you getting an incredibly well-deserved break. Toilet training in this population is atypical, unpredictable, and time-consuming; no single method is tried and true.
Cats are hard wired to dig and bury their waste, so you’re not required to do much beyond giving them a box full of litter.

They must have remembered the bowl because they weren’t making as big a fuss about it this time. Apparently Atticus thought that his would make a great place to poo, and that’s what we woke up to 4 days into the new bowl. This time he thought an empty basket I had sitting on a bottom shelf looked like a great new place to poo! And after  finally going longer than a week with no accidents, I decided to advance in our training. Things were going so smoothly and accident-free for so much of this process that I became comfortable, and even complacent. But actually watching Jasmine potty in the real toilet today, I’m inclined to believe someone had used it earlier! It has been a long process, but I think we’re finally getting to the end of the road. Typically, though, when one would poo it would prompt the others and they would have to go back-to-back. Toilet training is a job for the child and not the parent, and by trying to force the issue or even encourage too hard, parents can set the stage for trouble. You name it; delayed general development, sensory issues, anxiety issues and the communication problems that can be associated with teaching them anything. Here are some options that are specific for helping autistic children and some suggestions for what to do if even these fail. That makes this the resource that can help you most when toilet training has been an issue that hindered your travels. It combines the organization and understanding of bodily sensations with communication, motor planning, and timely task performance.
Even so, regardless of the toilet training method used, certain strategies can help improve results, including the often-overlooked strategy of using prompts. Luckily, they have just been poo’s, as I absolutely will NOT deal with a cat urinating in my home.
Especially when I took his little butt downstairs to their bathroom and found his mock toilet was clean and unused! I was preoccupied thinking about my upcoming appointment and I just wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing. But instead of adding a whole new bowl and risk another upset, I decided to just keep the same bowl and place it in the center of the sitz bath rather than up against the front wall as it had been. The kittens are nearly a year old now and he thought it would be a good time to switch them to adult food.
I have been locking us away again after each feeding and hard play, ensuring they use their mock toilet rather than seek out an inappropriate potty spot, and I will not progress to the last stages until I am absolutely sure they are again relaxed and stress-free Littles. I’m also inclined to believe her accident last week on the bathroom floor was an accident. I’m thinking now that she probably tried using the real toilet, and still being new to positioning all fours on the seat, got turned around and had her butt facing out rather than toward the water below. He is a famed advocate for children, and his many other internationally acclaimed books for parents include To Listen to a Child, Infants and Mothers, and, with Stanley I.

Do you fear embarrassment from accidents in the swimming pool or soiled bed linen overnight ? Of course, as with all online tips, it may pay to read several and pick those tips that look sensible to you. One absolutely excellent source is Connie Hammer, a Certified Parent Coach at Parent Coaching for Autism. While they don’t market this for the purpose, it is possible to use the Swim Brief with a disposable inside and prevent overnight accidents from soiling the bedding. For some kids whose sensory challenges include a dislike of rubbing, this can be very useful. I have prepared a white paper on this topic titled Using Prompts to Improve Toilet Training  for Children with Physical Disabilities. After thoroughly cleaning their mock toilet, I replaced the other glass bowl with this one and added their flushable cat litter. Following the stench, I quickly realized Atticus had gone poo on Jake’s (our dog) bed. But I was mostly upset with myself because he did tell me he was stressed, I just didn’t pay attention. The biggest changes in their training are these last two steps, going litter free and transitioning to the real toilet, and I want to make sure they are completely comfortable before advancing. We got the CitiKitty cat toilet training kit and it’s only been a few days but so far he’s adjusting very well! Alternatively, if you want a single source you can go to  Pathfinders for Autism Parenting Tips  .
She checks out a huge number of apps for use in her clinic and recommends the ican Toilet Training Program by Sandbox-Learning. Fortunately, the scope of toileting methods is broad and there is lots of good advice available, so most parents eventually discover a method that works for their child. In it I’ve tried to describe the effective use of prompts to shape behaviors and function during the toileting process as a method towards better toilet training outcomes in children with physical disabilities.
Their tips come from Shelly McLaughlin at Pathfinders for Autism and give lots of practical help. I hope all is well with the little ones, I am about to check if you have a potty training update! Of course it is written with autistic kids in mind so it is way better than just general tips.
For parents who want to get past this issue cheerfully, with the least fuss and turmoil, this is the one and only book to get. AKA pee then treat and flush the urine then rinse the bowl and re-fill and wait for the next kitty?

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