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You have survived to see your toddler or twins 2nd birthday, and boy has it been one heck of a ride for everybody! As the festivities of a second birthday that at one time seemed light years away commences, you may be wondering, what do I expect now? 1st things 1st…it is EXTREMELY easy to compare your toddler to others or one twin to another. Your little ones may think they are older than they actually are at this point, and want to do certain things all by themselves. My Allie was coming down the stair case of a pretty tall slide instead of going down the slide.
They want to try and explore new things for themselves but always need you nearby for comfort, a hand to hold when they want to, and protection. It was like one twin shut off a light switch in the other, then vise-versa, and they just didn’t want or need it anymore.
You may still have awhile to go, especially with boys as they tend to move slower in this department, but you may notice an increased interest in the potty. It will likely be awhile before they are fully trained, but for some this may be a matter of weeks or months from now. During this point in life onward you will start to see what type of personality your child has and will likely have in the future. My other twin is bossy, possessive, shares less willingly, points at you or other people to reprimand, which right now as she babbles and does this I find it extremely funny, as I have never seen this before with any of my other children.

One of my twins talks way more clearly and uses larger words, and a more abundant amount of words than the other one does. We had one twin that was bad with this, but at around 24 months again like a light switch the tantrums basically stopped, and she now can express herself wonderfully.
Some are worse than others, but you may notice a decrease in this arena, which is welcomed by many parents. Well, it’s been an incredible two years of sharing milestones and memories with you all.
You have gone through the tiring newborn days, the learning to crawl and then walk phase, the climbing and barreling things down phase..
Though some children are just naturally more independent than others, you will notice at some point, they seem to need us less or so they believe.
They are starting to sense when and where danger lurks, like not to go near something that may harm them, though we still need to be ever close by. But for many, if not already, the 1 nap you have come to accept after losing the 2nd, and at one time, 3rd and 15th as newborns and infants, may be a thing of the past. Now at 26 months they both end up diaper-less and use the toilet religiously for most all pee and poo during the day. Since your toddler or twins can express him or herself better, and aren’t holding quite as much frustration in trying to do so, you may actually notice a decline in temper tantrums and screaming fits. Now getting them to leave a place they love, like the local park or amusement park will become a challenge soon enough, but it’s not usually AS bad.

I will continue to update and share with you, but it may be on a less regular basis as far as these posts are concerned. If one twin does this, the other will soon follow as they love to mimic what you do and what each other does.
You may be quite used to ‘MINE’ by now with your toddler, and other words as his or her vocabulary continues booming by the week!
The child wants something or needs something, but can’t let you know in words or actions quite yet, and they lash out by having a fit. And also they tend to get into more trouble at home because they are trying to get into and onto everything. Again, unless you notice a severe delay in speech you child is more than likely very normal.
If you do have concerns though, don’t freak out, just address them with his or her doctor. We will go through the potty training, the 1st day of school, and everything together still. That beautiful nap I looked forward to each day so I could catch my breath was gone at 24 months.

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