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Childrenenteringour two-year-old program must be two (2)yearsofageonorbefore August 15th of the school year they wish to attend.
Our two-year-old classrooms have twelve children each, with a full-time lead teacher, two morning assistant teachers, and one afternoon assistant teacher.
To help facilitate toilet training goals, each classroom also has its own private bathroom with a child-size toilet.
Daily activities for our two-year-olds allow for both structured and independent learning experiences.
We provide a morning snack with milk and an afternoon snack with juice for your child every day. Every year, countless Labrador Retrievers are given up because their owners simply didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for. If you are really serious about getting a Labrador Retriever, you should be 100% certain that you are prepared to be in it for the long-haul.
Not just the initial outlay of actually buying a Labrador Retriever, this cost is just a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of money you will need to spend over the coming years. As sure as night follows day, even the most well trained, well behaved Labrador Retriever will at some point destroy something around your home. Having said all of that, bringing a Labrador  into my life is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Three and a half years on I don’t have a single regret over the time, energy and money I’ve spent raising my Labrador. I took her home in October and we have both worked up to hiking from 1 hr to 1.5+ hrs a day. He started out sleeping in his kennel; now Sleeps in bed with us .He steals the blankets too! For those worried about the destruction that a Lab puppy can cause, and all the training required, why not consider rescuing an older lab as your first dog?
Just some food for thought as there are plenty of lovely middle age or older labs on Kijiji or in shelters looking for good homes. Only drawback is the shedding – but then perfection is so hard to achieve and he is perfection in every other way.
In short, if you want a dog that is loveable, affectionate, good natured and who just wants to please you and be with you wherever you may go (walkies, car rides etc) then this biddable breed is the one to bring into your home. My Labrador has issues, aside from the usual chewing stuff, he likes to bite and he bites hard.
He is gorgeous in so many other ways and I will never give up on him however please take note, not ALL Labs are the stereotypical, cuddly bundles of fur you see and read about, some are a little more complex. I have read books and talk to several people about labs I feel like I know them but also I’m nervous about getting one.
Hi Jennifer…Thanks for your comment and I’m pleased that the article has been useful to you. The fact that you are at home would be a big plus point, I work from home and I believe it’s been the main reason that Monty hasn’t been a hugely destructive Lab.
Think of taking your new lab puppy home as the same as adopting a baby and you are bringing a baby home from the hospital. So true, so true If we were to add how much the furniture that Jake ate is worth, we would faint.
I love labs, Monty is now 3 months old, I loved your article, I agree not everyone is cut out to be a lab, owner, they are very special, I have had 2 over the years a Black lab Bess, she lived for 16yrs, Chester (golden 14years) my home would not be the same without a lab.
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So you’ve brought your new puppy home, and no sooner have you set him down than he squats to relieve himself on your Persian rug.

Now that you have an actual bathroom for your puppy, there are a few basics to keep in mind.
Katherine AinsworthSeattle Dogs ExaminerKatherine Ainsworth, a freelance writer with 15 years of experience working in the field of veterinary medicine, is a single mom of both the two-and-four-legged kind in Seattle. Uber & the PSPCA team up to offer Puppy Playdates to business professionalsYou barely made it over that midweek hump, and even though tomorrow you’ll start that long two-day homestretch sprint for the weekend, you’re just not sure if you’ll make it to the finish line. This article isn’t aimed at putting you off the idea of getting a Labrador Retriever, it’s just an honest guide, based on my own experience, to the realities of bringing a Labrador Retriever into your life. By that I mean you must be ready to commit to this amazing animal for the rest of his life. A Labrador Retriever pup will constantly demand your attention and it can be overwhelming for a first time Labrador owner. If you don’t like the idea of your carpets and sometimes even your furniture getting covered in fur on an almost daily basis, you will really struggle with a Lab. Ideally, two hours a day for a Labrador Retriever aged over 12 months (much less for pups). If you are in any doubt about being able to find the time to exercise your Labrador well, every day, then perhaps a Labrador Retriever is the wrong breed for you. Yes it’s been a challenge and in the first few weeks I even wondered whether I’d made a terrible mistake. Okay so he’s wrecked my lawn, chewed the toes out of most of my socks and reduced my carpets to a shadow of their former selves. She is smart as a whip and learned to sit, come, stay, lay down, and play dead within a month. However, he has always been left on his own to sleep on his bed in the kitchen overnight and now that he is older he is able to be left for prolonged periods during the day and there has never been any damage.
When he was a puppy we thought it was because he was teething – by the way the best teething toy we found was large icecubes which he would suck and chew for ages.
Nothing could have prepared me for the road we have travelled and we’ve only got to the garden gate. I like the article because it gives you some idea of the amount of commitment they require. You forgot to mention the Rolling in Stinky Stuff, Wallowing in the Filthiest Puddles and Eating Poo though ;o) .
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Teaching your puppy not to use your home as an oversized toilet is simply the first of many training stops along the way. If possible, build an actual dog run, perhaps on the edge of your back yard along the fence.
Take your puppy outside first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed as well as immediately following meals. Additionally, Katherine has several years experience as a Search and Rescue dog handler and a lifelong adoration of all creatures great and small.
Labrador puppies are famous for ‘mouthing’; they are likely to nip at your hands, ankles and clothes until you have trained them to do otherwise.
They’re fast learners in any other area than this, as instinct is a tough thing to work out of them.
Even when I was diagnosed with cancer, thru 4 high dose chemos, a bone marrow transplant and radiation, she stayed by me.
I have cried in frustration because I have put my heart and soul into my pup and I just can’t work him out. However my pup follows all the basic commands , retrieves and has no guarding issues with food, toys, people and is adorable with other dogs.
Although, like many of you, I don’t think I would mind the destruction of property as much. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing.

The size of the run depends on both the size of your full-grown dog and available space in your backyard. A growing puppy should be eating a minimum of three times a day, preferably more, so the after-meal potties will be throughout the day. It’s a good idea to invest in a decent spot cleaner and a jug of stain lifter for dogs such as Nature’s Miracle. First published at the age of 10, she has loved writing and educating pet owners for decades.
Likewise, screaming, yelling, and hitting whether with bare hands or rolled-up newspapers only functions to instill terror in your puppy and is not only unkind but mean-spirited. Simply take your puppy outside on a regular basis to their potty area, give them their command, and wait. If they begin to circle or squat, clapping your hands loudly one time is enough to startle most puppies.
You’ll need the spot cleaner again, not only for housebreaking but random messes throughout your dog’s life, and the liquid stain lifter serves to remove the smell as well as the stain.
Pretty soon you will get into the habit of putting your prized possessions well out of the reach of your Labrador. Training your Labrador Retriever may require a lot of time and patience but it’s worth the effort.
I’d rather live in a cardboard box with my Labrador Retriever than in a mansion without him. I am in remission, thankfully, and gained 60 lbs from the steroids I was given to keep my strength. Problem is, by nature, Labs just love putting things in their mouths and unfortunately we can’t keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. Dig down several inches, then use 1”x4” or 1”x6” boards lengthwise to frame the freshly-dug run just inside the base of the fence so gravel doesn’t escape. Your puppy has a fantastic nose, and if he smells himself in the carpet, he’s going to be confused about his bathroom. I thought the perfect dog would be a golden lab mix and the day I decided to do some searching, I found a litter from papered parents.
Dogs are intuitive; they easily understand when we are unhappy with them by body language alone, let alone our words or tone. They won’t go every single time, but you need to give them time to sniff around – remember, a dog’s sense of smell is somewhere between 1,000 and 100,000 times better than yours – because even though it’s the same old backyard to you, there are always new scents in the air for them. It’ll be an easier process for both of you if you clean up any accidents thoroughly and immediately. Hosing the gravel down after you spread it out helps remove and settle the dust that always coats new gravel. In return he will give you unconditional love and devotion until the last beat of his heart. My lawn currently boasts no fewer than six sizeable ‘excavations’ courtesy of my lovely chocolate Labrador. Pea gravel is ideal because it is small and smooth rather than rough or sharp, and can easily be purchased in bulk. If you can, position the run near or at a back door; it will make letting your puppy out much easier. For actual waste disposal you can either use a trash-bag-lined trash can – preferably the kind with a foot-operated lever to flip open the top – or, better yet, invest in an in-ground waste digester system like the Doggie Dooley.

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