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Well, then I decided since I wasn’t adding the wet I could just stop feeding 3 times a day and just put out a feeder. We started week 11 the same as we had the last 10, by giving their bathroom a good scrubbing and adding a larger water bowl.
For the first time since we started this method, Jasmine balked about using her mock toilet.
This went on several times, for nearly 2 hours, in fact, before she finally stood all four paws on the toilet seat and pooped.
But because Lily and Jasmine were being so weird with the new setup, I decided to go back to basics and lock us away after each nap and hard play.
It was definitely more challenging than the days and weeks before, but they all managed to use the mock toilet the rest of the day.
Immediately I assumed it was Jasmine since she seemed to be having trouble positioning her butt toward the water.
It was clear that the girls were having a problem with the new bowl, and it was also clear that at least one of them had no problem going on the floor. I’ll admit, I left the bathroom after nearly an hour and a half, when they all decided it was nap time and curled up in their beds. By the end of the day, when, still, no one had gone potty, I relented and put the butter bowl back in. Deciding I’d made too many changes at this stage of the game, I needed to take away the feeder and go back to feeding 3x day.
The other thing I did was relace the glass water bowl with one that didn’t flare out at the top. Then, the rest of that day, I kept a close eye on them and heavily monitored their potty habits. When I clean the mock toilet, I close the toilet lid to keep them from accessing it without the bowl in place.
I have decided, though, that I’m going to stick with this glass bowl at least an extra week just to give them time to get settled again. Hopefully, with making these changes, transitioning to a larger bowl in week 14 won’t be as difficult. In my post, “Litter Kwitter Quitters”, I described our disappointing and stressful experience at toilet training our Littles with the Litter Kwitter system.
After removing the Litter Kwitter and promptly returning their litter box, I got back online and began to research other methods for toilet training. There, I learned all about Ramses, a beautiful Bengal, and his stress-free and accident-free potty training experience. In a 10 step program spanning 4 months, Ramses was trained to use a toilet without any accidents! I had to know how their mommy accomplished this amazing feat, not once, but twice, since I couldn’t get through three stinkin’ days without stress and accidents! The “Relaxed Cat” method is simple; you build a mock toilet and slowly replace litter with water using 9 containers in graduating sizes ranging from a test-tube to a large mixing bowl. As any cat-lover knows, cats have a natural instinct to cover their scent by burying their waste. But I wanted to give our Littles some extra time to relax before starting again, so over the next two weeks I began to accumulate everything we’d need to build a mock toilet. Using two identical toilet seats, a storage tote, and a sitz bath, we built their mock toilet. I easily found a suitable storage container and 2 matching padded toilet seats at Wal-Mart, but finding a sitz bath proved more difficult. Deciding I was done driving from store to store, I got online and went to my favorite shopping site; Amazon. While shopping at Petsmart, I found a plush cat toy that came with a test-tube filled with cat nip. The remaining 8 containers consisted mostly of sizes that would be fairly easy to accumulate by using empty containers of things we regularly purchased, like sour cream and butter.

After filling their sitz bath with litter and storing the bag of litter in the tote for stability, I positioned the whole thing right next to our toilet.
The remainder of that first day I did just as I had with the Litter Kwitter system, locking us away in the bathroom after each feeding, nap, or hard play. Making sure to check each of their beds with every potty stop, the day went by easily without any accidents. The next morning I was a little nervous wondering what I might find, but when we opened the bathroom door we were greeted by three excited kitties and an accident free bathroom! The rest of day 2 I continued with the bathroom routine after every nap and hard play, and each time they happily used their new potty. Over the next few days I became so confident in their comfort with the mock toilet that I no longer felt the need to lock us all in the bathroom after each feeding, nap, or hard play.
The rest of the day went by quickly and, before I knew it, the week was in the books and we were accident and stress free!
Once a week, be sure to change out the litter and scrub their sitz bath, water container, and the mock toilet with Dawn. Please continue following our toilet training journey at Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Week 2. I just want you to know I am having a small glass of Disaronno (alright so what if I have refilled it) and I am thoroughly enjoying the adventures of potty training!!! It takes a lot of work and dedication on our part, but they are smart and trainable animals. My Littles are doing very well overall, and I’m looking forward to the day I no longer have to deal with litter.
Jasmine, my oldest cat (she was just over a year old when we were doing this), did the same thing. That works for my two younger cats, but the oldest is my husband and he won’t let me touch him while he is doing his business. My cat Lily never had a problem with positioning, but she has always been an aggressive litter digger. I don’t understand what motivates them to use the rim instead of just stepping into the litter. My boys wear nail caps on their nails(feline Soft claws Nail Caps), hope that doesn’t effect there toilet training? I feed our Littles a good cat food and, now that the babies were 8 months old, I didn’t see the need to continue adding the wet to their dry.
I’ll admit it, when it saw it there, just between the base of the toilet and their mock toilet, my heart sank. I didn’t make a big deal out of it, though, since it was clear the others had been using the trainer.
I checked on them periodically, even sitting in there for long periods of time playing with them, but nothing was happening.
I googled the phrase “stress free toilet training for cats” and came across a site called relaxedcat. His mommy made her own trainer by building a “mock toilet” using a medium-sized storage tote, a sitz bath, and a toilet seat identical to the one on her toilet.
I went on to learn that not long after Ramses potty trained, he got a new baby brother, also a Bengal, named Gustav, and he, too, was successfully potty trained without stress or accidents using this same system!
They’ve been hard-wired to do this to stave off predators in the wild and, even after all these years domesticated, they still feel the need to do it. Since we couldn’t find one at either Wal-Mart or Target, we tried a couple of drug store chains but still came up empty-handed. There, I was able to order a sitz bath for $11 and free two-day shipping with my Prime membership. While my Littles certainly didn’t need a new baby, I did need that test-tube so I paid the $4 and we were all happy. When and if the time came that I would need the largest containers, and I couldn’t find any old storage bowls in my own cupboards that I no longer used, I would just buy an inexpensive set of plastic mixing bowls.

One by one, I went through the process of introducing each of my kitties to their new litter box. Each time they easily and quickly jumped up to use the mock toilet, with the two babies even sharing it a time or two! I allowed them to go potty on their own, but each time I heard them scratching around in their litter, I would go to the bathroom to hand out treats and praise, as well as clean out their mock toilet. If you use bleach water to clean your bathroom, please remember to rinse very well, as bleach is extremely toxic to our kitties.
It was pretty clever, but also a bit disconcerting when it would sit at your feet awaiting its turn!
Every time I go to the bathroom she’s hot on my heals and jumps up to her mock toilet and piddles.
She would position herself backwards on the toilet seat so when she squatted she would pee on the toilet seat instead of in the water.
As long as they aren’t going potty outside of the mock toilet, then you are on the right track. She would dig and dig and end up kicking the litter out of the mock toilet and all over the floor. I am potty training my kitty right now, but in a few months I plan on getting another kitten to keep him company. Barely sniffing it, he quickly positioned himself at the front of the toilet seat and peed directly into the bowl. She would jump up and try to find a comfortable position to potty, but when she couldn’t fit to squat between the bowl and the sitz bath, and she would end up sticking her foot in the water, she would look at me and meow several times.
We had gone months without any accidents, and now that I could actually see the light at the end of the tunnel, the bulb blows! But before I spent any more money, no matter how minimal, I wanted to be sure we could even get to that point in their training.
And Jasmine showed no signs of stress or holding her bladder or bowels! I made sure each success was met with lots of excited praise and a treat for all!
Keeping their toilet clean after each use was especially important because I had three cats using one small sitz bath.
What worked for me was waiting just until she started peeing then I would gently and slowly turn her so that she would be facing outside of the toilet and her bum was turned to the water. I’m on week #1 but I probably will stay here until I get him to use the mock toilet right.
The Litter Kwitter system used a very shallow tray making it difficult for a cat to dig a hole in their litter and bury. The only problem I have (I had it before as well) is that the oldest cat it’s always I’m the middle of the tray and pees outside the toilet seat, do you have any idea on how can I correct the position?
When i changed to the second step The orange step, my boys both stopped using the litter quitter. It seemed odd to me that she was having such a problem with it since she had been positioning all fours on the toilet seat, on and off, for weeks now. She jumped on the counters and looked in each sink as if thinking they might be an alternate spot, so I put her down again. As I was filling the new bowl with water, she went to that exact spot between the toilet and mock toilet, and began to scratch the floor and squat. Until about a year later i ran into the stress-free method for toilet training but didn’t quite understand how to build it, until i ran into your post.
I honestly think it was being able to see through the bowl that she was having so much trouble with.

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