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Gunung Nuang was always a good training base for any event of personal achievement and measurement.
We started late because we know we came here for training. No way could we touch the peak from our 8am starting time. ONE of my trekking buddies pursued me into hiking + waterfall which was never my interest in the first place.
I never get tired of Tabur Hill, but nowadays I really focus on completing more new mountains.
Transporting in Certified Mini-School Buses, not vans, to these elementary schools: Burk, Harris, Houston, Patterson.

Programs Offered: Infant, Toddler, Toilet Training, Preschool, Prekindergarten, and Before and After School Care. Safety is paramount: All teachers are First Aid and CPR trained, Code-key access doors, closed circuit TV in the classrooms, and Certified Mini-School Buses.
By a merely walk without looking into time versus distance, I took a look at every hut along this road, make a count as well. We'd our inaugural edition of Annual Gathering series overseas, the Phuket Island, Thailand.
This great staff is led by Director Connie Matera has been with us 6 years and Assistant Director Carold Eisen has 10 years.

With the completion of Nuang hike, other hike was a just a boost of motivation and strength to carry on. With one way of 16km distance, two way of 32km (day trip), what a great point to test my ability.
Each classroom is age specific to encourage, nurture and stimulate childrena€™s development through learning centers and activities.

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