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I’ve had Tig, the black and white girl, for two years, and Dally, the white and tabby girl, for three weeks. I’m using a lazer pointer (careful not to let them look directly at it, of course) and some pink ribbon attatched to a pencil. In fact I volunteer at a cat rescue on Saturdays, so I highly recommend cat rescue cats for those looking for a family member.
I have another cat that I adopted in January 2011, but she doesn’t do the fetching thing but a great young cat as well.
These rescue cats are odd as the let you rub their bellys, paws, you can make them seem like theyre dancing, they can go on car rides, clip their nails and you may bathe them as well. Eddie the fat cat It was dawn on the upper West Side  when a young woman was awakened by a terrible loud screech, mixed with a terrified meowing of a cat. Running out onto her fifth-floor balcony, (where minutes before her beloved cat Eddie had been sleeping on a bench) she was just in time to see him being lifted up into the air by a red tailed hawk.

All that was left behind of her beloved cat, was shreds of fur, broken nails, and feathers.
Heartbroken, and weeping the woman,  ran out into the street  looking everywhere, hoping at least to find his body to cry over even if he were already dead. You see, Eddie is a 15 pound fat white cat, and that is a mighty weight for a 4 pound hawk. He managed to carry him for about 50 feet, before dropping becoming too exhausted and dropping him. Like a heavy rock Eddie headed towards the ground towards a sure death from the height of 5 stories. However, by a Continue reading → This entry was posted in Cat News, CatsHome and tagged amazing cat rescue story, cat rescue stories, cat rescued, cat saved, cats and kittens, eddie cat on July 16, 2011 by CatCamille. The woman brought the box of surprises to Fairmount Animal Hospital, where they received the care that they need. They are believed to be about two to three weeks old and probably born to three seperate mothers. On Friday, only a day later, each of the kittens has a clean bill of health and most have already been adopted.

The Fairmount Animal Hospital says they are suprised at the Continue reading → This entry was posted in Cat Adoptions, Cat News, Cat Stories, CatsHome, Kittens and tagged cats rescued, Kittens, kittens adopted, kittens rescued on July 15, 2011 by MamaMia.
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I was actually there to pick up a dog who was being SAVED and was heading to an out-of-state rescue group.
Also, 10% of the proceeds will go to City Critters, another great 501 c Non-Profit NYC rescue group.
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