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A Labrador Retriever, her Golden Retriever husband and their adorable puppies take a road trip in this cute car ad!
They all make a pit stop together at the local gas station, gearing up their car and taking a potty break (to drink out of the toilet of course!). For professional reasons, no free telephone advice offered to non-clients, people whose dogs I've not met. His hobbies include eating Christmas cookies, chewing toilet paper and sharpening his teeth on rocks.
You are truly beautiful whether you're asleep or awake (although this pic is really cute!!)!
My favorite pastimes include chewing on shoes if they are accidentally left around, sneaking into the bathroom to unroll the toilet paper dispenser, and chewing on socks. I am sure if you were mine, I would not stand a chance against those hynotic eyes of your and you would get way too many cookies!
Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world sweetheart, lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe. Hes a lovely big boy and is so gorgeous!!Bliss: I have received some beautiful pictures of Bliss (below). Poppy has been doing very well and is a very clever puppy, as you can read from her owners message below:Hello Amy, Hope you and the tribe are all well, thought i would send you an update on Poppy, can't believe that she is 14 weeks old today.
She's doing so well, toilet training is 100% complete with no indoor accidents for four weeks now, she sits by the back door and asks to go out when she needs to go which is so brilliant.
We have been getting out and about and she has taken everything in her stride with such confidence; she has met loads of dogs of all shapes and sizes and has played with a lot of my canine clients, she likes to climb on their backs and hang off their ears! She is great with people and loves to meet them, and she has a particular love of childen and is very gentle with them.
She loves to run in the fields surrounding our house, and her favourite place is our local woodland where she enjoys having a good sniff. The highlight so far has been a weekend at the seaside where my parents have a caravan, she adored the beach and had great fun digging in the sand, fetching her tennis ball and having a paddle in the sea, I tthink she is going to be a water baby as she loves our local river and now does full on belly flop dives into her paddling pool in the garden which is so funny. We had our first lesson at gundog school last week, our instructor who has eight dogs of her own (labs and spaniels) was very impressed with her, both phsically and in terms of her confidence and personality, and how quickly she picked up things in our lesson such as walking to heel, sit, stay, retrieve etc. We are going to have some more one to one lessons so that we are doing all of the right things and then poppy can join the foundation gundog course when she is five months old. She is growing by the day and is going to be a very pretty girl when she's all grown up, i think she does look a lot like Molly.
She has a great personality and can be very cheeky sometimes, pinching shoes if we leave them out by accident and runing off down the garden hoping we will chase her. We have been working hard on the biting which did get quite bad when she got to about 10 weeks, she had a particular thing about biting my bare feet, but its improved so much over the last two weeks, and she only does it when she is really over excited now. We are so pleased with how she is doing, and we just know that she is going to be a really lovely dog, because she is already a really lovely puppy. We are off for a weeks holiday with her at the end of July, probably camping which should be good fun.
We temporarily named him Blue, after his blue tag and collar until his ownera€™s found the right name for him. For example he has one of Keiron's old shoes as a toy (only thing that would keep him quite at night in the beginning!) but he found one of his new shoes this morning.
He dragged the old shoe over next to the new one, then while looking to see if we were watching went to take the new shoe, as much to say they wont notice the swap! All 'accidents' have stopped completely since his 3 month birthday, but does still want to go out every 10 minutes at times! He is doing very well in puppy classes, although got a nip last week from the adult dog that they use - never seen him so quiet afterwards! He doesnt seem to have any time for little dogs, just desperate to go and play with the big ones. Sam was born in Februaury 2010 from Wispa's first litter, Jack was Mollys only black boy from her recent litter.
Both gorgeous boys have been getting along brilliantly.Shirley is also from Wispa's first litter.
A stunning young man!Hi Amy, Just thought i would send you some upto date pictures of Marley.
As you can see he has grown up so much and thankfully stopped growing, i thought we where going to be hiring him out on Blackpool beach as a donkey if he didnt stop.
He has calmed down so much now and is no longer in his crate, much to his dissapointment as he loved it so much and was like his little safe haven.
We have even left him for a few hours by himself wandering around the house and touch wood nothing had been chewed, i think he must have grown out of it all, i was half expecting to come home to a riot but he was so good and so pleased with himself as if to say "look mummy i am a big boy now", my heart melts when i look at him, bless!4th JuneI just wanted to thank all our puppy families for giving excellent homes to our puppies.

Also a huge thank you for all your updates, and pictures that you have sent since they have gone to their new homes. Thank you also for all your kind words, testimonials, thank you cards, flowers and gifts ! You will see that there is one of her braving the paddling pool, it was so hot today that we got her one, she had great fun getting in and retrieving the dummy, no big dives in yet, but she really liked it. We can't believe that she has only been home for two weeks, it seems as though she has been here forever, we can't imagine life without her. She settled in really well, she has slept right through the nights from day one, and loves her crate, and has been completely dry overnight from the beginning. She snores louder than Steve does, and has lots of funny dreams where she looks as though she is running in her sleep. House training is going really well, with only the odd accident when she has been playing and forgotten that she needs to go.
She has been meeting lots of friends and family, both adults and children, and is very confident and happy meeting them, she has her second vaccination and microchip on Tuesday, and is going to her first "puppy club" at the vets as well which should be fun for her. She met one of my clients black lab bitch this week, they had great fun chasing and playing, i think that Layla reminded her of Molly, Poppy was very affectionate towards her with lots of doggy kisses. She has really strong retrieving instincts and will happily bring a tennis ball or dummy back, and she has learnt to sit, stay, down, paw and rollover already, which is really incredible for a pup of her age, she loves to learn, and it seems to have come to her so naturally, as well as being good fun, her tail wags all of the time! She also has a cheeky side, and loves to pinch things that she shouldn't have (out fault for leaving them within her reach), she can also be very determined when she wants to do something. The vet was very impressed with Molly and Colby's hip and eye results when i told her about them, and said that we had obviously found a really good breeder, but then we already knew that anyway :) We are looking forward to getting out and about with Poppy, and are planning a seaside camping trip with her in July which I am sure she will enjoy! She can go all night in her crate now without messing it, and she has had her first injection and microchip.
She was very good at the vets and hardly noticed what happened once the treats were in front of her!
We taught her to sit on the first day, and shes been very good at knowing when she needs to sit and behave so far. If you would like us to write a testimonial for your website we will be happy to, and I will attach some pictures for you to use to this email. Eski is proving quite a handful, wea€™d love to send some more pics for you but it seems that whenever hea€™s awake hea€™d rather eat the camera than pose for it.
Overall hea€™s been very good indeed, sleeping most nights for 6 hours before letting us know he needs to visit the garden.
He seems to have settled into his daily routine of sleeping, eating, training and also his alter-ego a€?Peskya€™.
Pesky is a completely different side to him that runs in circles, dives under furniture to scrabble at the sellotape we put down to protect him from wires as well as pee indiscriminately around the house.
Slowly wea€™re working out what wea€™re doing wrong and to be fair to him our floors have never been this shiny with all the cleaning theya€™re getting. Hea€™s the absolute envy of our neighbours with no one complaining about noise, instead cooing over him as the handsomest guy on the block.
He is proving quite expensive though as his arrival has speeded up the process of moving out further into the countryside.
Our flat is now officially on the market so wea€™re looking forward to toilet not involving running up and down stairs. Bless him hea€™s getting the hang of it slowly, but when he needs to go and wea€™re carrying him, he just cana€™t help himself or our T-shirts.
He has started socialising well and by some fluke he walks up and sits down to every new person he meets (I think because wea€™ve been giving everyone treats to give him on first meeting) Ita€™s very cute, but wea€™re sure hea€™d be a thoroughly useless guard dog.
He can howl for 2 minutes when hea€™s left in bed and whine a bit, but thata€™s the only noise he makes.
Right gotta dash hea€™s just gone on the sheepskin rug so ita€™s time for me to jump into clean up action! Speak soon, Tom May 201121st MayDue to a change in circumstances we now have avalible a chocolate labrador puppy aged 8 weeks and 4 days.
Colin is settled in at home , on the car journey home, he cried for a couple of minutes then didn't make a sound and pretty much chilled out all the way looking out of the window.
He has got the hang of going in the garden to toilet and loves playing fetch (he gets bored after three throws of a toy) , he loves sleeping more. On a night when we go to bed he knows to go in his crate and is happy to walk straight in without a fuss he cries for a minute when you leave the room to see if you will come back but then just goes to sleep, the first night he woke up at 4.30 he relieved himself but since then is dry through the night until he goes out in the morning.
Love Mark, Charlotte, Emily, William and Colin x 19th MayWispa's puppies seem to have been doing brilliantly settling into their new homes, learning their new routines and coming along excellent with their training. Like you said, Bliss likes cuddles and likes to lay near our feet or around our necks so not much chance of losing her.

She has got the toilet training sorted, no accidents yesterday, she has already engineered getting in and out of the French doors to the garden by herself. She slept all the way home and most of the evening so I was a bit worried she would cry all night but she was ok, thank goodness. She cried and howled for the first hour and then settled , I went in to her at 6am and she was awake but not crying so I think she did really well. She likes my furniture so I have bought a puppy repellant spray for the table legs and hopefully that will help.
Rachel, Chris and Pippa xRudy:Hi Amy, Just wanted to let you know how little Rudy is getting on - by the way you did offer a money back gaurantee didnt you?
He was really good coming home, slept for most of it, only cried for the first 10 mins or so at first. There were no accidents until 10 seconds after we got in the house and then straight on the living room floor!
Most of them have been because we havent realised he wanted to go out or got to the door within the 15 second window he gives us!
But he already has got the idea of what 'outside' means and going to the door when he wanted to go out.
He seems quite accident prone, surprised he hasnt got concusion yet with the amount of times he fallen off onto his head!
He is so very cleaver, has already learnt to sit at when one of us stops walking, will heal when we walk, and most importantly has learnt fetch, which has kept us entertained for ages! He likes your toy the best for this, although keeps putting his head through the rope holes and getting stuck! He very much know's Keiron is his new daddy, faviourate spot is behind his legs, when we had people over at the weekend to meet him he immediately ran behind Keiron's legs. Getting very adventrous exploring everywhere but has got used to his bed already and will go there for his sleeps when we have knackered him out playing fetch - as you can see from the picture!
Just wanted to thank you again for him, he is by far the best puppy in the world, dont care what the others will tell you, ours is the best!!! Jayne 1st MayWispa and Molly's puppies have grown and learnt so much over the past few weeks.
All puppies are now paper trained, and are eating around 45kg of food per week between them. This is Molly's first litter and she is doing an excellent job, she is a very caring and calm mother. Wispa has a little over 2 weeks left of her pregnancy and Molly has 3 weeks to the day left.
February 201122nd FebruaryMolly had her ultra sound scan today which confirmed her pregnancy. Can you believe all the pups are nearly 1 year old, I cant believe how quick it has gone, it only seems like yesterday when we picked him up from you, its going to be dog healthy birthday cakes and candles on the 11th Feb to celebrate.
He is definatly growing into a lovely young man and seems to be calming down more each day. Marley lets us know when he is ready for his walk, he runs in the kitchen, grabs his lead in his mouth and drops it on the floor, he wont settle until we take notice of him, definatly wears the trousers in this house by a mile. Anyway not long now for the new puppies, bet you are very busy and getting ready for the sleepless nights again ha ha. You have such dedication to your job and you should be very proud at what you have achieved so far, hope they are all born healthy and go to lovely families who will take care of them and love them as much as we do our little Marley. We have had to move house yet again as Kenny got promoted, Pepper has taken it in her stride she has been so settled and great. She loves it where we are because we are out in the country and she has lots of fields and woods to run around in. Pepper seems to like toffee sweets she got a hold of a box one day and demolished most of them lol, but all we could do is laugh when we saw the look of oh oh on her face. Getting pepper was one of the best things we have done as she has brought so much joy into our home and spending our first Christmas with her was so special. We also cana€™t wait to celebrate her fist birthday next month im going to try and make a nice cake she can eat . Molly will be visiting Colby in the last week of January for several romantic dates!!10th January Our chocolate show girl Wispa, has now come into season, we hope to take her to stud with Indi between Friday 21st and Monday 24th January. We are hoping that Molly its not too far behind Wispa, and that she will come into season shortly.

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