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Bladder Control - The child completely empties his or her bladder when voiding and remains dry for at least one and one half hours during the day. Predictable Stooling Patterns - The child's bowel movements follow a regular and predictable pattern. Motor Skills - The child demonstrates the abilities to walk to and from the bathroom independently and to pick up objects.
Behavior - The child can sit on the toilet (or potty chair) comfortably for two to five minutes.

Indicates Needs - Through facial expressions, postures, gestures, pictures or words, the child indicates needing to go to the bathroom.
Before starting a toilet training program, parents need to be ready to dedicate time and effort to implement an effective program.
Below is a form to help parents assess their child's bladder control, ability to demonstrate a need to go, and voiding pattern. The log also provides an area to inspect the skin, and document if person is continent of stool or urine.

It is recommended to wait until after the second birthday to begin considering toilet training. He or she may be allowed to look at preferred books or play with preferred toys while sitting on the toilet.

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