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From what I have been reading about toilet training, the average age for toilet training has increased from 18 months to 39 months for boys and 35 months for girls.
I would like to share with you how I am toilet training my toddler (and still in the process of it - it's a continuous effort until he stays diaper-free at night). Feels uncomfortable to the point of being very cranky when his diaper is wet or has a "bomb".
When I realized that my toddler is ready for toilet training, I readied my patience for the drill and committed time for this.

Schedule Your Start Date: I am a full-time working mom so the only chance I could be with him the whole day is during weekends.
Wear Toddler Briefs During The Day - Remove Diaper - To ensure a successful headstart, keep him diaper-free on his waking hours.
Those enumerated above are the drills I did and continuously do for my toddler for his toilet training.
Hi, I'm Louise Fandino Santos, a wife, a mom of all boys and a campaigns strategist by profession.

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