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Anyway…Our toilet training is not like what most people do, since I refuse to lock myself up in my house with Bella for 3-5 days.
Sorry, it just doesn’t work with my schedule (or with my desire to not be indoors for so long)!
So, I armed myself with 3 changes of clothes for any jaunt outdoors, the Potette and wipes.

Children naturally move away from diapers because they don’t want to sit in their pee and poo. So, we had a toilet trained kid when she was home and naked, but once we stepped outside, we needed to put on pull-ups or else she’d pee through everything.
He suggests a laissez-faire attitude towards toilet training since kids at this age are all about doing the opposite of what you want. It was winter and brutally cold and I just didn’t want to deal with full-on potty training, so I let it go. Of course it happened when Zack and I both stepped away from the table (and her) and she just couldn’t hold it. So, he told me I should let her choose whether she wants to be naked, in a pull-up or in underwear.

Then we watched her like a hawk, worried that she would pee in the middle of the kids’ area where 5 babies were crawling around.
He told me not to pressure Bella, not to reward her when she goes (as that quickly becomes a mode of pressure), not to rush to change her when she has an accident and not to nag. He assured me that this is a much more natural process that is less stressful on both parents and child.
Although we hit a bit of traffic (which made the drive a bit longer than expected), Bella let me know when she had to go, I whipped out the Potette and she went on the pot in the backseat.

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