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If you are not wanting to purchase one of those cushy soft seats, then this is the seat for you! This Decorative Toilet Seat is well-made and sturdy enough for the most-used bathroom in the house and so elegantly designed it is sure to get the compliments rolling in!
When kids are born, parents are already devising ways to potty train them to avoid having to tend to them after they do their business in the toilet. Most often than not, children between the age of 18-24 months begin to show signs of wanting to potty train. Here are some of the tried-and-tested methods which are sure to work if you are currently in the process of trying to teach your kid how to potty train. Some children may be afraid of using the toilet for #2 because they feel that the bowel is an extension of them and would hate to flush it away. Sometimes, you may find out that the kiddie lids that go on top of the toilet can be quite scary for little children to use immediately. Every time your toddler uses the bathroom for his business, decorate his shirt with stickers. Round) Share --> This Decorative Toilet Seat - Bronze with Gold Design will add character to your kids' bathroom or a fun guest bath!

However, teaching your little one to potty train can be quite a task especially when they are dependent on you to take care of them.
A candy bar or maybe some flavoured lollipops could do the trick to get your kid to the bathroom. Make up a fib about how when little children use the toilet, the poop is flushed and then used to feed little fish. This will excite him because he would have a row of stickers at the end of the week which he can proudly flaunt for a job well done.
The chrome hinges add a classic touch to this grand toilet seat which is made of an orange colored poly-resin material and adorned with a beautiful bronze and gold design.
While some kids enjoy their new-found independence, there are some who prepare being pampered by Mom.
It is easy to get worried when your child is just not getting there fast enough; however, they will eventually.
Bribes come in handy during the initial stages of potty training because most toddlers do not really find the idea of wiping appealing.
When you make a big deal about the progress your child has made, she will be spurred on to do even better – even if it is for potty training.

If you have a kid who loves fish, and is a do-gooder, he will make sure to visit the toilet more often for #2. Once they relate to something, they normally are not intimated by it anymore - toilet seats included. Your kid will definitely show signs of wanting to visit the bathroom more often when he is ready to ditch diapers for the pot.
However, when he has an incentive to potty train, you may not even have to try too hard as the training progresses. While it may not set a good example to lie to your kids, sometimes it becomes the only course of action. In this way, the progression will lead to your kid wanting to use the toilet soon enough without much trouble.

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