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AF Cares, Ask the Trainer, HealthPreviousNext Puppy Toilet – 10 Tips To Ease Puppy Potty Training Stress! Dog best friend: If you find you can’t exercise your pet regularly, ask a family member, a friend or a dog walker to do it for you? Easy does it: Create a simple command, such as “potty” or “outside”, that your puppy can associate with going to the bathroom. Stay in control: If you do catch your puppy, don’t hit him with a rolled newspaper or his nose in it.
Good dog: Whenever your puppy goes to the bathroom when and where he is supposed to, praise him.

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Don’t be surprised if you find a few “presents”, but don’t scold your dog for old accidents.

Scold him with a simple firm “No”, and take him outside until he finished going to the bathroom. Watch for signs that he needs to go out; circling, standing at the door, pawing and sniffing. Unless you catch your puppy in the act he wouldn’t understand why you are upset with him.

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