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While some people believe that potty chairs are confusing and it is better to simply potty train on the full-sized toilet, there are reasons so many parents still use this three-step process to potty train their children.
Once your child shows interest in using the potty, allow them to help you pick out a chair. Little girls can use their potty chairs exclusively until they are ready to transition to a potty seat, but you may want to potty train boys to urinate into the full-size toilet right away. You can also make a potty poster and give your child stickers every time they use the chair. If you decide that a potty seat or chair is the best first step toward potty training for your little one, use these tips to make sure you select the perfect seat.
So if you are looking to decorate your bathroom with an awesome reminder of the sea, but you don't want one of those cushy soft seats, then this is the seat for you! This Decorative Toilet is so well designed that it is sturdy enough for any bathroom in the house. If someone had told me before I had babies that they didn’t need shoes until they were walking I 1) wouldn’t have believed them; and 2) thought I would still put shoes on my babies anyway – from day one and every day to match a heap of super cute but impractical outfits.
Lucky for me it’s completely true, because I didn’t have the energy or inclination to put shoes on my first born until she was walking (at 19 months mind you).  In fact both of us were lucky to be dressed at all most days, so the cute but impractical outfits also went by the wayside for the most part anyway. With babies having such pliable bones, it’s important to let their feet develop naturally without being ‘shaped’ by shoes.  It’s also essential that they learn to ‘feel’ the ground beneath them when they’re learning to walk. First shoes are super-important and it’s a good idea to get your little one fitted by an expert. They should be soft and flexible still: their main role is to ensure little feet are protected from things on the ground.
Choose breathable, lightweight materials.  Soft leather or cloth is best and avoid stiff leather and synthetics. Give the soles a bend to make sure they move easily.  Rubber soles with little ridges are a bonus as they offer good traction for new walkers. Just as you might do for yourself, shop later in the day when his or her feet will have swollen.
Last year we introduced you to baby Caelan who was the gorgeous face of the 2012 Wear Green for Prems campaign. Just to re cap: prior to Caelan’s early birth, mum Andrena didn’t have much of a reason to consider herself ‘high risk’ for a premature birth. We have written before about the importance of monitoring blood pressure and urine for signs of pre-eclampsia, but when is pre-eclampsia not pre-eclampsia?
For those that remember Caelan’s tale, his story doesn’t stop there: the past 12 months have continued to keep mum Andrena (from Little Tales Photography) on her toes. Following Wear Green For Prems Day last year he was tested for Spina Bifida, but received the all clear when the maternal health nurse discovered a sacral dimple. The following month he achieved to huge milestones – his first tooth and he started to sit independently.
He continues to overcome life’s little challenges – he’s had grommets placed in his ears and after a plethora of hearing tests and ear infections has started to babble more, even though he’s been diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss due to middle ear infections.
As you can see from his snaps, there’s not much stopping this little one from reaching his full potential.
Three weeks before Caelan’s early arrival Andrena was suffering from intense upper abdominal pain which started to form a pattern every second night. Jules for ‘Lil Aussie Prems put a call out on Facebook for breastfeeding pictures for the Premmie Gift of Hope Journal given to parents in hospital. The best advice I would have for prem mums is to document in writing and through photo’s as much as possible of your NICU or SCN journey. Perhaps for those not lucky enough to bring their baby home, it will be a record for them to cherish always.
Regardless of whether Easter has any religious significance for you, it’s such a lovely time to be spending with family.  The extra-long weekend gives most people enough time to ‘pens down’ and relax for a day or two at least. Even if your little ones aren’t ready to indulge in a teeny bit of chocolate naughtiness there are lots of way you can celebrate this time of ‘new beginnings’. For those who still have their bubs in NICU, we hope the extra public holidays mean you get some r’n’r yourself, and there are some extra hands and hugs to take a load off!
Spring-time decorations for an isolette are easy to make, and big brothers and sisters will no doubt love to help create cut outs in the shapes of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies to add a bit of colour.
An Easter-themed photo shoot of baby’s first Easter makes a lovely momento.  Including regular-sized Easter eggs in the photos will help to show some perspective with size – afterwards, make sure you kick back and enjoy the ‘props’ with a cup of tea or coffee! For those with older children there’s lots of non-chocolate activities you can undertake like making Easter bonnets, dying eggs, creating masks or decorating baskets. If you’re keen to indulge in some treats, why not make your own or hold an Easter egg hunt with family, friends and neighbours? My pregnancy was coming along in leaps and bounds, especially for someone with quite a significant medical history.
This was just the beginning of my nightmare but at the time Ben and I were staying positive. The decision was made that pushing bub out was too risky with my BP so high, plus I was exhausted already. The Tuesday morning my kidney function had started to fail, apparently another typical sign.
At 29 weeks gestation on Tuesday 11th September 2012 5:08pm we welcomed Grace Rose Livingstone, 930gram,  into the world.
The days went on and on, then on the 23rd November, just shy of her due date at a whooping 2.435kgs we took our little miss home.

Earlybird of the Month   –   Each month we give-away a set of garments to a baby in special care. Toilet training is one of the big milestones for toddlers and once complete is a huge relief for mums and dads alike.
While it varies from any child to child, prem toddlers may find they are ready a little later than their non-prem playmates.
These signs usually present after 18 months but can be any time up to the age of three years.
Night time training can happen simultaneously or can take a little longer.  Children that sleep deeply can take longer to be aware of the signs they need to go to the toilet at night.
Earlybirds recognises the needs of premature toddlers when toilet training, and developed Bigger Birds Undies for Boys and Girls on the Go. Tailored to the commonly narrower hips and slimmer legs of a growing prem, they are easy for little people to pull up or down to make the whole toilet training process less stressful. Travelling with small children is a challenge and if you’re going by air it’s like being a captive audience in a little vat of hell…. Take off and landing can be painful for little ears that have trouble adjusting to the change in air pressure.  Having a dummy, or bottle or breastfeed during this time can help alleviate the discomfort. Take off and landing is usually the time where little ones want to wiggle or move around the plane.  Wait until ‘final call’ to pop their seat belts on and have some entertainment ready to go to keep their minds off escaping – I find sticker books ideal for these situations. If your baby is within the size range, pre order a bassinette.  Having your hands free for even a short amount of time will make things much easier. Rather than one heavier blanket take two lighter blankets as the temperature can fluctuate greatly in the plane.  Earlybirds wraps are ideal. What day comes right after Valentine’s Day?  Jobs at Home Day of course – a day that acknowledges the importance of the jobs you do with family and friends after you’ve come home safely from work.
While the most popular Jobs at Home title is Head of Operations, organisers of the day were blown away by people’s creativity in inventing titles for their roles at home. Heaps of big organisations (and little ones like team Earlybirds) have got behind the day including Ford and TAC as well as Western Bulldogs player Robert Murphy (Executive Jar Opener).
If you’re green with envy, have a green thumb, think the grass is greener on the other side or any green in between then save the date for Wednesday 3 April 2013 for Wear Green for Prems Day. We know that parents of premmies are way too busy to attend an event, all Wear Green for Prems Day requires is for you to wear a touch of green to raise awareness for prematurity and honor our little earlybirds – it might be a scarf, a scrunchie, hat or a t-shirt.
Preconception care is super important, right from the time you start thinking about having a baby, or feel you’re ready to try for another one.  It not only increases your chances of conception, but helps safeguard against health concerns that can arise when your new bub is only a few weeks gestation.
The first thing you should be looking at is increasing your levels of folate.  It’s one of those tricky nutrients that our body doesn’t make itself, instead it needs to have it delivered via fresh foods. Natalie Kringoudis, acupuncturist, herbalist, natural fertility educator, blogger, natural health expert and author of Fertilise Yourself, says that there are a number of natural sources of folate – especially leafy green vegetables. The most common neural tube defects are spina bifida (an incomplete closure of the spinal cord and spinal column), anencephaly (severe underdevelopment of the brain) and encephalocele (when brain tissue protrudes out to the skin from an abnormal opening in the skull). Everybody needs folate, not just those trying for a baby – it is essential for growth and development in children and in adults it regulates your cells and assists your body in repair to protect against cancer, stroke and heart attacks.
A weird fact: if you’re feeling a bit stressed or cranky, popping your hands in a basin of warm water will calm you down in leaps and bounds. The good news is you don’t need too many fancy bath washed, oils or potions or special tools. Small, premature or sick babies can loose body heat really quickly so wrap them in a towel as soon as they’re lifted out of the water. The larger size makes it easy for kids to turn the pages and the hardcover makes it durable. The book features Ian discovering how it feels to go potty and how he learns what to do when it happens. If this is not what you are looking for, we also have other potty training books for boys available. A small potty chair is introduced so the child becomes familiar with the idea of going potty without encountering the full-sized toilet that is filled with water and has a noisy flush. A child-sized seat is installed on top of the full-size toilet seat so the child can transition from the potty chair to a potty seat on the actual potty.
The child-sized potty seat is eventually removed, and the child starts to use the bathroom like a big boy or girl.
Children feel their potty seat is something exclusively theirs, and it is much easier for a child to read and play on a smaller chair than on a real toilet. Since there is no water involved, parents can allow their child to play with the seat and get comfortable sitting on it without hovering over them the entire time.
Consider allowing them to decorate the potty with stickers they pick out, or you can personalize the chair with foal stick-on letters to spell their name. They will be unable to comfortably urinate into a smaller chair and will end up making big messes. Limit confusion by encouraging your child to pull down their pants and use the potty chair as they see you using the big potty.
Consider adaptable potty chairs that turn into potty seats for the toilet when your child is ready.
Urine deflectors help eliminate some potential messes, but they also have the potential to pinch as your child sits. Portable potties designed for adult use while camping are a great alternative for children too big to sit on a child-sized chair.
If your child seems completely uninterested in using a potty chair but is enthused by the real toilet, then you may want to explore other methods.

The chrome hinges add a classic touch to a beautiful blue poly-resin toilet seat which is decorated with such delicate seashells and ocean life making it a joy to look at! If you are completely looking for a different style of seat, then be sure to check out all of our Potty Seats! His story was so inspiring that he’s taken on the role again to help draw attention to prematurity. Come October he was starting to crawl and February this year, at 19 months, he started to walk. I felt comforted by the fact the doctors all said that a baby born at 30 weeks has the same survival rate as those born at full term.
After seeing some of the other pictures of Caelan in hospital on my page she asked if some could be used for other awareness initiatives such as the National Premmie Foundation Flyer. My husband Ben and I had been talking about it but we thought there would be many loop holes to jump through before it was possible, as I was 2 and a half years post a Double Lung Transplant. How early we weren’t sure but every extra day was a bonus, even if I was completely cracking up. Mainly to do with her immature gut and inability to break down the breast milk then formula.
Being organised and having some tricks up your sleeve can help lessen the stress for you and the people around you.
It’s a great way to show why baths are a great way to help settle a baby and prepare him of her for some restful zzzs. We find heaps of people use our organic wraps as towels as well: they’re soft on delicate skin and absorb the water really well.
The child is often encouraged to watch others use the full-sized toilet, flush the toilet and do other things that will ease them into the next step.
Children feel more secure, since their feet are safely on the ground and they are not elevated from the floor. This transition from playing on the potty to actually using the potty only to potty will eliminate confusion that may come when you discourage playing on the actual toilet. Models that require you to tip the pot for removal create a bigger mess than you want to deal with.
That is enough to scare a child away from using the potty, so go with a chair that doesn’t have the deflector or that has a removable deflector. For instance, your boy may want to use a potty with a race car design if it makes race car noises as he poops.
If you have more money to spend, look for different materials, such as wood, and fun designs that may go up to $100 or more.
I was born with cystic fibrosis and managed fairly well until my mind 20’s when the wheels feel off and I wound up on the transplant list.
She did however slowly put on weight and day in and day out we sat with her, chatted to her and cuddled her when we could.
Other fun features on the market right now are flush handles that make flushing noises and pictures that turn colors after the pan is urinated in.
When he came of the ventilation he breathed on his own for a week before having 42hrs on CPAP.
Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that primarily effects your lungs and digestive system.
I could stop living in limbo and out of a hospital,  the guilt feeling of leaving your child at the hospital every night would finally go. Most basic baby washes should be fine as they only make contact with the skin for a short while and are rinsed off.
Having the basics like a towel, washcloth, baby cleanser, lotion or shampoo, clean clothes and clean nappy at the ready makes for a safer and smoother bath time.
These fun features will get your child interested in the potty, but the novelty will wear off with time.
Ben raced from work still all dirty as he is a tradie, my Dad was by my side, my sister on her way.
I got a quick glimpse of our little gem and she was whisked off to Neonatal Intensive Care. My beautiful little baby was hooked up to all types of tubes and monitors, everything beeped and she chugged along. Ben and I feel so completely blessed to be parents and have such a strong little girl, she is definitely our little miracle. Do perhaps stick to fragrance-free moisturisers as these are on the skin for much longer and can be the source of irritation. Check out the giant Batman and Joker wall decals as well as the self-adhesive border for cool coordinates! I on the other hand, was crying uncontrollably, trying to give consent, talk about the procedure all the while tears streaming down my face. It was suggested I attend the birthing suite so they could take some formal blood tests and monitor the baby.

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