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Much like two, wobbly walkers, I feared potty training much the same as twins becoming upright and mobile at the same time. Though we are only at 28 months, my twin girls are completely potty trained inside the home, basically without any effort like my singletons, and have even opted to use the potty while out many times.
Admittedly, I haven’t been strictly enforcing it because I simply hate public restrooms and am dreading trying to hold them up one after the other or simultaneously which is impossible, like I did for my other until 4 or 5 even. The average age for boys to give up their Pampers is at 39 months, while for girls it is 35 months. When you don’t push and pressure the potty training issue it tends to happen quicker, easier, and is an overall more pleasant experience for both mother and child(ren).
The advantage with twins is that they try and often mimic one another, but one might be potty trained a bit quicker than the other, nonetheless.
Also, at 2 years old you can even buy a little potty topper with handles so your child can feel like a big kid and mimic mommy even more so.
Buying two little potties is a good idea for when you are in a bind with someone else using the bathroom, or for on-the-go. According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters.
Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number.

The great thing about the My Carry Potty is that it is small enough to be portable but large enough for a toddler to be comfortable.  It could be used as their main potty saving the need of having lots scattered around the house. Both frightened me greatly, however, neither has been as bad as it sounded prior to happening.
Soon enough they’ll have everything down pat and life will be simpler and much cheaper again. Especially if the twins are your 1st children, or even if its been awhile. Brains can get foggy .
Some have claimed that early potty training leads to bed-wetting problems and other issues, and this is simply unfounded. I know how expensive diapers are for twins, as I buy them more frequently now as the girls rip them off all day long because they don’t like the feel of any pee in there.
It will mean more trips to the public bathroom which is never a super fun experience, but before you know it it will become yet another memory in the back of your mind.
22% of all children are still wetting their beds from time to time come 3 years old and 10% are occasionally bed-wetting at 7 years of age. It will help your child feel proud of him or herself, develop self-esteem, and want to repeat the rewarded behavior. Just like one of your twins might crawl and walk faster than the other but the other excels in other areas, so is the case in this.

Since there are two of them and only one potty though, and they tend to be on the same urination and poo-poo schedule most often.. The disposable seat covers found online are awesome, but for twins would get mighty expensive. This may save my back actually.  While most parents of multiples like myself are also scared of the prospect of potty training their multiples the reality is that twins seem more independent than singletons are in many cases.
Everything happens in its time, and that time is different for every thing and for every one. I personally am buying two plastic, foldable, travel covers, and will sanitize them when I return home from an outing. Not clog up the toilet with paper time.) My singletons were much more obstinate about using the potty.

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