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Puppies, like babies have small bladders and will need to go every 30-40 minutes when they are 6 weeks and under, this will change to every one hour in some time. It is difficult to keep taking the puppy outside to do her job when living in an apartment, but do take her out as much as you can, especially after waking up in the morning ,once in the afternoon and once in the evening and once at night before going to bed.
So to solve this difficulty of constantly having to take your puppy outside, the following steps will help. Take her outdoors or to her designated toilet area after waking up, eating, playing, any form of excitement and before going to bed.
Depends on each puppy’s learning pace and your commitment to this, but within a month, the puppy would have learnt to go on the newspaper or potty training pads.
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We chose to feature our design with a dark grey classic ribbon, a square label featuring the Stegosaurus Skeleton along with the child's name for personalization. A good rule of thumb is to add one to your puppy’s age in months and that’s generally how long he can go without a trip outside.
They also tend to do their business where they’ve done it before and these two things help us a lot when training them.
My puppy rottie is a dear the family love him, but there is a problem, he seems to be doing his poos in the yard but always wees in the house I don't know what to do to be honest. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
There will be accidents until the dog figures out the right place to go in and the people taking care of him may not like the fact that he goes inside the house. Slowly, when she is around 7-8 months old, consistently start taking her outdoors in the morning, in the afternoon if possible, in the evening and at night.
But, it should only take 6-8 months, until your puppy attains full bladder control and then you’re set for life.
If he is trained to go on one of these, then it will be convenient when you are taking him to another house.

She will soon learn to do it only outdoors and you will only after to take her in the morning, evening and if necessary at night before bed. Love the photo, it's adorable!Housebreaking a puppy takes a lot of time, effort and patience and your pup is still a tiny baby and obviously doesn't understand the whole concept yet. He's pooping outside which is good, but you're going to need to prevent him from having the chance to pee indoors so that this doesn't become a habit. The best way to do this is to use a crate and I think my Housebreaking A Puppy and Puppy Crate Training pages have lots of tips and advice which should help you with this. Don't expect overnight results though, even with the best, most consistent training a puppy can't be expected to be reliable to any degree before about 6 months of age if left unsupervised indoors.The most important thing to do is to prevent your puppy from having the opportunity to make 'mistakes' indoors, and that's where the crate training comes in so useful.
Puppies are creatures of habit and they learn bad habits as quickly (sometimes MORE quickly it seems!) than good habits.
So you need to make sure he doesn't get in the habit of peeing indoors, or if he already has, then to stop him from doing it for long enough for him to 'forget' this bad habit.The pages I've directed you to above should have all the info.

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