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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. I am looking to buy a used Fleetwood pop-up and sometimes see the initials CT or CP after the model name. Some of the Fleetwoods have a cabinet that is porta-potty storage or optional cassette toilet.
As I read this, I realized the Cassette toilet is the one area of the pup I don't have pics of!

I would expect people to call it both since it looks more like a commode than a port-a-potty and it has a cassette (removable tank to make dumping easier).
Or are sellers using different initials to represent the same thing?And if there is a difference what are they?
When we picked up the Starcraft, we were unsure if the cassette toilet or shower would get used. While we haven't put the shower to use yet, the cassette toilet has been used every trip this season.

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