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It’s a great piece of engineering, as to steer it all you do is move your shoulders in the direction you want to go. The Cyco cycle is made to stand out in a crowd with it’s vibrant Yellow colour and step at the back for a passenger. If you are looking to buy your child an alternative to Cyco Cycle get them started on a micro scooter.
As has become tradition, Hamleys is the first major toy retailer to release its top 10 Christmas toys for 2014. 1) Ever After High Dolls: If you have a little girl you’ve probably already heard of Monster High. 2) Flutterbye Flying Fairies: These are a fun choice for girls who love playing with toy dolls, especially fairies.
3) Sofia the First Royal Talking Enchanted Vanity: Sofia the First is a really popular TV show – no doubt you’ve already heard about it! 4) Doc McStuffins Check-Up Center: Doc McStuffins is another hit TV show, aimed at preschoolers. Hottest Toys for 2014 Cool Boys ToysLego Ninjago 70723 Thunder Raider Toy ReviewThe Ninjago line of Lego toys, coupled with the cartoon TV series, has made these sets super popular. Thinkaway Toys has created an animatronic Darth Vader action figure and one of the hottest top Christmas toys for 2015. The Darth Vader Lightsaber toy is a big ticket item priced around $160 and is suitable for ages Ages 4+.
As the holidays approach, our thoughts turn to giving and the warmth of family and friends gathered together to celebrate.
The “Fabulous 15” Christmas gifts for kids start at almost $40 and going all the way up to $400. R2-D2 Interactive robotic robot figure responds to voice commands, “dances” and plays music, reacts to famous Star Wars characters, plays multiple games, holds beverages, can find and follow you and more!
The RC drone can swoop and hover but also features LEDs and audio to duplicate the light and sound effects featured in the movie franchise. There’s no need to worry about minor crashes with the impact-resistant foam construction, which makes this toy light and durable. Powered by 6 C-sized batteries, interactive Yoda also has three different modes of play including Force, Wisdom, and Warrior.
Spin Master’s interactive Legendary Yoda toy, has finally been made available for pre-order in the US on September 4 (Force Friday) priced at $180.00. August 14, 2015 by admin Leave a Comment Star Wars: The Force Awakens feature film is set for release on December 18th and will inspire some of the best, top Christmas toys for 2015. Furbacca – The Furbacca Furby toy is an adorable, furry creature that speaks wookiee just like Chewbacca and even hums the Star Wars theme song.
Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda, Collector Box Edition – Legendary Yoda features voice recognition and speaks 115 phrases!
BB8 – Star Wars BB8 robot toy was built by Sphero and it can run in any direction using the in-app virtual joystick.
Sarco Plank and Asty – These new alien characters will will make their debut on Force Friday.
The Force Awakens Digital Trading Cards – These vintage-style digital trading cards will feature BB-8, Peo Dameron in his X-wing and Kylo Ren with his lightsaber. The Force Awakens merchandise, collectibles, books and apparel will be in stores on “Force Friday”.
The new Mini iPad 4 can provide hours of entertainment for children, and can help them learn at the same time. The forth generation iPad Mini 4 is the perfect choice for Christmas 2015, as well as other holidays or birthdays. Minions Tumbling Talking Stuart is an animatronic plush soft toy that falls forwards and back, but always makes it back on his feet. Despicable Me Minions Tumbling Stuart is an interactive, smart toy that is sure to bring many laughs. Other interactive, smart toys for 2015 include Starlily My Magical Unicorn, Disney Frozen Sing Along Elsa Doll and the Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS robot toy. The Minions Tumbling Stuart toy is priced around $50.00 and requires 6 AA batteries (not included). This website contains endorsements for products and services, which means when you click on a link that I recommend, I may receive a commission. Top Toys for Christmas – The Top 10 Toys Your Kids Will Want for Christmas This Year! They want the hottest toys that any child wants to find under the tree on the morning of the 25th of December.
This toy will encourage any child’s desire to help out others, and rescue animals, especially dogs.
Number 6 on the best Christmas gifts list 2015 that you can buy for the holidays is the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX.
This interactive app-enabled droid can be linked with a tablet or a smart phone, and can recognize and react to your voice.
Now that you’ve read through a comprehensive list of top toys for Christmas, then you simply have to take your pic and start shopping.

Testers have reported that it almost feels intuitive, and that they haven’t consciously moved to steer. There are lots of wonderful toys for girls out this year, so it isn’t easy to narrow it down.
The Ever After High Dolls are designed as a new companion doll series based on characters from fairy tales. Since the figures and vehicle are semi-complex, this set might also be a perfect gift for adults and collectors, not just children. This Dark Lord’s highly interactive Lightsaber™ is powered by new dynamic technology. The winner will be chosen by as soon as the contest ends and notified shortly thereafter via email. From Star Wars to Barbie, Paw Patrol to Fisher-Price, there’s something for children in every age group. Toys “R” Us, Target, and Amazon are already selling some of these at lower prices, and you may find other discounts throughout the season. The R2-D2 robot features an illuminating light beam, infrared location sensors, an adaptable droid mood status indicator, rotating dome, motorized indoor-terrain treads, a beverage holder. Press BeatBo’s tummy or any of the buttons on his feet to activate fun songs, learning content and dance moves.
Fun music and motions will encourage your child to move, shake, and dance along exercising gross motor skills. The Star Wars quadcopter was created by Air Hogs, well-known among radio-control aficionados for creating remote-controlled toys that run on land and fly through the air.
Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda stands 16-inches tall and is fully interactive with full voice recognition.
Legendary Yoda is for children aged 6+ and 6 C batteries are required – not included. Jedi master Yoda will teach your child to become a young Jedi with amazing Jedi lightsaber skills. The rolling droid communicates with a smartphone app via Bluetooth and has been compared to the Parrot rolling drones for kids.
Sarco Plank and alien X-wing Pilot Asty action figures are new additions to the Star Wars cast. The retro Force Awakens cards will reveal the identities of new characters and be highly collectible over the holidays.
Children love playing kid-friendly games on a slate, and now they can do it using a smaller tablet that will fit more comfortably in their hands.
There are hundreds of educational apps available that are geared towards children, whether they are amusing games or useful and exciting learning tools. The simple and straightforward anti-reflective touch screen makes it very easy for children to navigate on their own. This plush toy is the perfect gift this Christmas for kids who want to play pretend as a doctor. The Paw Patroller is one big rescue vehicle, that can transport 3 vehicles from Paw Patrol.
The Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo is a plush toy any child will cuddle all day long. What’s great about this list is that, it does not only feature modern toys, it also has toys for younger children, toys for learning, and toys for pure fun and enjoyment.
Hold the Lightsaber and wave it for incredible real time interaction with light and stereo battle sound effects! Beyond being introduced to a new audience, there is also a huge nostalgia factor among fans of the original trilogy — and even the prequels. These top Christmas toys include kids drones, Force Awakens toys, and educational interactive robot toys. This cute and friendly robot is designed to be a fun companion for children ages eight and up. This interactive friend even allows mommy or baby to record a phrase, and he’ll remix it into his favorite song. A multi-color LED grid tummy, dancing hips, and head nods, make BeetBo a popular gift choice for the holidays.
You’ll be competing with all the parents whose kids are clamoring for one as well as Star Wars movie fans and sophisticated drone enthusiasts. On-board Gyro-stabilization keeps flights as stable and smooth as those driven by experienced star fighters.
As is typical with drones for kids, this one works indoors and outdoors and is recommended for users who are at least eight years old.
He can spin a full 360 degrees, move his arms in order to wield a glowing lightsaber and speak 115 different phrases.
The hottest toys and games of 2015 will include new Star Wars LEGO sets, action figures, digital trading cards and interactive robot toys. The forth generation iPad Mini will feature a more powerful processor and 8 megapixel rear camera and will be one of the best tablets for kids in 2015. Sometimes, apps blend the two ideas, so kids can pick up information while they are having fun.

Also, because it is a tablet, although smaller than most, it has a larger screen than other smart phone devices, meaning kids will be able to see more and get a clearer picture. With plastic eyes, goggles and feet, talking and talkback features, Tumblin Stewart makes the list of top Christmas toys 2015!
Lambie comes with a stethoscope, which you can use to listen to her heartbeat, an otoscope, a thermometer and some sticker bandages. This is actually designed for kids with its child-friendly, fun, and education applications.
Elmo is well-loved by kids all over the world, so it’s no wonder why this interactive plush toy is the perfect Christmas gift this Christmas. It will definitely be a happy Christmas morning for kids you’re going to give these toys to. They have succeeded once again, with the Doc McStuffins version of their second generation LeapPad learning tablet. Accompanying this release by the same manufacturer is a remote-control X-Wing Starfighter that uses two propellers and sports a small figure of R2D2.
Train to become a Jedi with Legendary Yoda – one of the must-have top Christmas toys for 2015! The following collectible toys will make a great Christmas present for that special boy or girl.
Children can watch videos on Youtube, play Angry Birds Stella, Best Fiends, or read e-books on their new tablet device.
Targeted at ages 4 & up, the yellow plush toy comes with his original movie voice with SFX! The first mode is its Dance n’ Move feature, which gives babies the encouragement to sing and dance. This is also an interactive toy that includes about 50 light and sound responses, and even has magical movements from Lambie.
The BB-8 has an adaptive personality and its behavior is based on your actions and the kind of activities you do with it. Animatronic Darth Vadar is on the hot toy list, along with his friends BB8, R2D2 and the Millennium Falcon Drone.
This is a great way to win a little extra spending money for the Xmas holidays to use for new Christmas presents for your kids (or for yourself). Parental controls also make it easy for parents to monitor or restrict what kids are seeing or doing, so they never need to worry about their children’s iPad usage. Minions Toys and Gifts for 2015 are must-have hot Xmas toy for girls and boys this holiday season. The second mode is Learning and Games where babies get to learn their first ABCs, numbers, colors, reasoning and more! Configuration is easy, as it also comes with a targeting scope, storage stock, dual-rail barrel, and drop grip; all of which can easily be attached for quick movements in missions. Aside from the watch itself, it also features a stopwatch, an alarm, a timer and a calculator.
Kids do not only get to have fun with Elmo, they can also learn through basic cause and effect games. Small children love to build tracks just as much as adults, maybe with only a little less precision. After reading this, you will surely make up your mind on what Christmas toys to wrap for your little ones. The third mode is Customized Sing-Along where baby, Mommy or Daddy can record phrases, that creatively get mixed into the songs. With the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 blaster’s gear upgrades, you can make 30 combinations or more. If you want more vehicles, you only need to collect other Paw Patrol items to have more to transport. It can also play a lullaby so when the child is ready for his nap, he doesn’t have to part with Elmo. Think of BeatBo as a fun companion for the baby while he develops his first skills in life.
It can also launch darts up to 27 meters or 90 feet, which makes it suitable for long-distance missions. With its motion sensor, 3 action challenges, and 5 games, any child you will give this watch to, will always have something to do with just this device strapped on his wrist.
Often available at discounted prices to its base value, the $20 App Center download card allows you to access the hundreds of learning games and […]Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset ReviewThe Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset is one of the newest additions to the Hot Wheels collection.
Another exciting feature of this toy is its working elevator, that actually gets to carry the pup vehicles to the command center. Instead of only purchasing pre-designed Hot Wheels cars, your child has the option to embrace creativity and create their own. This toy is the best gift for little or big boys, but girls can still surely have fun with it too.

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