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It’s been such a long time since I posted about our treasure baskets and thought an update was in order! Please read here to find out more information on heuristic play and the use of treasure baskets with infants.
Baby Pop still loves to play with her basket and now I have got her a round one which makes it much easier for her to access all of the contents from all angles. As before, we change some of the objects regularly to keep the basket interesting and fresh to play with.
These things were from around the house or picked up on outings to the countryside or beach.
I have found that she LOVES this basket because it is all hers and that means a lot with a big sibling around at the moment! I recently came across another little basket that used to be mine as a child for keeping my hairbands and clips in. This morning I gave my baby a wallet with lots of different compartments and laminated pictures of family members (this was something my older daughter also really enjoyed). I have a plastic basket in the bottom of one of the kitchen cupboards that the baby can pull out while I’m cooking. I have a basket in almost every room of my home and taking care of 2 great granddaughters is a handful and picking up toys takes energy.
Your toy it’s so beautiful, I like it vey much, I also bought one at Evening Dresses , If you want one too.
Lori, I have found that garage-yard sales are a great way to find baskets without breaking the bank! One image with a link-back may be used provided there is clear & full-credit given and a clear and accurate link to the original content.
We just had another crazy week of doctors visits, therapists and tests, so I wanted to focus on positive aspects of our day: toys. So, I thought I’d round up just a few of our favorite toys of the moment, particularly ones that I consider to have excellent developmental value for my boy with delays. Made of solid wood and touting storage in the back and fun seat in the front, Haba’s Walker Wagon is a sturdy walker and one that can carry toys or a sibling upfront.
While the concept of bowling and toddlers may not align well, this Happy Giddy Bowling Set from Melissa and Doug engages would-be knee-high bowlers.
I am a huge fan of Tolo toys, specifically this cash register, which just so happens to be the only electronic toy on this list. This puzzle game from Reeves Toys is another toy that our physical therapist introduced to my toddler. This set is actually one of my favorite toys to give to one year olds for presents, but ironically, we don’t own it ourselves. I’d love to hear about any awesome toys that you and your kids love that also promote developmental skills.

It’s hard to imagine life in our house with three kids, without durable and reliable educatioinal learning toys as you mentioned above. The best thing in my opinion about Educational and Learning toys, is that my children learn from them.
The objects inside are interesting to look at, feel, shake and taste, yet safe and non-toxic.
I can usually tell when I need to do this as she starts to fling things out without even looking at them, at breakneck speed. Thanks to my lovely friends who know about this basket and now collect interesting finds for me! She likes it even more if I keep it hidden and just bring it out once or twice during the day, therefore keeping the novelty factor alive.
It has made the PERFECT travel treasure basket as it holds just about 8-10 things and has an extra feature for added fascination and skill practise- a lid!
I used to keep all kinds of items like this in a clear hanging shoe organizer and I would let C select items by herself.
She was thrilled to see that when we opened a section of the wallet she could access photos. I was actually struggling with toy storage for my 10 month old and turned an older stand with baskets as her toy storage. I am not sure whetheг this post is written by him as nobo?y else know such detailed about my problеm.?ou are wonderful! She has been walking since she was 11 months and so she has quite refined fine-motor skills, from having her hands free for so long. I did have more non-magnetic items in the basket but this was a little frustrating for her (I don’t think she yet understands the concept) so I took most of them out. She can sort the colours if I have just two eggs out but mostly she likes to play with them all together.
They are simply tiny little natural treasures, (like petals, small flowers, feathers) that we have collected on our bush walks.
Jack was much older (over 2yrs) when he started playing with these simple puzzles but I pulled them out to see if Sarah was ready for them. While she spends a lot of time playing with her things, what she really loves at the moment is, practising over and over, practical life activities, like putting on her shoes, combing her hair and helping out in the garden.
It’s very entertaining to watch but let’s me know things have got a bit stale again! Obviously it’s crucial to have the TV off and other distractions kept to a minimum, then just sit by baby and interact when she invites you to. Also gave one to a particularly like minded friend as a new baby gift, she nearly cried when she opened it she loved it so much! I recently started a blog so I make a short post showing some of the pictures from our treasure basket experiences.

I have been running around our house today picking out ‘treasures’ for our little one! At the moment she is very interested in small things, fine details, and so she has a lot of small figurines and similar such toys out at the moment. Not too many to be overwhelming, but a few for her to connect and drive the trains back and forth. Mostly Sarah will place the pieces randomly but she is starting to see the differences in size and stack them in order. They were getting lost amongst the other things on the nature table and so I laminated them in some ID sized pouches. But try yard sales like Natali suggested, I got all of my bigger baskets for $1 or less at yard sales. These sensory balls also allow toddlers to engage in independent play as well as co-play with friends. The basket promotes curiosity and a natural desire to investigate and think, which are wonderful skills to be seeking to develop in babies! Don’t leave baby alone with the basket however, as there may be some items that are dangerous if played with without supervision. Perhaps some photo album,s or something that can be flipped open with photos in it could be something that could be included in a treasure bakset. I thought I would show you some of the toys and materials I have out for Sarah at 18 months.
Sarah will wave the wand over the magnetic balls and watch them move, all whilst smiling to herself. The heat from the laminator made the petals somewhat transparent so I added a torch to the basket for Sarah to use. I also got a few from charity stores, again with handles, but they are easy enough to remove. It’s easy to operate, which also keeps my toddler engaged long enough to play a pretend game of grocery store with big brother. Toys, Parum Pum Pum set is highly rated by Able Play, a rating system for children with special needs and disabilities.
Hopefully there will be some new babies in our extended family soon that I can pass them on to.

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