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Kori Ellis is an editor and writer based in San Antonio, TX, where she lives with her husband and four children. Toddler-age children are sponges for learning, because at this age, they absorb ideas and concepts very easily. Little People animal sounds farmThis Fisher-Price toy is ideal for toddlers who need something interactive to capture their attention. Brainy Baby shapes & colors DVDThis DVD is both educational and entertaining as it introduces shapes and colors, as well as sing-along songs to help toddlers remember what they have learned. Switching Gears toddler gear motion toyWith this motion toy, your child will enjoy turning gears and be captivated by lights and music, while also improving visual tracking skills. The Wonder Wheel car seat toyThis multi-sensory toy allows your child to develop skills, while getting familiar with the look and sounds of animals. Learn & Groove musical tableThis is an extremely popular toy for kids ages 6 months to 3 years.
Leapfrog Littletouch Leappad bookThe "Let's Get Busy Baby" talking picture book introduces your baby or toddler to words through interactive play and wonderful music. Melissa and Doug My First ABC BookYour toddler can match the removable wooden magnetic pieces to their correct puzzle spots. 5-way giant bead maze cubeThis fabulous toy will help build cognitive skills, enhance visual tracking, improve eye-hand coordination and develop tactile and find motor skills. Small World Toys IQ Preschool "Get A Grip" sorterThe Small World Toys IQ Preschool line of products promotes learning through engaging toys.
Toddlers also are interested in sensory materials such as paint, play dough, crayons, and chalk. Toddler's still put toys in their mouths, so you will need to watch for objects with small parts.
Toddlers' attention spans aren't as long as yours so when they are ready to play another game, turn your attention to something new as well. Because their small muscles, like those in their hands, are now more developed, toddlers can turn the thin pages of regular picture books. The older children in this age group are beginning to know the difference between real and pretend, and think stories about dressed up and talking animals are great.
Toddlers always are active and are coordinated enough to enjoy pop-up books and other books they can take part in. Toddlers also enjoy books about true things told in story form, or pretend stories like those about talking animals. Infants, toddlers, preschoolers, early school age and older school age children all delight in opportunities for creative expression through colors, shapes and sounds. At The Creativity Institute, we handpick each educational toy, every creative plaything, each piece of furniture and every toy musical instrument based on its potential for developing vital creative resources in your child. Toy pianos, wooden and oversized foam building blocks, puppet theaters and puppet stages and people and animal hand puppets, art supplies and children's easels, play tents, dollhouses, activity sets, climbers, play environments for babies, - educational toys of every category. Toys and games of today no longer focus only on fun, even though it is an important element. But most parents don’t mind paying a premium as long as it helps the child to learn important concepts. It is quite common to find educational toys and games that focuses on music, arts, foreign languages, computing and much more. In spite of the fact that these are expensive, because of their educational value there is an overwhelming interest shown by parents & kids for these toys and games. Toys that focus on learning actually can incorporate anything – even things like sticks and rocks if they add to the learning.
Obviously these companies project their products as something that will turn your children into geniuses and so try to price them much higher than what the product would actually be worth. But since the options available are many, you should always give serious thought to what you are paying for. These are some of the educational and learning toys that are available and are quite popular with toddlers, and will also help them to become good at math & science. Soft climbing toys for toddlers can be great resources for helping your little one develop physically, but most of all these toys can be so much fun. If you worry about your toddler climbing around on hard plastic and you don’t quite think he is ready for the hard climbing toys, then you should definitely check out the different soft climbing toys and play structures that toddlers would love to play with. These fun play forms are constructed from foam that is covered in a strong and durable vinyl. They come in vibrant primary colors to help with color recognition as well as improve motor skills.

Not only can your toddler climb around on these but they can be used for stacking and building as well. These are super fun over-sized, soft blocks that toddlers will love climbing on and climbing through. The blocks are sturdy and durable but are made from a soft foam that you don’t have to be stressed out about that your toddler will get hurt on.
A soft climbing toy like this one gives your child a chance to climb and explore her new skills without the huge risk of getting hurt or falling from a high structure. These toys can help your toddler develop physically and have tons of fun with their imagination as well. The blocks come in different colors to help with recognizing the different colors and they also come in different sizes to help with teaching small and large recognition.
Your little kid will love using her imagination to build new structures as well as climb and play and develop new skills as she grows older.
Each part includes an easy to use handle so kids can drag the pieces around as well as parents.
The pieces are made of a quality polyurethane foam and then covered in a smooth vinyl, which makes for easy clean ups.
This set is not only great for climbing but kids can use it for all sorts of imaginative play from racetracks and airports with their cars to a castle for their princess dolls. As you can see soft climbing toys for toddlers are more than just simple things to climb on, but they also provide other skills like shape and number recognition. These top learning toys for toddlers -- and even many special-needs kids -- will allow them have fun while developing cognitive and motor skills. Children love this Brainy Baby DVD and will want to watch it over and over again as they learn. The brightly colored images, flashing lights, popular tunes and animal sounds will keep your toddler's attention. The award winning "Get a Grip" sorter allows toddlers to sort blocks and place them in the proper holes. Toddlers are a delight as they begin testing boundaries and flexing muscles, especially those cognitive and creative. Also, watch out for items, such as paint and chalk, as toddlers think it is great fun to eat these!
Their attention spans are still quite short, so you will want to choose stories that are fairly simple. After such a story you may want to ask, "Was that real or pretend?" You need not make a big deal about the difference between the two. Picture books, with one thing on a page (such as a picture of shoes or a key ring) are good.
Since toddlers are unable to understand other people's point of view, you may want to substitute their names for the names of the main characters in the stories or poems. You can help them do this by choosing books about the experiences that children (or even animals) have in the real world while they are away from parents and caregivers. The scale and durability of many of these educational toys make them perfect for classrooms, day care centers and waiting rooms, too. Demand from most working parents for educational value means manufacturers are coming out with toys and games that focus on learning as well. Companies nowadays are investing a lot of their efforts in coming up with better and innovative products. These forms can be placed together to form a larger structure that lends for things like climbing, tumbling and sliding.
The blocks can easily be wiped clean with a damp towel so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined with spills or other liquids.
These really are great play forms for younger children (even little ones younger than toddlers can enjoy them) so that they can play, have fun and develop new skills at the same time. They are just the right size that they can be stacked into towers as well as placed together on the ground for a great climbing and even jumping area. In fact, even after she is a toddler she will most likely still love playing with these over-sized blocks. There are a total of 4 pieces included in this set, which includes the large block, two wedges and then the toddler steps. But most of all they can get your child more active and developing new motor skills while having tons of fun.
By providing your kids with toys that are fun and engaging as well as educational, you can help them develop their cognition, communication and motor skills!
The LeapFrog Learn & Groove musical table introduces your toddler to the alphabet, numbers, colors and sounds.

The wooden play cube features a xylophone, zoo tracking maze, dry erase board and abacus on the four sides, plus a multi-shaped bead maze on top. This toy helps promote manual dexterity, spatial perception, hand-eye coordination, independent play, color and shape recognition and more.
Everything is a wonderful new experience for toddlers, and all you need to do is keep them supplied with assorted tools for creative growth, and they amaze you. They also are interested in doing things with their hands as the small muscles in their fingers become more developed.
Use of these toys helps develop large muscle coordination and provides experiences in testing skills.
Motion also is interesting to them, and actions put to words help them remember their order. Encourage the child to reproduce their rhythms by clapping or tapping a metal pie pan with a wooden spoon. Because children this age do not have good memories, they like to have the same rhyme or poem repeated over and over.
For example, they are learning that it is natural to feel angry sometimes, but that it is not all right to hit or punch others because they are mad.
Two-year-olds are ready to hear books about colors and shapes, and 3-year-olds are ready to hear about numbers and letters. Toddlers want independence, although, at this stage, they are not always able to handle much freedom.
The benefits of nurturing creativity can be profound, offering children tools for success in all endeavors athletic, artistic or academic. While that is a good thing the only trouble with that is that they can end up being quite expensive. It’s important to have a list of educational products that offer excellent learning opportunities for your children.
These forms are very lightweight that even your toddler can pick them up to move them to different positions. These blocks can be set up in a variety of different ways allowing your little one to climb over the tunnel as well as through it. The pieces can be arranged in any order that you please and you will find that your toddler will have all kinds of ideas on how to play with this gym set. And if you have a special-needs child -- whether he or she has autism, Down syndrome or another cognitive atypicality -- these toys can also be very valuable in many of the same ways. Get it exclusively at Toys "R" Us.Fisher-Price laugh and learn puppyThis cuddly puppy is more than just cute, it's an interactive learning toy which can teach your toddler about body parts, colors, the alphabet and much more through songs and fun phrases. Suggested toddler tools include tables with unlimited paper and crayons, paint, chalk and chalkboards, blocks, clay, construction toys and lots of opportunities for creative make-believe. Toddlers enjoy balloons, but caregivers should be careful to keep uninflated or broken balloons out of reach.
This is the time to let children look at the pictures for a longer time and talk to you about what they see.Children this age "read" the pictures. The stories you choose about exploring should be ones that will help them adjust to new and sometimes frightening experiences in their world. So its important to do some research; you can always find something that offers an equal, if not better educational value, for a lower price.
Learning toys aren't all puzzles and books, even blocks and toy cars can provide educational benefits. At just $24.99, it's an economical choice that young children and their parents really love. During this period, toddlers become interested in playing with others and in imitating grown-up activities. They also are forming self-concepts and like to hear stories about toddlers who feel just like they do. The best books for this age are well designed and have clear, uncluttered pages with lots of color to spur their imaginations. Books that teach about body parts, or people who are like those they know (like mothers, fathers, store-keepers, and pets) will help them learn about themselves and their worlds.
Through contact with other children, toddlers learn manners, how to cooperate, the importance of friendship, sharing, and waiting their turn.

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