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July 31, 2013 by Kecia 17 Comments A number of Hasbro toys have made their way into our home, including their Playskool line devoted to babies and toddlers. That smart phone is great – the kids can be just like mom and dad and mom and dad don’t have to worry about the little one breaking theirs! We just had another crazy week of doctors visits, therapists and tests, so I wanted to focus on positive aspects of our day: toys.
So, I thought I’d round up just a few of our favorite toys of the moment, particularly ones that I consider to have excellent developmental value for my boy with delays. Made of solid wood and touting storage in the back and fun seat in the front, Haba’s Walker Wagon is a sturdy walker and one that can carry toys or a sibling upfront. While the concept of bowling and toddlers may not align well, this Happy Giddy Bowling Set from Melissa and Doug engages would-be knee-high bowlers. I am a huge fan of Tolo toys, specifically this cash register, which just so happens to be the only electronic toy on this list. This puzzle game from Reeves Toys is another toy that our physical therapist introduced to my toddler. This set is actually one of my favorite toys to give to one year olds for presents, but ironically, we don’t own it ourselves.
I’d love to hear about any awesome toys that you and your kids love that also promote developmental skills.
It’s hard to imagine life in our house with three kids, without durable and reliable educatioinal learning toys as you mentioned above. The best thing in my opinion about Educational and Learning toys, is that my children learn from them. TRY-ANGLE by Discovery Toys My kids started playing with this toys as babies and my toddler still plays with it.

Giant Pegboard by Discovery Toys My youngest has spent countless hours playing with this toy!
Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress-Up First of all, isn’t this little guy adorable? It comes with a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff with a spinning gauge, a “sick-to-well” thermometer, pretend otoscope, spring-loaded syringe, and a bracelet style bandage that all fits into a bag for storage.
Marbleworks by Discovery Toys This toy is for older kids (around 3 years old) because of the small marbles. My kids LOVE those large trucks too and I’m always surprised by the creativity they produce. One of our children used to also be obsessed with Thomas – as parents listening to that tune over and over on CD or DVD drove us a little batty though! We like the hands-on, active nature of the toys as well as the way they promote imagination. He loves playing with my iPhone when I have the time to sit down and keep an eye on him with it. My son is almost to the end of that range and has been picking up the phone several times a day since it arrived in the mail.
I have seen this toy in stores for several years, and when it arrived, I couldn”t understand why we never bought the kiddo one.
Batteries are not included, but once they are installed, the elephant is ready to blow the balls all over the place. Even though he”s a little old for it casino online now, he has enjoyed trying it out. Gross motor skills are promoted as the balls land on the carpet for your little one to pick up and put back into the right ear.

A second mode leads to unpredictable play, meaning you never know how the ball is going to shoot out. I think moet kids would love the cell phone so they could fell like a big person like mom and dad. These sensory balls also allow toddlers to engage in independent play as well as co-play with friends. It”s a durable toy with no loose pieces or stickers that can peel, so I have no problem thinking it will last us until the baby is old enough to play. The red button on the left hand activates the air and the music that plays while Elefun is active. The third shoots each ball into his left ear, which has a hole allowing the ball to drop down into the elephant”s belly.
Finally, a fourth mode tilts the trunk so that the ball can shoot out the furthest from the elephant. It’s easy to operate, which also keeps my toddler engaged long enough to play a pretend game of grocery store with big brother.
Oh and on the backside you can use the pegs and rubberbands to make shapes. I highly recommend this toy! Toys, Parum Pum Pum set is highly rated by Able Play, a rating system for children with special needs and disabilities.

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