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I have crafty aspirations, but my actual craft ability is limited, mostly by time and fear. The DIY thing is very appealing to me, and I hope that when the boys get a little bigger and can participate, I’ll be making more costumes with them. All you need is a black sweatsuit, or black leotard and black tights, a headband with two felt triangle fastened, another pair of black tights (kid's) with one leg stuffed for the tail, the other wrapped around the waist like a belt. Similar to cat, except in brown (maybe jammies?) and with floppy socks as ears instead of felt triangles. Take a small cardboard box (measure for your toddler), cut out arm holes and a hole for the head. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
This Toddler Train Engineer Costume is perfect for little boys who love Thomas the Tank Engine. Does he or she own an elaborate train set and tell everyone who visits your home that someday they are going to be inside of it? My favorite last minute Halloween costume was a thermometer that I pulled together in fifteen minutes for a party in college: Metallic dress, red hat, numbers down my leg- how’s that for fast and clever?

Add white socks and a white t-shirt under the sweatshirt (cute if it's a zip-up) for a tuxedo cat.
White and pink felt ears on a white headband, and one of those white or pink squishy scrubby sponges as a tail. Just cut holes for arms, cut off the bottom and use a loose elastic to gather it around the neck.
Not only does she make Halloween costumes with (and for) her kids every year but they’re also really freaking good. So, this year, Shnook will be a monkey (again) and Fuzz will be a lamb (Shnook’s costume from two years ago).
Much better than the pregnant teenager I was the year before (also thrown together in short order). If the answer's a resounding yes, then this four-piece Train Engineer Suit Toddler Child Costume is just what the conductor ordered!
My biggest challenge is that I have to replace the zipper on the lamb costume, which my sister told me is no big whoop. If you're worried your toddler will eat the popcorn, either draw it instead, or use pirate's booty.

You need white fabric or a pillow case with a hole cut in the center for the head, a rope-like belt, sandals, a red scarf as a sash, and a crown (a strip of file folder bent, with tear-drop leaves stapled to it). Does Not Include: Shirt or shoesYour child will look like he or she just stepped off of the rails!
The sturdy set includes an adjustable navy-and-white-striped engineer's cap, a red bandanna, full-length adjustable bib overalls.
Add a red, navy blue or white turtleneck, a pair of sturdy shoes and your little one will be ready for a night of trick-or-treating! If it gets unexpectedly cold, add a jean jacket for added warmth without messing up the theme.

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